Pugs fainting/passing out, does any one have this problem?


Spud is 17 months old and since we've had him (over a year) he has had episodes of fainting and stops breathing.


he had fainted 3 or 4 times (each time he was out for longer than the last) and the vet decided that we have his palate operation which was done in September 2009.


Anyway everything had been perfect since his operation but 3 weeks ago he had another episode but this time instead of being limp when he passed out he went really stiff, his jaw locked shut and he wet himself (it scared the crap out of us and we thought we had lost him.) he eventually came to and we rushed him to the vet who said it sounds like his palate again and if this happens on a regular basis he'd go in and take more off his palate (although the vet is reluctant to take more off)

The vet said it didnt sound like epilepsy as Spud was totally normal after it, wanting breakfast and running up and down the stairs like nothing was wrong.


I hope it doesnt happen again, but i have a feeling that it will and panic at every move or sound he makes.


Just wanting to know if this is common at all or do you think it could be something else.

I spoke to the breeder after the first 2 times he fainted but she said that none of her pugs have had this problem. (I dont think she really cared at all)


*sorry long post*

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As i would have your vet look deeper and see what is causing this as this is not right and for him to go through this i would want answers as when my vet sees me coming he knows it's not going to be a good day actually i think i scare him but,when i walk in there even the girls get quiet they know the days done as people have learned you do not give me a hard time and you do not put me on hold on the phone as they found out i appear on the door step then you want to see people move.But,i would want answers as they need to find the cause it's not fair to him.Good luck.

Cyrus is four and he has been doing this occ since he was about a yr old. He does snore just a little more than our other 5, and he only goes out when he gets excited, He is one of our two males, and when Angel was in heat the last time they would get into it pretty good, occ he would go out for a short peiod of time, sometimes hes limp, sometimes he gets a little stiff, and it is very scary, he acts fine after words, maybe a little more quite for a little while. He has not had any palate surgury, and my vet does not think this is the problem. With Cyrus it seems to be more of his bodys way of managing some things.I would ask you vet if there is some way you can rule out that this might be coming from his heart, if his rate is dropping to low it will cause him to pass out.(just like us). It could be his breathing but, does he still snore, snort to the extreme? One time after dark my son was walking past the bay window, Cyrus was barking a lot because he could not see who was out there, and Lonny was teasing him, he droped down below the window and popped up Cyrus fainted and feel off the window sill, mu son said he had to go see if he as still alive, he thought he had sone killed the dog.
I'm sorry this is so long. I don't know if it helps. Hope so.
My pug started doing this when he was about 2 yrs. old. He would do it when he got excited to see me. About four yrs ago it got very bad. long story short he had a really bad ear infection and a ruptured ear drum. He is now 12 and his last fainting spell was about a yr ago. he does have an enlarge heart and a small trachea as well.
Hmm I'm not entirely convinced that this isnt some form of epilepsy, My puggy Mya has epilepsy and when I didnt know what it was, I was going through the same thing, Almost all of her episodes were where she was limp and couldn't use her legs to stand, pee'd and then after it was over she was back to normal, only 1 time when she had a "Grand Mal seizure" did she go rigid with her front paws out grunting and groaning and fitting all over the place.. Not all dogs that have epilepsy paddle their legs, some go limp, it depends on the severity of the seizure.
Please try to keep a diary if you haven't already, even if you have your phone to record the episode, not nice and probably the last thing you want to do, but it's helpful in showing the vet. I was very frustrated for a good 8 months before finding a vet that finally diagnosed her with epilepsy and NOT dizzy spells and now he has phenobarbitol and is fantastic, no seizures in over a year,, hope you can get this sorted for puggy one way or another.
Danielle, I to have a pug with epilepsy (Walker) this is sounding all to familiar and I agree with Lisa and as with Mya, Walker was placed on phenobarital, the dosage adjusted and he is just fine. Do keep a log of these occurances as Lisa says, this is valuable information. Walker started his seizures between a year to a year and a half old. He is now 12 and as you can see from his pictures a healthy pug, the same as Mya is. And yes these are scarry things to witness, I have endured some that have lasted up to 45 minutes of complete loss of muscle control and absolute disorientation, won't go into all the other stuff. If this is indeed what is happening it can be controlled.
My pug, milo has the same problem...the first time he collapsed he was limp and pooped and peed with his jaw locked shut. second time he just collapsed after coughing and gagging and stopped breathing after what felt like forever he came around (my mum had to resuscitate him since there was no movement or breathing at all for a long time so he came around dazed and confused then ran outside in a panic and pooped...God knows what it is. the vet doesnt know either.

Update my boy milo still has them and is 10 soon. Raw diet calms the severity and frequency but he had one just now. He spaced out, got dizzy and flopped over onto his side. Went rigid for ten seconds and back to normal


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