I would like to hear about your Pugs' quirks, oddities, strange behaviors, reactions, etc.

I have found through reading about Pugs, that many of the weird things I thought were specific to my dogs, were in fact, breed traits.

So let's start sharing and see if we can't all have a good laugh while learning more about Puggies!

Thank you everyone.

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Thank you for your appreciation!

LMAO! What does Daisy do to cleavage? Does she try to bite it, get between or what? Has she ever reacted the same way to a nude bottom?
She just tries to get in between!! And no thankfully she doesn't go after bottoms. It must be a nursing issue she has but she was the alpha female of the litter so I don't think she had trouble as a puppy being edged out for her mother's attention. I don't know but it is awful funny. LOL
I have a funny story. When I brought Zoe home she was 8 weeks old and she slept in bed with me the first night so she would not be affraid and I awoke in the middle of the night to her suckeling on my nipple!! I laughed to hard it startled her...she never did it again after that. I think she was not fully weined from her mother yet.
Maybe Penny snuck the car out and went to the drive through while you still snoozing?

Gertie would always sleep with a Bucky (our household name for a stuffed animal toy) in her mouth.

Does Penny actively suck or just hold the object in her mouth?
Oh heavens! Yes, Mr. Foo loves to chewing and sucking on the corners of his stuffed bed. He also will pick it up out of the corner of the kitchen where it is kept and drags it out to sit by the base of my computer chair. Then he paws at my legs until I pick him up so he can kiss me from my neck to my eyebrows (over and over again, of course!). He sometimes he tries to cart the bed around like it is just one of his stuffed toys. I'm constantly trying to get him to stop chewing on it. Sometimes he just lays next to it and licks the inside of it. Now that's just plain weird.
Very possibly and this is her comforter, but it could just be her.
My Zoe for some reason likes to licl the sheets on the bed and sometimes she licks such a large are I would think she peed in the bed lol. Also, in the winter, she always sleeps onder the comforter at the bottom by my feet all night.
Both of my dogs suck on their stuffed animals. It makes them so gross looking! Finn carries around one of his toys all the time, it is a "Skinny" rabbit, the kind with no stuffing (because those he rips appart to eat the innards, and that makes for some bad poops). We wonder if he thinks this is an animal that he has killed, and that is the one he likes to suck on the most.

We also have a cat, and she knows which toys they like the best. She either takes them and hides them under the couch where they can't get them, or she brings them upstairs at night and leaves them at the foot of the bed as an offering to the pugs at night.
Timmy is still a puppy but his showing some weird behavior that makes us laugh a lot. He loves to dress up, he even put his paws so we can get the shirts easier...LOL. He loves to smell my face...I guess that's cause my perfume is a lil fruity and he likes fruity scents. He also loves to eat my hair if I'm leaning against him which I HATE! Haha!
I think he smells a lil like onion rings but I spray him with a fruity cologne that helps me mask that weird smell...lol
He can run to try and get his tail till he gets dizzy...and of course he follows me around everywhere I go...EVERYWHERE!!
Oh yes, our pugs are followers! They will follow you wherever you go...especially the kitchen!
When I lay on the floor Yedi brings her toy and literally puts it in my hand to throw it for her. If I move my hand she will pick her toy back up and walk to where my hand is and put it in there again. We play fetch forever!!! After I get tired of throwing it and stop. She will literally put the toy ON my face because she knows I have to throw it or leave it on my face. She's a smart little monster!!
my max looks like twiggy. The whole family is crazy over him. He sleeps on my bed at night. My daughter says when i leave for work he whines which breaks my heart. But max has someone with him at all times. He loves going for his walks. He is the sweetest little dog. Max is the first little pug i have ever owned. I didnt realize how sweet these little dogs are. Lois


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