Alright... as you guys know (or if you dont you do now!) Utah has
some crazy weather, and it happens to be cold out. Because of
my arthritis I do alot of hot baths in the cold weather.


Today is cold and it is just after noon. I thought a cold bath would
me feel better. So I am getting ready and Chesty wants in. I figure
sure... why not. So I have the bathwater going.... and I am enjoying
the heat, and Chesty jumps in! Not only does he jump in but he
started to drink up the bathwater! Luckily I was just in the tub to
warm up my joints... and I wasnt using any products! But he is just
running around the tub... face-diving none the less and loving every
minute of it!

Utah tends to have hard water though so after I cranked up the
heater, and got out of the tub along with Chesty... I did a usual
coconut oil treatment on his fur, and wrinkles... and then once
again for my face (believe it or not... coconut oil is a miracle
treatment for wrinkles, acne, and all that rot). He is just running
around the apartment just going NUTS! He is a very happy puppy
right now. Though I am about to take him out here in a few mins
so that he can go potty :D

Too Cute!

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I've heard of some places still being cold and snowy.We've had some nice spring weather here and the pugs have been enjoying it.My one pug will run through the house like a nut after he has a bath,so now we close the bathroom until we're done blow-drying them,which they like.It takes time to do them as there are three of them,they get bathed,ears get done,and teeth get brushed.It's funny when you do their teeth,my one pug tries to eat the toothbrush as you are brushing,the toothpaste is chicken and they love it.This is part of the day in the life of our pugs,but they don't mind.
Oh the weather is beautiful now. Since Friday the weather has been well enough that he is very happy.
We have been sitting out in the sun, while he destroys the dandelions. And he seems overall a very
happy little pug.
He is mad at me though, and I dont blame him. Sunday was a bad day. We had to go up to Mirror
Lake and pick up a friends car who is now in a psyche ward. Then we went shooting. I was unable to
take Chesty. But immediately took him out each time to go potty, and run around. Yesterday wasnt
much better. I had a job interview, and I had to try and pay my psyche ward friend's storage unit. Poor
lil pug. He has been kinda stubborn and mad at me. I dont blame him at all though.

Cleaned his wrinkles today, and did the coconut oil treatment. I noticed that Nicholai must have grazed
him with his claw because he has a very tiny cut on his little face. Either that or he ran into something
(wouldnt surprise me lol), and grazed something that wasnt nice lol!

Well Chesty and I are going to have some bonding time on the couch. I want him to be a happy pug, and
happy to have me as a caretaker, and friend.
Believe me i know how that goes,mine get mad to,the only thing is when mine get mad they group together and i have all three to deal with.I've had them outside alot as it's nice here to as long as they are out their fine.Glad to know it's nice there for you to and it's great that you are having time together.They do love attention,any way they can get it,ha;ha,my males got my attention today as they decided to help water my flowers and the other fertilized them,then tried to bury that fertilizer as flowers went sailing,so needless to say they got moms attention.My female will just go over and smell them but, not those two!
LOL! I have noticed that! When the weather is nice out Chesty will actually
use his back legs and try to bury it! So funny they are! I do love to come
home after picking up my husband from work and see him running towards
us all happy and wagging his little tail. He is such a sweet pug!
They are our little sweethearts okay.The only time mine are left alone is when i go shopping,as soon as i come in the door all three come running at me,then it's check-out the bag thing;ha;;ha,see if mom brought something in those bags for them.As far as the flowers are concerned,guess i really didn't need them all,ha,ha!They are my spoiled babies all i can do is smile and keep loving them.
I agree with this 100%.... I do my best to not leave Chesty alone. But
I didnt feel that he was ready to go out to watch us play with firearms,
and I think he might be a little young ya know.
And since we didnt know how far away Mirror Lake was (my fiance
thought that it was REALLY far out) and because Mirror Lake is part
of the National Forest, we didnt want to get into trouble for bringing
along a puppy...
I couldnt take him along yesterday while I was going to the job interview
because well... it is cruel to leave a puppy in the car in the heat we have
had lately.

But he does gets tons of love and I am generally home 97% of the time.
That has to count for something LOL!
Your little one is very lucky to have you,your a good momIt's nice that we can talk about our babies,they are truly amazing.Hope your weather stays nice for you,i know this weather we're having has been wonderful,the pugs love it.The only time they can't go out alot is in the summer heat as it gets to hot,so they go out to go potty,then back into the house where the air conditioning is.As long as it's nice for now they can be out there to play it's fun just watching them.We'll be outside today,as i have to attend to the flowers and put up a little garden fence;ha;ha!Hope everything goes well for you.My babies and i wish you and your little one well!
The weather is supposed to stay decent. Though starting tomorrow the clouds will be rolling in. The coldest it is supposed to get though is in the 50's so that isnt bad. Chesty gets the run of the house... except at night where he sleeps in his crate till I wake up and take him downstairs to go potty.
When the weather gets nasty out he just does his business as fast as he can and then drag me upstairs where it is warm lol! This summer wont be much fun either I can tell. Last year it stayed cool till June. This year it is already getting into the 70's.

Well.... today is the day to clean Chesty's face..... hehe... THIS is always fun! Seeing as he always has the need to fight me on it LOL!
It's always fun in the morning here as we get our teeth brushed,that's fun as one tries to eat it as your brushing and the other two clamp their teeth down on the brush so i have trouble getting it back.The rest of the grooming is easy,just have to keep at it till they get use to it being done.I thanked everyone for trying to help the rescue,and i would like to thank-you personally,you are truly a wonderful person,as i said this is something that's so important to me.Raven,thank-you from my family to yours!Give chesty a hug for me!
Oh Julie! You are so sweet. But I have done nothing. I am just a lover of all sweet
animals. I swear I am going to end up like those crazy old ladies with the kitties
and the puppies. But I will be able to take care of them.
Chesty is a sweet pug indeed. He has a few behavior quirks to work out, but he
and I will work them out together :)
Cleaning his little face is fun though... I use unscented baby wipes and he tries to
chew on them! Then of course after his little face is clean I use a bit of coconut oil
which I think he really likes because it goes on his wrinkles, his nose, and his
mussel. He licks at it and loves it :D

Thank you Julie :) You are a really sweet friend! I will be sure to keep you in mind
when it comes to anything I am not certain about with him haha! I have never had
a pug before and though I have done so much research on them I still feel like such
a noob! My best friend says that I am like a fretful mother with him!

I just love him so much. He irritates me when he does things he isnt supposed to do
but ya know, I just remember he is just a baby and even better he is my fur-baby :)

Chesty accepts the hug and gives ya tons of pug puppy kisses!
I don't need any thanks.i'm just doing what i love and what i believe in.I'm like you,i love my little ones and i still learn as i go along there's always something that may come up that i'm unsure of but,i just go back and start researching again.Just wish they had a solution to make a pug not want to water or fertilize your things!ha ,ha;ha!Put the fence in front of the flowers and it got watered,it's just a little white fence that goes along as like a border but,it's nice,guess the little angel thought it had to be rinsed off.It's always exciting around here,you never know what to be prepared for,i went to reach for my digging spade and the other little angel was taking off with it,it's that hard plastic,to him that was a new toy.I've learned to just give up and surrender and have a good laugh it's all you can do.ha;ha!We love chesty to he's awesome!


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