Jack is just about 4 1/2 months now. He learned how to sit within a few minutes and started to scratch at the door to go potty within five days. Safe to say he's a pretty bright little guy. However, I cannot get him to stop tugging on my pant legs. He has ruined a couple pairs of pants this week. What's odd is that I'm the only person in the house he does this with. I'm also the only one in the house he play bites with. With the kids and my wife he is fantastic but with me he thinks its time to rip off my pants and wrestle.


I correct him when he does it. I've rattled cans filled with coins. I've yelped. Nothing works. Other than this he is an absolutely flawless dog.  Any suggestions to correct this behavior before I'm forced to go about the house pantsless?

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That's an easy one....quit wearing pants.
Just my satirical humour showing through once more.
You're right that is the best solution. I think I would scar my kids and irritate my wife (more so than I do already).
I have the same problem. Mine concentrates on me and hangs off the bottom of my pants, skirt or shorts, whichever it is. When I first got her she would do it all the time and sometimes to everyone's great amusement I would just keep walking around and doing what ever I was doing with her hanging off and being dragged around as if I didn't have a big furry thing hanging off me:) Never could figure out why, maybe a kind of domination thing. Now, she is two years old and for some strange reason just does it when I am clearing her poo which she does on a tray with paper. After I wrap and pick it up to take it to throw out she tackles me and latches on to the bottom of my pants, skirt or shorts and hangs on till we get to the stairs and then lets go because she doesn't go down stairs. It has the potential to be awfully embarrassing too as once or twice she's almost managed to pull my shorts down, fortunately hasn't happened yet as I'm ready for her now. And no Brent, not wearing pants aint a practical solution :)
ROFL Brent!! Well as the Dog Whisperer would say you must claim your pants so puggie knows that you are dominant over and in charge of them. Or there is that doggy spray to keep them off of the furniture. You could spray that on your pants. It has a rather offensive odor though so it may also keep your wife and kids away from you as well!
Did you start playing rough, I use that loosely with him? Guinness has developed weird behaviors with my friends that he has known since he was a younger puppy. He goes berserk when he sees my friend Meg, she was with me when I got him and remembers her. Hes batty around me. Though he still play bites with me, he wont with others. He doesnt chomp or try chewing, its like a quick grab and release with no pressure. He may feel the need to be around you, wants you to pick him up, play. He may just feel the safest with you and wants attention.
I think it is his way of getting some attention (not that he suffers from a lack of it). I don't initiate the rough play but Jack does. I think he enjoys it an to his credit, he never does it with any of the kids even our 17 year old. With the four kids and my wife he is as gentle as can be. With me, he's hell on wheels. I think you might be on to something Paul...I am the one who gets up with him every morning, I'm the one who comes home at lunch and lets him out to do his business, I'm the one who feeds him and takes him outside, etc. There might be a bit of weird bonding going on with the pant tugging.

We had our first frost of the season this morning so going pantsless doesn't appear to be an option. For a little guy he's quite the jumper. We had a couple warm days recently and he was able to grab the bottom and tug them down. While it's annoying I have to admit, I'm pretty impressed by his jumping ability and strength.
yes they can jump alright and are very coordinated and agile to leap, grab and pull all at the same time, I know as described above:) I think Paul is right too as I have been the primary caregiver all through. They seem very gentle with children as even with 1 and 2 year olds Muffy as touched them so softly with her face, never aggressive, and even allowed her rawhide to be taken and carried around by a small child. Followed around very docile. Amazing dogs with such a range of emotions and behaviour.
Milo did this at that age (The age i brought him home). If i ran hed try to chase my legs. He would sometimes do it on walks.

What i did was ignore him.

He wanted my attention, i so i said "Ah!" Crossed my arms and turned away. I ignored him. I didn't look, touch or talk to him. When he stopped i praised him immediately and gave him the attention he wanted.

He hasn't done it since he was a puppy.
Sophie, I took your advice last night and it seemed to work when I was standing up or walking into another room. He grabbed ahold of the pant leg, I froze and crossed my arms and didn't make eye contact with him or speak and he let go of the pantleg. Of course, he still grabbed ahold of my pants while I was sitting down from time to time. I just gave him a toy at that point and that seemed to help a bit too.
I guess another way to do it would be clicker training.

You can do it with mouthing to. By moving your hand next to the dogs head and clicking and rewarding when doing so. and waving it by their head. Or moving your leg slightly. Or walking. You click and treat when they don't react. *That way you're teaching him that you want him to not react to moving legs or arms*

Here is an example of what i mean. (She demonstrates with a leash but this can be applied to legs and hands and socks and trousers.)

The freeze trick is the best option. Our 2 year old pug does this to my husband and he actually has had both socks and pj pants pulled off by the pug. She tried it a couple times with me and I froze and refused to move till she stopped. Works like a dream. The husband just refuses to do it so its his socks that get ruined!


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