My husband and I really want to get a couple of pugs but hear that they moult rather a lot and aren't ideal for somebody with asthma? I heard that male's moult less than females; can anybody enlighten me? Getting a pug is obviously not a reversible step so it would be very helpful to clarify if their fur/epithelial cells do spark asthma attacks. Thank yooooou!

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hi, my friend has got asthma and my pug can be around him at any time without any signs of asthma. my boyfriend is really allergic to cats and some dogs as well,but with our pug nothing wrong is happening.wish you good luck.
Hey Kasia,

I really appreciate you letting me know this :-) We really want a pug so this comes as most pleasing news.

Have a fabulous Christmas and New Year.

Lady Lu x
My pug Stanley lives inside all the time and even sleeps on our bed and sits on our couch, I don't find his hair a problem. He doesn't shed nearly as much as our other dog.

My 12 year old son has asthma and we have had our pug for about 4 months now and his symptoms have not changed at all. He still takes his twice daily Asmanex and he hasn't had to use his rescue inhaler any more than he normally does. I'm sure if you ask him he would use his inhaler when he needed to just as long as we have our wonderful pug. Although it really doesn't seem to have affected his asthma at all. Good luck!
Guys, thank you so much! And what a couple of cuties, your son and the pug :-) This is great news. Much obliged! Lady Lu X
i might be getting a pug 4 christmas
but my 6 year old brother has asthma
but i really want one
Pugs are great dogs, but the Fawn Pugs do shed quite a bit, now I do not have asthma so obviously I would take advice from the people who do have and do not seem to be affected. The people who have Black Pugs say that their dogs do not shed as much as Fawns, so perhaps that might be a way to go. I know that there are products which can be sprayed on the dogs fur which prevents the items which cause the problem, it is the dander and not the hair which is the main problem. Also if you damp dust (as you probably do already) this helps with the problem. The other great thing about Pugs, is generally their laid back attitude to living and gosh how they help you relax and that probably helps with anxiety which can be associated with asthma.
My wife and I both have asthma, when we first got our pug we did find it harder to breathe and our allergies went into overdrive. I'm definitely allergic to his saliva, when he licks me it gets all itchy. We found after a couple of months our immune system kicked in and the reactions were a lot better, I guess we desensitized our selves.
So as far as dogs go for allergies/asthma there not the best, but to put a positive spin on it, we wouldn't have it any other way, pugs have some much character, such funny little characters.
BTW hes a male and he sheds like crazy !!!

Hi, both my husband and I have terrible allergies and my husband has asthma but neither of us have any problems with our puppy, Bella. I will be honest though and let you know that my allergies were a little more active when we first got her but my body adjusted to her dander in about a week. I hope you guys end up getting a pug but here's a warning...once you let one in your life, you'll forever be a pug owner! (I grew up with pugs and finally convinced my husband-who never had a pet growing up-that we needed to get a puppy pug as soon as we got our first house!) They are truly a wonderful breed :-)


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