Just recently my pug Toad has been getting repeated pimples on his face- They usually get a little bit of pus in them, which look quite sore. I wipe his face daily as he does tend to get his face into absolutely everything:) but they still appear. Does anyone have any tips or suggestion how i can stop these appearing?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Candy, I had the same problem with my little boy and I finally took him to the vet after doing alot of research. Turns out that the pimples are a form of allery. It's tough and very expensive to find out exactly what he is allergic to so I started by switching his food to one with no chicken and less fillers( all are supposedly known for causing allergic reactions). But then I noticed at certain times his pimples would get worse and itch alot more so we are thinking it's seasonal too. From what I've read Pugs are known to be allergic dogs. So after a few vet trips we now have Duncan on hydroxine which is like benadryl which also works well and medicated wipes. It's an ongoin thing, but anything to take care of our babies, right?? Good Luck Oh does he seem to be scratching at them at all? If not they may not be too bad but just try to take notice if he does, it's really uncomfortable for them. Hope everything works out for you and Toad:)
Thanks for the advice, i do primarily feed him dry mixed with raw minced beef which he really enjoys. he doesn't itch his face, but 1 of the spots he has at the moment is quite hard, almost like theres an ingrown hair underneath it. Hmmm, it seems as though a trip to the vets is in order!
Hi Candice: Our pug Mona, has been suffering from pimples on her face.
It has driven "all of us" crazy. She has been wearing an Elizabethan collar every time we can not watch her to prevent her from scratching.
We read that dogs get pimples on their faces as teenagers do. We are trying to find if is an allergy issue to discard the "teenage issue".
She is on a diet of Venison and potatoes, no treats, no human food, but still she scratches different times of the day.
We have a long way to go to find out what is causing this pimples.
They are a pain on the face of our little girl. Sure we will like to see how to get rid of them. The Vet is trying hard to help us on this problem.
We have an 8 month old boy named Oscar and he started to get them as well. We took him to his vet, since we were worried too, and he said it's very common for "teenaged" pugs. He said that Oscar will grow out of it just as any other teenager of whatever species. Just to be on the safe side, the vet gave him antibiotics for ten days. Does that help?
We are so glad..... we "finally" found someone who talks about this "pugs teenage pimples thing". Does Oscar scratches badly? It did help a lot when Mona our pug, was put on antibiotics but eventually the pimples came back. The Vet is trying to find out if it is an allergy issue without going into a long and expensive allergy treatment. I will post a picture of Mona "and her pimples" to be able to compare our "pimples problems".
4 out of 5 of my pugs get pimples, in fact Freeway has one now. I run a pug group in my town with about 100 members (pugs)and almost all of the members get these pimples. After a few members went to the vet we all learned it is just something our little babies get. I do know that pugs are Very allergic dogs. But have not heard of these pimples being linked to allergies. They come and go as they please it seems. My pugs do not itch at them at all, they don't even seem to know they are there.
Hi Tony, thank you so much for your comment. It gives us some hope that "sooner or later" our pug will get over this problem. But "our problem" is that she wants to scratch them "almost all the time".
I guess, we will have to keep watching her all the time, as we have been doing already. The moment we let her go free, she hides under a chair or goes to a corner to scratch. However she understand the command "no scratch", so when we catch her... she just stops. You would laugh as sometimes she just looks at her leg still moving like saying.... let me scratch!!!!!
Our little Lady had 2 "pimples" on the top of her head. I read about them and they sounded pretty common. Since they didn't seem to bother her at all, we let them be for about a week and they just went away. There's no sign of them now. I hope they don't become a big problem. She's only 6 months old.
Hey Candy, one of our pugs gets those also. In fact when we got her from the breeder she had one. The breeder said they are quite common. I can't stand it when she gets them, she at one time had about 3 at the same time. My vet told me to wipe them with stridex pads. Just keep it away from their eyes. It seemed to help and she hasn't had one in a long time.
Hi Candy

The pimples are caused by constant "drooling". The hair follicles get infected.These pimples usualy disappear of their own accord without treatment but Aqueous cream cream does wonders! You can buy cream from the vet with some Cortisone added - but you don't need it. Plain hand or face cream, once a day should do the trick!
hi candice. my pug skittles get pimples all the time.. my vet said to keep her face wrinkles really clean.. i use these dog hygiene wipes..OUT! brand. i got them at walmart by the doggie diapers cuz theyre really gentle on their skin and safe to use on their faces. and the work really good. she hasnt had them in a while.. and her face smells good..:)


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