my little boy Diego (1yr) had within the past 2-3 months as gotten worse and worse pimple/wart looking things on his face... I don't have a vet I use often so I'm not really sure who to call or ask... Figured I'd give this a shot. I find it odd because my girl pug, Callie doesn't have any of this on her face... or anywhere for that matter. Please help :)

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he has also been on the same brand of food and same dog bowls since I got him...

Ashley, curious, do they look like pimples, or warts... any on the lips?


Look at my blog about canine papilloma virus (Guinness got a nasty...)

kind of both... they get a little scabby... and yes some on the lips...

Oh those are on my pug.  They are pimples.  Clean their wrinkles daily and on the imples buy some stridex medicated pads and gently clean each one.


Also don't use plastic bowls.  Use ceramic or stainless steel and wash the bowls daily.

Agree with Karen on this one. Puggy pimples, very common in pugs. Gosh i have learned so much about pugs since getting G its amazing.
def pimples bentley had a couple to I just clean his wrinkles everyday I also bought the stuff called vetericin  it helps with all sorts of things you can order it online dont worry it will clear up  my breeder also said to use alcohol as that helps to dry pimples out
Otis had the same thing! The first thing the vet did was put him on antibiotics to clear the infection that is deep in the hair follicles. Then we got rid of his metal and plastic food dishes and went to glass....actually using a deep dish glass pie plate so that his chin or face does not rub on any part of it! Once it cleared up with meds and I changed his dishes, he has not has the problem since..he gets the occasion "zit" but that's normal. Looks like yours has a severe case and should be on antibiotics to clear it up good. Good luck!
My girl had the exact same thing. Switch bowls. Glass or metal is best. We treated the sores with bacitricin and kept her clean. Mine is allergic to styrofoam and it took awhile to clear up but now she's good as new! It was also around a year when it happened. Definitely pug acne or allergic to bowl or something being chewed on. Either way its basically treated the same.

Good luck!
thank you all VERY much! I'm heading to the store now!! I'll update as soon as he's doing better :) thank you again!

My Harley got some of those when we had a plastic bowl. After giving the floor a thorough cleaning and switching to stainless steel, they went away and didn't come back. My pugs like sweeping up tidbits from the ground and I thought maybe they were sweeping up a lot of things that might irritate their face, so I started being extra careful when it came to keeping crumbs out of pug reach. 


I'm curious if pugs could get pimples somewhere other than their face? Just today I noticed an area of raised pink bumps on Bella's leg. We went to the park today and I accidentally kicked her back thigh, I thought maybe it was a mark left from that, but when I took her a bath I noticed they were actual bumps. She doesn't seem to notice them, but I have and now I'm pretty worried. 

Desiree why don't you post a pic of the area? Maybe a rash, bug bites, allergies..... I do know my dachshund gets blackheads on her belly/ninny area


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