Hello Everyone,

I just recently joined this site and thought I would ask more experienced pug owners about this issue that has been poking at me lately.

When I first got my pug I had to put her on a very strict eating schedule; 1- because she would over eat and 2 - she occasionally would throw up bile in the mornings. Due to her overly sensitive stomach, I still feed her the same dry food today.

So sometime between the 5 to 6 months age range my pug began to not finish her servings. I was feeding her 1/4 cup 3 times a day minimum. Even though she wasn't eating her full serving in one seating, like before, she would come back for it later and was still meeting her 3/4 cup a day 'quota'.

about two weeks ago i noticed that she has not been finishing her food in time and just really not showing much interest in it. Her daily activities have been in no way affected; she is still the same. She also doesn't appear to have lost any weight. During a recent visit to the vet, I was told that she is healthy and not underweight.

I am suspicious that her coming into a more "mature" stage might have something to do with it. I have also been wondering whether I should change her food?... After reading others' concerns on how difficult it is to control their dogs' eating habits I wonder whether I should change her food or not given that she isn't crazy about it.

Should I just continue ruling with an iron  fist ("if she is hungry enough she will eat it")?

If anyone has experienced something similar, please let me know.

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High sorry I meant to come here a few days ago and go side tracked, at 10 months she  will need adult food, and it is a good idea to introduce this slowly, so maybe a change, just a little change of food may be needed. I would suggest giving her a little adult food separately from her normal food and see how it goes. I know with mine as a pup he had not only dried but a pate type food which he went off very quickly. I would say you are right if they are hungry they will eat and most of us owners fuss far too much, better a slimmer Pug than a fatty.

Presently mine is on raw beef and a little veg and boy he is fat so I am not the one possibly to advise, in his case he loves all his additions and that is his problem, unfortunately he needs his additions so he is about to discover he will get them but dinner is going down.

So good luck but I would suggest a change, I will  say that I have found bitches are the most fussy, they will go off food more often than the boys. One of my previous dogs had one days starvation every week regardless of what she was given to tempt her, maybe they are just more like us women and are fussy about their weight. Hahahaha.

hahaha so true! maybe she gets it from me ;) 

mixing the adult food is a great idea! she is turning 7 months old in a week and already passed her growth spurt so i guess it won't hurt to do that.

right now I am feeding her the blue buffalo brand.

is their a brand that's like the holy grail of food for pugs?

I would stay away from things like Royal Canin, had bad problems with that otherwise have a look in the health comments archive because there are lots of tips on food. As I am in Britain I have not the same range of food that there is in the States. Many people feed grain free,Pugs are notorious for having allergies as has mine, but if you go down that road watch for potato, stay away. All dried food has some sort of starch in it whether it be rice or wheat or corn I would even look at the Dog Food Advisor which is on here. As she is a little young for the change at seven months do not feed her all of the adult, just a little so do not buy any large amount.

Hi Wee Woman,

I'm worried by your comment regarding Royal Canin. I feed my pug this one as they have a specialized food for pug puppies and another one for pug adults. What kind of problems did you run into while your pug was on RC?

As a Pup he was fine, it was the adult food which caused me problems, Skin for one and he had eye and ear problems but the eye problems turned out to be something else. I will come back to this as well Sharon.

Right Sharon, I am back, When Hektor got to two his temperament changed, he got cross with other dogs, at that time I put it down to him becoming adult but he was turning on dogs he had known just about forever. He had conjunctivitis and ear problems constantly and was getting the usual treatments. Now I have had Pugs since 1989, with Henry and after with Angus. Neither of them were fed on dried food, simply because the stuff they were selling at that time was for dogs with bigger mouths. My vet at that time said I should put Henry on Hill's but the wee man could not eat it so it went back and we continued with the tinned stuff they were raised on. When we changed their food it was still on tinned. I much preferred the dried stuff for Hektor's teeth, he had a really clean mouth and Pugs have teeth everywhere in their mouth so anything which does that was getting the thumbs up from me. Any way around his third Birthday and by then I was feeding Royal Canin Pug specific, he had a real bad bout of the itches and his ears and eyes were bad. So bad that we were advised to change his food to one which was not meat based with potato, then they advised dry eye ointment at £49.00 a tube, for life. Well he was on this but the first week he was also on an antibiotic drop, once that stopped my poor wee man could not open his eyes. I then took drastic action. !, he went off dried food and onto a semi raw diet,  and 2. I stopped the eye ointment. I stopped him on the Wednesday and by the Friday he could see again.

Now I know that the eye ointment should not have done this because it then took us another 2 years before we found out he had Entropion which is that in his case the bottom eyelids were turning in, but his itches continued and with the aid of several sites I found how to treat them. As I said he is now on a semi raw type diet, he gets raw beef with broccoli or cauliflower or cooked chicken (he cannot tolerate raw). I used to use other stuff which I have since found not to be necessary, Flax oil and goats milk yoghurt. He still scratches but I have a contact in England who sells the nicest shampoos for dogs. Shampooch called Dermaease. I used to use her Camomile on Hektor when he was a pup and can recommend her stuff, she also sells on eBay.

If I had not done the work I have done with Hektor he would be on steroids which can shorten dogs lives.

If you need to talk just use the internal mail service (inbox) As I am a friend I will appear there.

I've been feeding Tank the pug puppy food from RC since we got him. He also loves milk, cucumbers and brown bread. Only in the past couple of weeks has his skin been itchy and he started to loose hair on his head where the skin under has become visible and a little pinkish. As he's only 5 months it may just be an allergy or skin infection (that's what out vet told me), but if the medicine she gave him doesn't help within the next week then I'm going to start changing his diet. I'm really scared to go raw with him. It's so hot here and I don't trust the meat.

I can understand not wanting to go raw with him and I wouldn't anyway. I had no problem with RC's puppy food, Hektor was fine on it, though given my time over I would have put him on anything but dried, but there is a place for it, and I still would wait and see what is doing it to him from the Vet. If you want information on food have a look at the top left hand of the Welcome Page here where the Dog Food Advisor is, lots of interesting stuff there and you may be able to find something you can get a hold of. We got put on Hills Science Diet by the Vet who deals with Skin issues in my old Vet, he lasted all of one can, she wanted to put him back on dried food and I said no way. In Hektor's case he was in agony for over a month while we purged it out of his system. I was so angry that I very nearly lost it with the entire Veterinary staff. Actually we left them the following year when we discovered they had ignored his symptoms with the Entropion and nearly caused blindness.  No look for a good recommended puppy food because he still needs the extra nutrition. In the old days you could use supplements with a cooked diet, but unless you can find all the things you need to add you are better with a good proprietory  puppy food.


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