I was wondering what you all do when it's hot out with your pugs? I currently live in a cool environment but will be moving inland in a few months. My concern is what to do with Tojo when it's hot out. He's not used to heat of any kind now and starts to 'sweat' when it's 65-70 degrees!! I know that it's dangerous for any pug over 80 degrees to be outside in the sun for any length of time. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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First of all if I know it is going to very warm, I keep them in the house in air conditioning. When I take them out and know I will be out with them for a while, I take a ice chest with ice and fresh water and a cloth to cool them down. I also make sure I have an umbrella with us to cover them from the sun. Poor babies..They get warm so fast. watch their panting and if it gets too much get them in air conditioning and wet them down. Now, does anyone have any idea's how to get them to go out in the rain ? LOL
Your right about the heat being dangerous for pugs. I keep my little girl inside during the hottest parts of the day. In the summer we only go out in the early morning & late evening/night. She seems to know when it's not good for her to go out & when it's okay. She's got it figured out -- go out, do your business, & get back inside. Fresh cool water is the best thing to have on hand. On the days when it's just too much even in the house, we put ice cubes in her water bowl. She loves the ice cubes!
Best of luck to you & your pug moving to warmer weather. You really care about your little boy so I'm sure you'll take good care of him even in the warmer weather.
Allie and I live in Florida!!!! It's like a pug nightmare here. I just make sure I don't let her be outside unattended for too long. I have to keep checking on her. :)
If we go out, I always have water on hand. She hates getting wet, but it's better for her.
Also, at some pet stores they carry these things that go around the dogs neck that hold ice cubes. That certainly cools them down. :)
You cant keep him outside for long periods as they get older.Soak a hercheif,tie it around the neck.They have portable collapsible water bowls.Dip their feet.And air conditioning is a must.For hours at a time at temps. in the 80s plus.
We have a black pug who goes to Mexico with us every year. We spray her with water and keep her in the shade. When
it is really hot she sleeps in a cool spot and plays in the mornings and evenings when it cools down. She gets acclimated to the heat and is only bothered when it gets above 90 after a while. Unlike most pugs I've known
she loves to swim which cools her off.
Shade!!! Must have shade. Also, when mine get hot they like to lay in a little water
We keep Nalani in the air conditioning even though we live a few blocks from the beach. When we go to dog beach we pour cold water on her from time to time and the ocean is always good as long as she has her life vest on. We also bought her a little doggie tent so when we are at the a beach she always has shade available for her... She loves ice cubes, but I was wondering if they are ok for her to eat? Can they upset her tummy?

This is a good discussion for us. We have to keep our little black angels cool....
altho we have not had much heat in New England yet this summer, We do compete in agility and so to keep her coll in between her runs I have this coat called cool coat it is made out of the silver shade netting it dose keep her pretty cool it can be used either wet or dry I use it dry. got it on Cleen Run.
I would suggest a small kiddie pool and maybe putting a shaded area up for your pug to retreat to when he or she is hot. I also take mine to a lake or the ocean to cool off.

Best of luck!
Mine has a kiddie pool too! he loves it!!! Also loves going to the park where there is a creek!
big fun to chase rocks and try to catch the water as it goes by.....he loves to swim! The fawn girlie stands on the bank and just stares in utter disbelief! She does not like to get her feet wet!
Piper seems to do ok in the heat although we don't stay out mid day for longer than a trot up the block and back to do her business. I always bring water with ice in it to the park in the evenings and it is a/c all the way back home. We too live in florida. Sometimes a quick dunk in the pool cools her down and gets her all frisky for a bit. I need to get it on video and post it here.... it is hilarious!
You definetly have something to worry about! Pugs really overheat fast. We were really worried about our little guy once it started to get up in the 80s. What we were told to do was take a spray bottle with cool water in it and spray down their underbelly and paws. That really works almost right away. They normally seek shade, though. Oscar tends to rest in our shadow...but, yeah, try that.


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