PUG LOVERS!! Love dog apparel, but hate the cost?

I have noticed that pet apparel is very expensive and i always try to look for a bargain.

I want to tell you all about the two websites where I get all the cute apparel for my pug that you can see in the pictures on my profile.

the first website is ebay.

there is a specific way that i search on ebay. I first type in 'dog apparel', then click on 'buy now', and then on the sort drop down menu i click 'price+shipping lowest first'.  People are surprised when i tell them how much i payed for a little panda sweater or a super man shirt. At the begining there will be a lot of ties and bows since they are under a dollar but if you keep scrolling through the items you begin to see shirts and other things. here is a link to a great item that i have purchased before and the quality is great.

addidog sweater

chain shirt

BUT BEWARE!!! most of these things come from China so their sizes are way smaller. Every time you click on an item, if you scroll down, you should be able to find the size chart.

another great item to get on ebay, that is just way to expensive in the states, are nail caps. I just purchased some and am still waiting for them so i haven't had a chance to try them yet, but for just over 1$ for a pack of 20 how could i not buy them.  nail caps

There is one catch! Since the items are so cheap and most have free shipping, it takes about 1 month for them to arrive. I have had instances where things arrive sooner than expected and others where they took longer than i had hoped for. But then again, they are soooooo cheap that i can't be mad.

Another great website is www.petedge.com

this is a whole sale website but you can buy single items as long as your total is 60$. they have really great items and often have many on sale.

for example, i just saw this awesome dinosaur costume on sale for 0.99 !!!!! dino costume

its the perfect website for ones pet needs. it has everything and the quality is great.  if you go to the website you might be able to see some of the items my pug is wearing in her pictures.

These are my to go to websites. I hope you all take a look an them.

if you also know of some great resources, please reply here and share the knowledge!

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I am smiling at this, I cannot buy Hektor anything, nothing fits, he got a coat via his Auntie and cousin but it was too big, and the regular sizes are too small. I had a job getting him a t-shirt for the summer to keep him cool and ended up with a boxer size. I did say he was big, we met a little Pug and I do mean a little Pug a few weeks ago and I actually thought he was around 11 weeks and was shocked to be told he was 5 months. I do not know what breeders are doing with the Pug here in Britain, but most of them should be shot.

Out clothing is not too expensive but most seem to fit Chihuahua's rather than Pugs, so if you are so inclined then Ebay seems to be about the only place.

Lady looks beautiful in hers, Hektor got a sweater when he was really small, I did manage a photograph before he got out of it, Houdini had nothing on him, 12 weeks and an escape artist.

I agree, pugs seem to be getting smaller, but then again, what isn't? Everyone seems to want to carry the world in their pocket. 

My pug is only 'small' in body mass. She has a small head, a long lean body, and long legs. I think she was meant to be a dog model with her freakishly long legs. hahaha

right now she is 11in tall from her back to the floor, 11in long from her neck to her bum, and 15in wide across her chest. Maybe she is from the amazon hahaha

Next time you think of getting Hektor something make sure you find a size chart for the item and measure him. I did the mistake of buying something that ended up being way too small.

She is a bit on the high side but better on the lean than the plump. We always say that because Hektor is half American, his Dad came from Ohio, everything is bigger there. He stands head and shoulders over every Pug we meet and he is long as well but in proportion. Have a wee look at his photo's he is quite handsome though I say it myself. I bet Lady gets her proper Pug look as she gets older, they all do. My Friend Di,here has two, Linus looked like Lady but he is getting older and beginning to put on a bit of weight. Lizzy is petite and always has been.


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