rare are white pugs? Can they really be AKC registered?

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I looked into the white ones cuz I thought they were so cute and found out its not a good thing when you get a white one. A mutation but they are really different looking.
I don't know about AKC but the Kennel Club in England does not recognize any other colours than Fawn Apricot Silver Or Black. What you are talking about is Albino and that would not be a good dog.
I don't know if AKC recognizes white pugs, but the healthy colors are black or fawn. Even silver ones are really rare.
Now about the whites - Helena already said it's the color of albino pugs. I'm not sure that we can put an = between white and albino. But what I am sure of is that white pugs have been obtained after several years of research and selected breeding with special genes.

I don't have a lot of information on white pugs (I promise I'm looking for more and get back with details)but with the little info I now know, here's my 2 cents on the issue. Black & fawn pugs have enough health issues because of their natural features already, the new fur color probably exposes them even more.

Unless being an animal living in the arctic area (and in their case, the fur color has special functions) which pugs are not, I don't see the need for any white pug. Aesthetics or looks don't count, good health does.
I've checked on white pugs and as helen says in some places they are not recognized as i have read the akc doesn't either.Most people want them because they are different,as most want the mixed breed of pug and whatever it is bred with,people have to understand the health issues as twirly said,most people don't stop and think.I hope people will do their homework before getting one,really know to ask the right questions.My regards to all.
The first time I saw a white pug was this past christmas it was used in the fedex Kinkos christmas cards and calendar flyers, it was so very very cute and definitely not albino and not a mixed breed, as it had all the pug features and physicality and dark brown eyes, albino has red eyes. They could just be rare like the black ones were originally.
I have been really privileged to have seen silver Pugs, my Henry was the son of one and both his brothers were silver, I picked the cream puff in the middle of the two silvers, I had no idea how rare they were. Henry's Mum was quite beautiful, she looked like a silver fox but cuddlier. If there is such a thing as a pure white Pug, not albino, I still think this is the result of a mutation, perhaps one in a million. I would be interested to hear of more. I think that it would take a long time for this as to be recognised as a colour for showing. It is very difficult for people with crosses to understand that the Kennel Club will only accept a new breed of dog after it has bred true for 10 generations, and I would believe that the same will be a colour. Black ones pop up quite a lot, Hektor's Granddad is Black, my old breeder used to breed black to fawn to lighten the weight of the fawns.
Madison, could this be photographic manipulation?
Got this from --- which is the home page of The Pug Dog Club of America:

Color- The colors are fawn or black. The fawn color should be decided so as to make the contrast complete between the color and the trace and the mask.

Clarification: Fawn for the Pug is from apricot to silver and all shades between. The coat may, or may not, include black guard hairs. Smuttiness is when the coat has an overlay of black over the fawn."

Hope this helps.

Hi, I know this is way past the date you originally asked, but I recently joined and saw this question. I have seen silver and white in person and they are very beautiful. This was many years ago and I don't know why you don't see them anymore, I imagine that because of the AKC and some others there is a bias toward black and fawn. Black pugs were not a recognized color at one time. I found the site of a breeder in Washington state that you should look at because it goes into a lot of pug history and some of the colors that existed at one time. Google Funny Farm Pugs. Very interesting!
I tend to agree with Larene that it is the tendency to have black and fawn pugs as the norm rather than silver, even here in the UK the tendency is more towards the fawn than apricot, when ever Hektor and I meet other Pugs they have a much greyer look than he does, I put his clear colour down to his American Daddy, and he has a much more open face, my previous breeder described American Pugs as having a square chin as opposed to the rounder face of the European, I can't tell though.
Have you looked at the Funny Farm Pug website yet? I'd love someone else's opinion on the site's stand on other colored pugs. I think the dogs are beautiful pugs, especially the unusual colored ones.
Hi Larene, Thought the Pugs were lovely and I have to say that the little white chap is not an albino but definitely white. As I said previously I have seen silver Pugs, nearly had one, but the cream puff picked me and I never regretted it. The problem is that some of the Pugs I have seen posted from America would even be deemed too light in the UK for showing. I have seen Pugs with very light ears which are not part of the Kennel Club standard, personally I like the variations, gives them character. My lovely chap was rejected as a show dog because he has too strong or prominent a chin, believe it or not. We think it is his greatest asset as it gives him great character.
Hi! I liked the Funny Farm site because of the history showing the other colors in the early days. I really don't think that the other colors would equate to an unhealthy dog, as long as the parents were well bred. I do think that some of the problems being encountered in young dogs could have to do with the age a female is bred at and the nutrition they are given while pregnant. I got my first pug in 1981 and she never had ANY health issures until she was ten. My second pug was a fawn who looked a lot like your Hektor. She lived to be fifteen and didn't have any major issues until she was thirteen, except for the annal gland thing, which raw apple seemed to fix. I'm wondering why so many pugs have illnesses so young. Could it be to do with something besides breeding? I have heard that many veterinary schools are questioning the current vaccine protocols.
Maybe the preference for black, fawn and apricot has to do with the fact that breeders spend a long time and money developing their line and the recognition of another color would gum up the works, so to speak. Black pugs didn't used to win in the show ring when they were first recognized either. If other colors were recognized perhaps after a few years they would begin to win also, after all its not just color that makes a pug a pug. it's also conformation.


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