Cindy asked: My black pug is 9 years old and a little grey. Sparky's his name. Is it true
that black pugs don't shed? Sparky does not seem to!!


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Cindy, my black pug, Allie-oop didn't seem to shed until recently.
And pugs shed A LOT.
She doesn't shed as much as a fawn, and its not nearly as noticable as those white hairs...
but I can't wear white and hold her. lol.
she is starting to shed, but it isn't very hard to handle.

hope that helped. =]
-kirstin and allie.
Yes they shed.Each pug has a different rate of shed.Some come out in tufts(My pug Uncle Louie Kablooie was a tuft
Black pugs don't shed as much because they only have one coat however the fawn pugs have 2 an under coat and an over coat. The black pugs shed just not as much.
Not true !!! Theey have double coats as well !!!
What type of food do you feed your black pug? My Portia does shed but not as much as a fawn. My 2nd pug Paddington was fawn but had a single coat until I changed her food. People who show their pugs prefer 1 coat for showing. Next time you watch Westminister's dog show, you will note the the fawn pugs only have one coat. I don't know why as I loved my double coated pugs. I just had to groom them each day to keep the shedding down,

Do they?  I only have a black pug so I'm not sure.  My Nalani seems not to shed until I get down to clean the floors and then I see how much she really does shed...  I guess because she is small it's not a big deal at all..


Season Greetings!

If any of you have noticed on fawns, the fawn fur feels different then the black 'fur'. the black part is mostly hair and the fawn part is fur. that's why pugs' black fur doesn't shed as much.
LOL...does a bear poop in the woods? :0) They sure do, but fawns often have a double coat ( not all fawns) and shed more. So, when you have a black, you have an easier time vacuuming! :0)
My two babies do shed, but nothing I cannot handle. No, I do not wear white much ~~~My two year old Pug, Lily weighs 14 lbs. Vet said she is heallthy, not built the same as my Rosie who is three, They eat the same and go for walks together, but LIly is so little !!! Any thoughts ???
genetics, or runt of the litter
Thanks much. I will stop worrying ~~~
Of course they do.And its more noticeable than fawn shed.On the white tiles in the bathroom and kitchen.First I have to vacumn,Then sweep.But its worth it-all the love and strange noises they give you.


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