Hey pug family where do you and your puggies live?

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Los Angeles, California  :)

Prescott, Arizona  :0)

I'm from Malaysia! :) 

Prissy and I are Virginians

i know you guys may have forgotten Prissy and I but I will tell you why I have been gone for so long. I was in a cycle crash and lost my leg below the knee. For months i was in hospital and recovery then physical therapy.When i finally returned home I had the biggest warmest cryingest greeting i ever had from my dear  baby dog. I love my pug other dogs cannot come close and i have owned many in my life. She has not let me out of her sight since i have returned. I thank god for my litttle friend

Little Tank is from Hungary. His mommy (Me) is from Virginia - born in Thailand  and living in Abu Dhabi with his daddy who is from from here.

I'm in beautiful Sydney Australia :)

I found this site by accident but glad I did.  I have Lil Miss Feebe Mae who just turned 8 months.  We live in NJ.  I hope that I will be able to get some helpful information for her. I am having some issues with her but I will post on a separate thread. 

HI, I'm Lexi the Pug. I'm from Minnesota and am a working girl pug..... Yup!! That's right, I did say "working". I used to be spokes pug for MN Midwest Pug Rescue, but two years ago decided to represent all rescues at events in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area. At this time, I work for around 25 rescues and asked by others for help. I'm gone to events just about every weekend this summer and this week, I am going on vacation with my humans. 

  I've been absent from this page for a couple of years and will try coming back. At this point in time, I am famous and known around the world. I have many, many friends and a much support for issues with pugs. My dad tries to keep up with four facebook pages and one Instagram account.(He's old and getting slower)  For anyone that wants to check-up on me, my facebook page is "Lexi the Pug". and my Instagram is "lexithepugmn". Glad to meet all the new humans here and to keep up with me, just "like" and "follow" me.

  I famous because I have three cars, a travel trailer, and a surf board. I go to large events and represent different rescues at each one. I draw in humans and furies. My dad gets to tell the humans all about rescuing furies.

Love to all, and sorry about the long post. I just wanted to bring my friends of awhile ago, up to date and to why I haven't been on Pugslife in a long time. Mary, we can sure try and help you and Feebe Mae....   Love, Lexi the Pug      Note: If you go to my fb page and go into my albums, you'll be able to see many photos and videos of me at events......

Thank you for response.  I posted a comment under the Training/Behavior Thread.  Maybe you can help. 


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