Ok, I was almost too embarrassed to post this...

I was able to set my work schedule with my roommate in a way that our dogs are never alone in the house for over 3 hrs.

Today, I had to be out of the house the whole day at the same time as my roommate.

Long story short, Lola stayed w/ my roommate's dog in my room (they get along really well) and the other dogs stayed in the house as usual.

I did not have a good day at work... Could not stop thinking about my "little Lo" locked in my room (it's a master bedroom -good size) the whole day.

She is tiny and I did not want to leave her loose in the house or locked in a kennel for 9 hrs!

I don't usually have to work the schedule I did today (this was the first time in 9 months), but just in case this happens again..

What do you guys do when you go to work?

Am I being too crazy to think she should not roam the house with the other bigger dogs unattended at the early age of 9mo?

In case you wonder, usually I leave to work after I feed them lunch. They all go potty and Lola Belle is crated for 3 hrs until my roommate gets home.

Thanks for any and all help :)


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You are not being crazy. Just worrying about your baby :-) Unfortunately I can offer little help since I am unemployed for the first time in 14 years and don't leave Daisy alone too much. We have a condo so she doesn't have that many rooms to go to but when we would both be out for a while she would just stay on her bed or ours and not cause any trouble. I might worry about leaving her with other pets if you don't trust them completely. Good luck!!
Hi I leave my Bella for 4 hours a day due to working. She stays in her bed and she is so good while I am out. I am with her at weekends and when I get home make such a fuss of her. I take her for a nice long walk though before I go to work and that tires her out and I would strongly recommend you do the same. Hope this helps
I am going back to work soon and we are having a hot summer in Australia - so I can relate to worrying about them when you are not home. You sound like you are a good Mum.
I understand completly! I feel so guilty leaving Lily when I have to go to work. My husband and I have different work schedules and she only has a few hours of being home alone. I also have a daughter who comes home after school and before she goes to work to check on our baby girl. And I drive 20 minutes one way at lunch home most days to see her for 20 minutes and then back to work. Crazy, I know. I know when we are not home she spends her time sleeping and is just fine, I'm sure your baby does the same. I would think that the bedroom is more than enough space for her to be comfortable when you are away. Something you might try is to leave the TV on for her when you are gone. I leave cartoons or animal planet on for Lily. Something about leaving her home alone in a quiet house makes me feel worse. At least the TV makes me think she is not lonely. She's also got her blanket, favorite pillow and stuffed animals. : ) Okay, I just realized everything I said make me a little obsessed but I'm not too worried about it. She brings me so much happiness I think she's worth it.
Thank you guys for all the ideas. I hope I don't have to leave Lola alone for a long time again anytime soon.
I'm still not comfortable leaving her loose in the house w/ the other dogs because she can get hurt. I love the idea of having the TV or maybe some music on too :)
And Tammy, we ARE obsessed , but as you said... they sure deserve it!!!
Hi Maggie,

I completely understand where you are coming from. No, you are not crazy!

When Penny was a baby, my boyfriend worked from home, so she was never alone. Couple months later, I began working for home too. Penny was lucky to have both her humans home all the time and literally sat in my lap all day. After awhile, things changed and we were both back at the office on a daily basis. Penny has adjusted very well being home alone. I actually think she prefers it now. She gets to nap all day without her humans annoying her. It will take some time for the puppies to adjust, but keep in mind, its always good to spend some time apart and miss each other.

Good luck,
Sharon & Penny
I say let her go, however you didn't say how big the other dogs are or how they get along with one another while you are there. Assuming that all is fine, I don't see any problem with it, she's pretty sturdy at 9 months.
My 2 dogs are fine w/ her and they are cocker spaniels. My roommate has a rotweiller and a pitbull. They are very mellow w/ her, but I never leave them unnatended because they are huge. I'm just afraid they will hurt her even playing...
Although I personally LOVE all breeds, I would still be on the safe side and let her have her retreat in the bedroom, maybe the cocker spaniels could keep her company. My Lily did get attacked once by a larger breed dog, it was a dog she wasn't familiar with and although it was friendly as could be with people, something about Lily set her off and gave us a big scare. You are right, an innocent play time for larger dogs could be hurtful if not supervised.
I also worry about leaving my pug Pugsley home by himself as he doesn't like to be alone for long periods of time. I am lucky as my brother is unemployed so he keeps the dog entertained all day and they have great fun and there is always a funny story to tell me when I get home. I may have started a huge problem here as it is at the point where he doesn't want to be left alone outside. When we do go out for a couple of hours or go to bed at night he is put in his playpen with his toys and bed otherwise he would destroy the house.
What a great idea Chelsea! I've been leaving Lola in my room w/ the older cocker spaniel Beau. I can try to leave her out in the house and check from outside ;).
I'm slowly building up my courage, but don't stay alone for too long anyways. I changed my schedule at work, so when I leave to work my roommate is coming home...
I'm glad we have this place to share the crazy things we do for our furry babies...lol
Hi Magda .... I think I understand very well what happens ... When Suki was a pupy, I worked all day and my husband was out of work ... so she spent all her months of puppy with his nanny .... ie with his dad .... Then we were both working, Suki spent much time alone ... almost felt that she was stressed in that situation .... so we decided to look a little sister for Suki, another puppy to accompany ... Little Flea and so came .... I can only say that they do not get bored during the day .... play between them and their toys .... and when we got home we take the time to give love quality .... not in quantity .... we play, we walk .... we hugged and often fall asleep in our arms .... being accompanied by other pets makes them well ... today they can not be separated .... are sought each other when they are not .... is incredible as are invited to play between them .... might be advisable to have your dogs close friends and have fun, as if he were in kindergarten.


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