Hello everyone,
I know the 'norm' for most pug owners is trying to keep weight off their dog, but we are experiencing the reverse. Ramsay started losing weight about a month ago. Tiny bits at a time that over the weeks is now a noticeable amount of weight. His little face has gotten thinner, and I can just feel his backbone when I run my hand down his back. He is up to date on his shots, and when I called the vet they said they don't start heartworm treatments until June where we just moved to (so don't worry about heartworm in other words).

He was eating normally, but now has decreased the amount of food he is taking in. We tried a new food to see if he just didn't like the old one anymore--no luck. He is more active now than in the winter, but not enough to cause the weight loss in my opinion. His bathroom habits remain unchanged and he seems his happy self.

We are at a loss as to why he would be losing weight. Does anyone else in the world have a skinny pug??

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If I were you, I would take him into the vet. It's very odd for me to hear about a Pug decreasing his food and losing weight, I know he may not seems like something is the matter with him because you said he's still acting like himself but you can never be too careful. Hope it all works out!
I agree w/ Rachel. Pugs love to eat, and they will eat anything. I would take him to the vet and explain in detail to them how his eating habits have changed. Good luck and I hope everything gets better.

Also, what food are you currently feeding him?

Sharon & Penny
The normal weight for pugs will be around 9-10 kg. It's still best to get him to the vet for check up on the safe side.
Agree with the rest. It's at least odd for a pug to lose weight. So a thorough checkup is necessary as losing weight may be a sign of an illness.
My pug is pretty thin. When we first got her she went crazy trying to eat her food and the other dogs food too. Now you have to stay right next to her to get her to eat at all. I thought pugs were supposed to be fat. I don't get it.
I have to agree with everyone else, get him to the Vet. He may be bored with his food, some pugs do get that way, but I would have him wormed as well just in case, I cannot talk about heartworm as we do not thankfully have it here, too cold but normal worms can reduce weight.
Me to pugs love to be fat in fact I was just at the vet with my little fatty bumble latti and my vet said they dont know when to stop they will eat until they vomit ! I want to give a update about my little guy i have otis who is a 13 yr old spoiled rotten old man !!!! I was scared bc i saw that some of you had problems with cysts on your pugs to well i went the next day otis is getting surgery on thursday he needs to get 4 cysts removed and his teeth pulled due to his age .he also bit the vet it was priceless and wouldnt look at me for two days any suggestions on how i prepare myself for getting him thru this ? my vet said that he owns me and that i have created a monster with otis that he is a menace .... oh and he is considered obese i cant cook for him anymore.
Hello. I know in pugs you have to be so careful not to let them get to chubby,as they can suffer from many things being overweight.Some problems can cost alot in vet bills,especially if it requires any operations,most things that it can affect is their legs as it makes it hard on them to carry that weight and it can affect their heartand their breathing,among other things.I have three and i have two that are on diets,my other is at his ideal weight.I don't have any biting issues or any thing like that,mine are good other than being stubborn at times,which that's all pugs,you just have to learn to keep working with them,it can be fun,especially when they think they've won.All you can do is keep loving him,hold him,he'll be okay,as long as he has you.I'll keep good thoughts for you,just be there as any mom can.Good Luck!
Hi. I agree with the rest. You should have your baby seen by the vet. Tifa is a thin pug. And she doesn't eat alot. She eats 1 maybe 2 meals a day. However when I let her out in the backyard she eats anything that crawls if I don't catch her. LOL. Pugs are very picky eaters (at least mine is) so its hard to say what could be wrong. The vet is the best way to go. Good luck and hope things go well.

Donna & Tifa
Update: I am happy to report that Ramsay is in perfect health, he is just 'in shape.'

The past week or so I have noticed a small amount of weight gain--I assume this is due to decreased activity after being neutered (poor baby). After vet approval and a full compliment of tests, I guess we just have a skinnier than average pug!

Thanks to everyone who responded to this thread.


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