I am beginning to wonder if it is the stuffed toys that are causing the infection on and around Linus's mouth.  Does anyone else have a problem with the face area becoming infected.  I posted a picture on my page  of what his face looks like.  Sometimes it looks good, and then a couple of days later it appears to be all read and inflamed again.  I haven't been back to the vet since he told me that if was some kind of infection.  The meds the vet gave me gave him diarrhea, so I stopped giving it to him.  The only reason I am thinking about the stuffed toys, is that he always has one in his mouth.  Anyone think I could be right in this matter 

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possibly an allergy to something that the toys are made of, I would hold off on the toys whilst the infection is still there as it will only irritate it more, after if has cleared, maybe try a toy with a complete different material, I guess it's trial and error really.
My pug got red pimples on his face and I got rid of the plastic bowls, I use stainless steel and wash the bowls daily in the dishwasher. The problem has gone away. Do you wash the toys? Maybe that would help.
I have never had any infection round any of my dogs faces but I think that because so many Pugs have skin allergies now it may be perfectly possible it is something to do with his toys. I think poor Linus has the same problem with antibiotics that Hektor has, we had a similar problem with Diarrhoea when he was being treated for a problem with his leg, (it turned out to be broken).
Unfortunately I could stop them but in your case the it is the only way to go to get rid of the infection, I would return to your Vet and ask if there is another one which will not cause this problem.
The only other thing to do is keep the area as clean as you can.
Like Karen I only use stainless steel bowls which I wash by hand, some animals have problems with the stuff we use in dishwashers.
Thanks everyone, he does us a stainless steel bowl, and I do wash the toys on occasion, maybe I need to increase that. I want to put the stuffed toys away for awhile, but he loves them so much, and the one thing he loves the most is BIG BUDDY, a giant pug I got down the shore more about 10 years ago. It use to sit on my bed, but when he found it, he fell in love with it, so I let him have it. He plays with it every night before he goes to bed, and every morning when he wakes up.
Milo has a white teddy he sucks on to help him sleep. It goes black and damp and smelly which i think is what caused his acne. his acne got so bad it was clusters of it and it would burst and drip blood. *so gross, i know* I took him to the Vets for a swab, and he gave me antibiotics and chlorhexidine to wash his face with and its cleared up now but hes getting a few tiny pimples coming back. I think its because of the teddy so im going to have to wash the teddy tomorrow and his face with the leftover chlorhexidine.

This is an old picture of ihm with it, it was worse than that but with the antibiotics and the chlorhexidine lathered onto the spots everyday it cleared. http://i268.photobucket.com/albums/jj7/XxNoteT0SelfxX/pugspots.jpg?...
That is what Linus's face looks like, just like that. And Milo's was from the teddy? I am going to stick his toys in the washer tomorrow and give them a good cleaning. What is in the wash stuff you used on his face, is it something I can buy or is it from the vet only
I believe so, the teddy smells so bad so i assume thats what caused the acne because it seems to have so much bacteria on it. Everything else his face comes in contact with is clean because he has metal dishes which are washed before every meal. The wash is a soapy liquid, it stops bacteria from growing or something. Im not sure if you can buy it anywhere else but i bought it from the vets, It didnt cost that much. It took about 4 or 5 weeks (along with antibiotics) to completely clear up :p http://www.petplace.com/drug-library/chlorhexidine/page1.aspx
Thanks Sophie
Oh Sophie by the way look at the photos I just posted today, there is one of Linus sleeping, and you can see his face real clear
Bugsy's pimples looked horrible also and one burst with gross results. And once you start cleaning things it does take a while for it to clear it. Maybe he needs an antibiotic to cut the infection?? Perhaps a different antibiotic if one was too strong and caused diarrhea.

My Zoe had pimples when she was young that eventually cleared up, but I never though it could be the toys.  She also had infections around her eye folds and her ears all her life, even with different foods.  But even that started to get better as she got older.  THe last thing she had was a red tinge around her mouth and eyes.  I looked it up on the internet and it was a common problem, something to do with bacteria.  I changed her water to filterws, her bowl to stainless, and finally went back to home cooked meals and the red went away, but it took a few months.

She also had problems with Antibiotics, the first one they ever gave her made her throw up within minutes of having it.  But they just found another type and everything was good.  Just like in humans there are lots of different meds they can give us.

Konrad, this was an earlier post, but we still have some problems with skin, we just make sure to keep everyone and everything as clean as we can.  Thanks for the comment.


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