Sadly, we need to start looking for a new home for our pugs

My wife and I have been heartbroken about the realization that we need to look for a new loving (pug loving) home for our pugs.

We love our pugs and they are part of the family, but our life has got to a point where we just cannot give them the love and attention they need. We have a 2 year old child and are expecting second child in April.

Our pug journey has been long, and I'm feeling sad even writing this. Ninja and Champ are our pugs, they are sisters (4 and 5 years old). We brought them with us from South Africa when we emigrated to California a year ago. Everyone told us we were crazy, but we explained that the pugs are our family and we can't leave them behind. And now with the love we have for them - we are hoping there will be someone out there who can give them back the lifestyle they deserve.

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I am so sorry you feel you cannot give them the love that you obviously have for them, giving them away will be hard. I would take them both in a minute but sorry not in the US. I am sure someone will come along and offer a home to them.Remember to vet them very carefully.

You just don't give away part of your family. Its wrong.

I thought we might receive some replies like this, and you are within your rights to express your opinion. But I think without all the facts it isn't fair for you to judge us.

On the topic of "giving away part of your family", fathers "give away" their daughters in marriage all the time - it isn't because they love them any less.

Herman, better they go to someone who can give them the love they deserve. I am going to mention someone here who has taken in so many dogs, not just pugs. Our Julie, in the past two years has taken in one Bernese Mountain Dog who was being shoved from pillar to post, our Bear, our honorary pug wouldn't be here but for Julie, and the little ShiTzu who was about to be put down simply because she was "old".

So please do not condemn those who are looking for a better quality of life for their dogs, reserve that for the cruel among the human race.

Quentin brought his dogs halfway across the world and I can only imagine how he feels presently.

Quentin, have a word with our provider Christine, and I know you may not like this but I notice there are rescues, they may also be able to help. I know that you would be fighting off people here in Britain to adopt your dogs, Pugs are extortionate to buy here and not all want puppies. As I said, even with the mighty Hektor in the house your girls would have been more than welcome but alas I cannot afford to import them either.

Thanks for the support and feedback. I'll try get in touch with her.

Have you found a home for your sweeties?


We decided to wait and see what happens when we need to move (at the end of March) and see if we can find a better house with a yard for them because it has been difficult to even think about giving them away :(

That sounds like a good solution!

I haven't been on here for a while, and saw a friend of mine had commented on here.  I volunteer with a pug rescue, and I believe you are showing your love for your dogs by finding a good home for them.  There are situations in life that other people just can't understand. I see that you are giving yourselves a little while longer to think it over, and taking your time is the best thing to do.  The rescue I work with is in Arizona, it is  Arizona Pug Adoption & Rescue Network.  We have a lot of surrenders come to our rescue, and actually having loving pug parents give us their medical records and discussing with us their habits and cute details helps us find homes for them.  I believe APARN is the best pug rescue, but I do know there are several good ones in California.  Should you decide that you must find them a home and decide on APARN, my husband and I are both retired and could arrange transportation.  I pray you will come up with the decision you can live with, regrets are so painful.  Know that we are here for you.  Check out my site and I can message you my contact information. 

I wish I could. My pug would love some company but I live all the way in Abu Dhabi :(

I'm just catching up here my goodness,wish i were closer as i would take them and as Helena and so many here know me,they would have such a wonderful life that i can promise you.Please give this some time maybe things will work out for you all,God Bless.


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