My pug is 10months old and at "that age" where he is very active. I expected this because with all puppies i have had they are very active around this time. However, when i have gone places with him people have told me that thats pretty typical pug, but most of the grown pugs I have seen are pretty laid back. What is everyone elses experience with their pug?

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My pug is a month younger and I dont think he has walked since about 3 months old... All he does is run around and chew things. Hyper cannot even describe it. All pug puppies that I have known are nut balls.
hahah ok good its not just Doug. Doug gets either a trip to the dog park or a nice long walk daily, goes to dog day care, gets rawhides to keep him busy, we work on basic obedience, we use kong and treatballs to keep his attention.. any secrets or things im not doing?!
my pug is 10 months old as well and he is VERY hyper

Well I used to think because my previous two were so laid back that when they got to two that when Hektor got there I thought, great. Big mistake, all that happened was he got bossier, I would say that regardless of size Pugs need a lot of exercise, more than most seem to get, but obviously this depends on the climate that you live in. We live in a cool climate and therefore he gets between 2- 4 hours a day normally and he looks for it. He also like the stimulation of different places, as long as he gets to know them. I do think that obedience classes are great for stimulating their minds too as well as helping bonding with their humans.

Don't worry they do eventually calm down and then you miss what you had, Hektor now walks round the park mostly at my feet when he used to run about investigating.

Online it says Pugs need 30 minutes of exercise, honestly i think that's not enough at all. How do you manage 4 hours? I only find time for 2 hours :P!

I think you are doing all that needs to be done. They are just crazy dogs that take time to calm down. Guinness is such a busy guy. Trust me, as long as Doug doesn't whine and make noises, hes easy! Guinness lets me know when he wants stuff, or attention, he's so vocal.

Dougs not tooo vocal . He does do like gremlin noises and dig at things like the carpet in corners from time to time and scratch at the door.
Milo was never a crazy hyper thing, however if i got down to his level and made lots of random noises and started playing he would start flailing his tongue about and jumping about trying to lick my face off, or he will do zoomies around the house but that's about it and it's quite rare. When he was younger (He's 16 months now) he used to be quite excitable in new places and tried to pull or run around, obviously i didn't allow that for one second and stayed firm with the walking loosely rule, so he's calm on walks now. And off leash, unless i let him off at the beach then he goes hyper. One time he ran across the beach steps, down them, around a family, up the steps and off again doing zoomies. :P At the park i have to run around first making high noises to get him in the mood for a game of chase or just running around like a loony. I feed my two twice a day. A small raw meal in the morning and in the afternoon they get a whole piece of an animal. Today its rabbit leg.. But i take them for a walk/run with other dogs after breakfast and after dinner so my two get two hour walks a day, so they're pretty chilled. I do alot of training with Milo too. He knows a ton of tricks, so now that i've made him smart he gets easily bored, so i'm always trying to tire him out :P
What kinda tricks? Doug knows rollover, shake, sit, down, stay.. blah blah. I was trying to figure out how to teach him how to balance sitting up. I need some new things creative tricks to work on
Skateboard, laundry, get your leash, spin, jump through my arms, jump through my legs, weave through my legs whilst walking, back up, high five, sit, down, bow, speak, fetch, pull my socks off and bring them to my hand, go to bed, Bang!, run and jump into my arms, and one we like to do when waiting outside shops is for him to come from behind me, stand between my legs facing the same direction and have his two front paws on my feet and we walk together.. hehehe... A good book i do recommend would be 101 Dog tricks, its where i got ideas lol!
WOW haha im impressed I thought you were just gonnna say like play dead. Ok thanks Doug's got some work to do haha. Im still working on trying to get him to sit up and balance on his butt. Any idea of how to teach him that. I had a dog that could do this but im having trouble with Doug.

hehe.. I haven't managed to teach that but i have tried! I have seen a video on how to teach it. That was with luring. ive seen another method where you stand with the dog sat infront of you facing forward and you lure them up and they lean against your legs.. hard to explain. Like you're standing, facing forward. The dog is sat infront of you facing the same way you are. You lure them up and they use your legs to help them balance and you click and reward when theyre sitting up with their back against the front of your legs and obviously over time when theyre more confident witht he trick you can add a voice cue and they usually know what to do.. obviously you wouldnt have your legs behind them forever so you gradually phase that out til theyre doing it alone :p


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