While still pursuing his final challenge, Vincent Thomas Pug, aka "Vinny the Pug" developed a tumor on his tongue.  A biopsy revealed that it was a particularly aggressive strain of cancer.  The time frame covering its discovery until Vinny's departure was about six weeks.  Despite the loss of a member, "Team Vinny" will continue working towards completing Vinny the Pug's final challenge.  Our goal is to help put the U.S. and Canada on a path towards reaching 100% NO-KILL by 2020. 

If you'd like to contribute to making Vinny the Pug's dream a reality, please visit his fundraiser site to make a contribution and encourage others to do so as well.   Visit Vinny the Pugs Final Quest Fundraiser campaign site at:   http://rkthb.co/30739

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What a lovely tribute to Vinny.  I know you will keep his legacy alive.  The tears are flowing.

Life can be so unfair.  My big black sheppard Sylvie had cancer develop on her jaw.  I kept her going for about a year, but I finally had to let her go.  She was a gentle giant that we had rescued.  Oh the tears are flowing for all our loses!

I will keep you and Vinny in my thoughts.

How so very sad :( Vinny was a beautiful and wonderful boy who was a true star and now an angel. Lots of love!!!
Tears and heart aches today, what a tribute so amazing and just makes me speachless Vinny will always be remembered❤❤❤❤

oh my i'm just reading this just so sad as it hurts our hearts to hear this please know we hold you in our thoughts and prayers,this just brings tears,we will miss you sweet vinny run free at the bridge with all your sweet friends.

Allen, I'm so sorry to hear about Vinny.  I know he was your loving buddy and companion and has been a tireless advocate for the homeless and unwanted.  God bless him on his journey to the Rainbow Bridge.  :(



I am so sorry that Team Vinny has lost a vital member of it's team but glad that the work will continue in his name.

What a beautiful pug...my heartfelt apologies for your loss.

My Final "I Love You, Goodby"


It is now one month since I whispered my final words into the ear of Vinny the Pug.  The pain has diminished a little but a new void and silence are haunting.   Even that musky smell that I had gotten so accustomed to has faded.  Last night I moved our bed into another room only to discover a small pool of dried blood beneath it.  Because of the tumor on his tongue and subsequent swelling, the tongue flopped to the side and Vinny's natural inclination was to chew.  There was much blood.  Like any human who is very ill, he fled beneath the bed and left that small blood stain.  While moping it, I came to the sad realization that I was also erasing the final physical evidence of Vinny the Pug in my life.  NOT!  Then I remembered that I had the doctor to harvest Vinny's dna with a Q-Tip squab and I'm frequently collected his toe nail clippings.  GOD, I must have to sound crazy but I really loved my friend Vinny.  

I have begun to emerge from this period of mourning.  However, I'm just a little afraid that I might not be able to maintain the same level of remembrance.  Even the hurt that I'm feeling has sort of a pleasing sensation attached to it that I don't want to let go.  However, if Vinny the Pug had anything to do with it, he'd say "get back to work!", 2020 is only 6 - 1/2 years away. 

For anyone who is unfamiliar with Vinny's final mission, it was, scratch that, it is to lay the groundwork to help lead the United States and Canada towards 100% NO-KILL by 2020.  There are many who believe that's impossible. However, Vinny & I have invested 7-years in developing plans and ways to do just that.  For half a decade, Vinny the Pug and I worked "alone", quite literally.   Besides, "There's nothing a Pug can't do once He or She put its mind to it".  That is the literal definition of "pugnacious".  I hope you will join me as I go forward to fulfill Vinny the Pug's Final Quest.  Together, we can stop the killing of healthy pets and animals. 


Allen Kimble, Jr., & "Vinny the Pug"-4Ever!

New Orleans, U.S.A.





Reading your tribute Allen, I thought back to the things I did with my old boy when he had gone. I gave his basket away because I knew I was not going to get another for a good while but I could not relinquish his leash, I had it in my handbag for years. He had a copper collar for his arthritis which went to a rescue dog in Dogs Trust who never put a healthy dog down and I think is what you want to happen in North America. Good Luck with your campaign. Helena and Hektor

Yes, it is indeed funny what we do with their things after they've passed.  In anticipation of Vinny's

departure, I bought a cassette recorder (didn't know the still made them), and recorded him

while he slept and was drinking water.  I truly believe that I could lure regular dog owners

into bets and walk away with their money.  Vinny the Pug's snoring is legendary as was his

slurping up water.  However, I'm inclined to believe that the wretched sound and length of his

drinking was due unto the tumor on his tongue.  After the two biopsies, his tongue had become

swollen and never returned to it's normal size.  His tongue flopped to the side and triggered

his natural instinct to chew.  As we laid in the dark, I could hear Vinny chewing is tongue and

swallowing. In the morning I'd find pools of blood on the sheet.  With tears in my eyes, I'd yell

to him that he couldn't do that because cancerous tissues would be in-jested and spread

throughout his digestive tract.  Throughout his entire life I spoke to Vinny as I would anyother 

human.  It was Vinny's chewing his tongue which prompted my decision to end his life more

than any other factor.  Thank you for sharing your memories Miss TWW. 

Allen & "Vinny" 4-Ever!

New Orleans 

What beautiful words you continue to write about vinny and the wonderful friend he was to you. I truly hope and pray that vinnys mission plays out and we can achieve no kill by 2020. Wishing you peace and comfort :)


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