I have often wondered if we just let Pugsley AKA Tubby keep eating if at some point he would actually stop on his own? We found out last night........Ok, so our roommate made a pizza and left 1/2 of it on the kitchen table, we left to go bowling. We got home after stopping for a late night breakfast. We gave all 3 dogs some leftover "doggie bags" Pugsley was unusually picky and didn't really want to eat anything, well, a tiny bit. So we went to bed, he sleeps with us.

Dave (the husband), fell right to sleep. Tubby and I were watching TV. Tubby was breathing funny and kept walking around the bed and then flopping down for a few seconds and doing it all over again. He did this for about an hour and just couldn't get comfy enough to fall asleep. I thought he was hot so I brought some water in the room and he drank a few times and then did his walking and flopping routine again. I started to get worried, but he finally fell into a fitful sleep.

When we woke up this morning and were drinking coffee with our roommate he told us a story.....

Last night he woke up and went into the kitchen and was getting a drink, as he was drinking he was standing in front of the table staring at it in a half asleep daze, suddenly he realized that Tubby was sprawled out on the table with his head down looking up at him with huge eyes and his tongue hanging out panting looking very guilty. Then he noticed that he was laying next to what WAS 1/2 a pizza and only a part of 1 piece was left, he had left it out in case we wanted some when we got home. Apparently Tubby had other ideas!!! Our roommate said you could tell he had been laying there for a while.

So, I guess EVENTUALLY he will stop eating on his own, but not till he is about to burst!! I wonder if he was waiting to feel a little better and was gonna finish off that last piece?????!!!!!!!

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Great story. I guess even pugs can't do the impossible, ie, eat more than their body can physically handle. Probably was going to eat the last piece next day.
I had been considering that very thing with the thought that no, not possible for a Pug to stop eating if there was food available even to the point of bursting.
I reckon Tubby was suffering from overeating and a bit of wind, my old Dog Henry cost me £100 for just that problem so I would say you got off lightly.

I wonder if he would say no to another pizza?
That was a good ending and a nice story, if I may, one small caution, be careful of food stuffs with dough as an ingredient. If the dough is not thoroughly cooked once ingested it can swell and not be able to be passed requiring the intervention of a vet. Should this be the case, it can be of considerable cost. Just a precaution.
thanks for this Brent, I didn't know that. she doesn't eat dough usually but just in case she gets to some like this little fella did
I was almost able to find out the limit of my little ones today...
My rommate and I went out to buy ice cream at the grocery store and when we came back I found the trash can tipped on the backyard and the dogs having a feast. It looks like the big dogs did the tipping and were happy to share the contents with the little dudes...
Thankfully the trash was almost empty with just some chicken salad leftover from our dinner tonight.
I am now waiting for the concequences coming later on....
I stopped having my bin in the kitchen years ago for a very similar reason, even today it is in a cupboard in the utility. Henry was a pup when he emptied mine.
I did come home one day to find the two old dogs had tipped over the fruit bowl, had a bite out of everything!!!
Was okay nothing dangerous in it, just apples oranges and banana. Tried to give them a row ended up laughing.
It looks like Lola Belle and Amber are paying a high bill for eating leftovers in the trash. My poor little girls had a mild diarrhea. I treated with the usual supend food, slowly add rice/chicken, canned pumpkin and acidophilus supplement. Just that alone works fine (usually). Well, it did not work this time.... Two days later and no sign of them getting better and we had to pay a visit to the nice people at Melrose Vet. Stool samples were checked and they have no parasites present, little bellys are not bloated and feel normal per Doc Weinberg. We came home with some Flagyl (metronidazole) and directions to keep the rice/chicken diet for a couple of more days.
I've added pedialyte to the mix just in case.
They are still playing and acting somehow normal. Now we just have to wait for this bad dream to end ;(
I haven't known Alfie to not eat anything he finds -apart from once but that was when he got his paws somehow on a dishwasher tablet- but he had a good go at that too! I also haven't known him to stop eating, he is so greedy! We have to be careful about what food is around at Pug height.
Love your story. Yes Pugsley/Tubby is a normal pug and no I don't think they will ever stop eating. They are like horses, they will eat till they die. No matter how much they have just eaten bring out some food and they act like they haven't been fed in a week.

When I was growing up we had a beagle who knew no end to hunger. He ran away for a couple of hours and then came waddling home. He went to a kids birthday party and thought he was starving. They fed him cake, ice cream and popcorn. Our trim and fit beagle was ballooned out to the extent we didn't even recognize him.
Just been thinking. I can't eat a full pizza on my own so how do Pugs manage it? If any crumbs fall on the floor, Alfie has sucked them all up before I've had chance to get to the hoover. Only think Alfie has refused to eat was a dishwasher tablet. I've no idea how he got hold of it but it was crumbled all over the kitchen floor and he was pushing the chewed clump around with his nose. Glad I caught him before any harm was done.
My pug Harley once got into a bag of Snausages while I was with my grandma. We came home to pick her up because I wanted her to come along as we ran some errands. Her tummy was larger than usual, but I thought it was all in my head. When I got home, the bag was ripped along the bottom in one clean tear and I was worried sick all night. My pug just stared at me in confusion when I started panicking. The next morning we had an extra long walk that included lots of pooping and a pug that is never getting into treats if I can help it.


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