Sunday morning and again this morning we came downstairs and discovered Jack had vomited what appears to be bile. We have not been able to witness but my wife could hear him gurgling before she turned the lights on. I don't know if he hears us stirring and gets himself worked up or what the cause is. I've read that it's not uncommon for a pug to do this but I'm concerned because prior to this Jack has never vomited. His diet has not changed and to the best of my knowledge he has not consumed anything he shouldn't have.

I've heard some pugs vomit bile if they are hungry but Jack usually has a late dinner and gets a small treat when he goes into his crate at bed time. I'm trying not to stress out over it but I'm still concerned. Any advice?

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Different ones of mine have done this from time to time.  Sometimes it's mixed with phelm. I would not worry.  I've decided it's just one of those myserious things that happens from time to time.  As long as he is acting normal and eating and drinking normal and not vomiting his food I wouldn't worry.   Huggies for Jack.

Guido does this sometimes too.  Does Jack eat fast?  Guido INHALES his food and sometimes out of the blue he will vomit or cough up a little phlegm.  I understand your concern though, being that Jack has never done this before.  Like Terri said, I'd just monitor him and make sure he is still eating and drinking and acting normal.  Pugs will be Pugs :)

He is a very healthy and enthusiastic eater! He gobbled down his breakfast and has been drinking like normal. He's still acting like himself so I'm trying not to worry too much and it sounds like its normal googy pug behavior. If things change I'll get him into the vet right away. It's odd that it appears to happen at the same time every day. I've been teasing my wife and blaming her for it. She's been off work after having surgery and she's usually downstairs before me now. I told her that Jack's scared of how she looks first thing in the morning! :--)

My Sasha decided to throw up on our bed at 3 in the morning I contribute it to her over eating! she used to throw up daily and it would be a mound of food. I figured it was because she ate in seconds so I started feeding her on a cookie sheet hard to eat fast when kibbles are flying everywhere and then she stopped! I went back to feeding her in a bowl and no issues. I wouldn't worry too much occasionally this will happen. i would only worry is he is throwing up every 5-10 minutes!! I would try the cookie sheet method of feeding and see what happens!

Good luck & keep us posted!

Would not get too worked up over it, it is usually nothing, though Hektor used to do it just before he needed worming. Since he has been on his monthly worming not had so much of it, but he still has the occasional moment. The last one being a bit pineapple that he could not digest.

Disco left a little vomit present the other day in the rec room.  Sometimes I wonder what they all manage to eat off the rug and floor that doesn't agree with them to satisfy that puggy appetite.

Yesterday was vomit free but he made up for it in a BIG way this morning. Yakked up all over the Christmas tree skirt. This time it wasn't just bile but I food came up too (sorry if I've grossed you out). I think Christine's comments about eating too fast might apply here too. He used to be a very slooooooooow eater. He'd take a mouthfull of kibble, drop it on the living room floor (his bowls are in the kitchen) and then eat at a leisurely place. Now he stands over the bowl and chows down like a hog being slopped. His behavior is normal...well as normal as a pug can be. He's still energetic, still eats, still begs if I'm eating, potty habits haven't changed, still barks at me and my wife when he wants to play, etc.


The only thing that's changed for him is that my wife has been off work for two weeks recovering from surgery. You'd think that would make him happy not having to be crated for any length of time during the day and not stressed out. Now this morning he chowed down his food, went outside and then ran around like a mad man before he got sick. I think the activity so soon after eating may have contributed to it. Still, its odd that he has never vomited and he's done it 3 times since Sunday. I have touched and "examined" his stomach and he's not in any pain when I press it.

My Peek a poo did this for most of her life, and she lived to be 12, so I would say to you do not worry about it to much.  We had tests run on her when it first started, and they could never find anything wrong with her.  She would be fine for days and weeks on end, and then it would start up for a day or so, and go away again. 



I had something similar with Miley when she was younger. Does he go out just before bedtime? If so could he be eating grass? Also if he is eating fast maybe put a ball in his bowl or something big enough to cover some food up - this will slow him down. I started feeding Miley this way and also soaking her food for a few mins before giving it to her. Sometimes when they eat fast the food is too harsh hitting there tummy, so by soaking it its easier to digest. (this is for dry food)

Hope he gets better soon


Yogi use to vomit first thing in the morning and my vet had us feed him three times a day opposed to two.  That really helped keep his tummy with food in it longer :)

Don't let him run around after any meal and large consumption of water.  Bloat is a terrible thing and can be deadly.


Ok, hope I don't jinx it but it looks like its passed. No vomit since last Thursday. Hope it was just something in his system that he brought up. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. I think I'm going to try out some of the tips to slow down his eating.

Thank goodness Jack is feeling better!  I also saw some of these "slow eating" bowls on the bed bath and beyond website but they looked kind of stupid.  I heard someone mention an ice tray once.  Think I should try it for Guido too.  Let me know if you have success with any of the ideas!


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