I would like to hear about your Pugs' quirks, oddities, strange behaviors, reactions, etc.

I have found through reading about Pugs, that many of the weird things I thought were specific to my dogs, were in fact, breed traits.

So let's start sharing and see if we can't all have a good laugh while learning more about Puggies!

Thank you everyone.

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I believe you; I would have fallen apart right there in the office!
Timmy's latest: I used to give him a cookie every morning before leaving for work so he associate me going in the morning with something good. He used to ate it right away. Now he waits for me to come back from work and while I eat dinner he goes to his bed, search for the cookie and eat it right while I eat! I think is soooo cute. I see it as a way of saying, I prefer you to be here than eating my cookie alone. Love my babe!
My Pug Stan does a number of things:

1. His feet smell like Fritos too
2. He "Cheese's". That’s when he rubs his face on things, like the carpet, pillows, a sweatshirt. His face is cleaned very often; I don't know what’s up with that. He gets really into it. We call him the cheese factory.
3. Whenever he scratches himself, when he stops he starts to smell his foot, then licks it.
4. He likes to smell your eyeballs.
5. He gives "Love Shoves". That’s when you’re sitting or lying and he comes and shoves you right before he lies with you, he want to make sure he's as close as he could be.
6. He HATES the hand held vacuum cleaner. The big one is fine, but the little hand held one, he HATES!
He's a strange little man, but we love him!
This is sooo funny! My Alexander does number three too. Sometimes he scratches then gets startled by his own foot and gives it a little nip. Also, he has to have something to chew on when I'm giving him a tummy rub. He gets so excited he starts chewing on the sofa, on my sleeve, on his tail. He's a little weirdo. :D
Hahaha!! Thats so funny. Pugs are such silly little dogs.
My wife who's a "little" sensitive to odors says that Dudley sometimes gets "provolone" face. It never bothers me, but it reminds me that I have to clean his face with a wash cloth and some puppy shampoo every other day. My old pug's face smelled sometimes like grapes. Don't ask. I have no explanation to that one !!
my noah loves to smell flowers as i took him for a walk and theres a house down the road that has lilac trees so as we're walking his nose goes up and he pulls me in that direction and stuffs his face in them and smells them then rubs himself all through them we all laugh as he has to do this everytime.Takes awhile to get back home as i have issues with steering him away from any lilac trees lol,he just loves them.

We call the snot thing" Natural Mist" : )
I'm laughing a lot as I read all of these comments! My pug Dallas smells like maple syrup!! Jody, I love the "Natural Mist" terminology! I can't keep up with him misting all over my storm door everyday! Dallas also runs as fast as he can in laps around the yard, with his butt nearly dragging and his tail dropped down, I laugh until I'm in tears.

One thing he does, that I have not seen anyone mention yet; is that he drinks a TON of water, like a large dog size bowl every 2 days! And after he takes a drink of water, he walks up to things with fabric - like the couch, or the blanket on the bed; and starts licking. He'll have a bunch of water soaking his chin from drinking, so I think he's drying his chin, but can't help but try and get more water to drink too!

He also gets those nasty eye boogers...we actually call them "goobers"...and holy cow sometimes they are really big and it will gross me out! He also rubs his face all over the carpet...I get worried sometimes that he might be shedding eye goodbers that I didn't get a chance to wipe off yet!

Dallas watches TV also, and barks at the animals when they're on. He definately has little big dog syndrome!! He's a pretty tough little man, I will say that! Love my pug!
Oh don't I know the little dog syndrome (Rotties and Great Danes) and the TV thing as well. Hektor is my only Pug to watch Television and at the moment we have something called 'Springwatch' on which consists of animals and birds so you can imagine the fun we are having. If he rubs his face it is out with the baby wipes and cleaning the wrinkle and round his eyes.
Stan smelled like maple syrup for the first 3 months of his life!
My Harley is full of quirks. At bedtime she likes to lay on top of the highest pile of covers on the bed, lay like a "human" with her little head on the pillow and toy under her arm, and if someone gets up, she takes up their space. When it's time to eat, she looks at the food cabinet with enormous eyes and starts to dance, jumping up and stomping her front paws on the ground.

The funniest thing I've seen her do is either running in crazy circles at play time or the time she fell on her back while running in circles and wasn't able to get up. She wiggled and wiggled but couldn't turn herself around, like turtle. When she finally did, she looked around then laid down. If I didn't know better, she seemed embarrassed.


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