Please keep Pixie in prayer.  Something happened to her today and we still don't know what.  She was sitting on the little sofa in our kitchen and was looking all dizzy and couldn't keep her head from wobbling.  We were just getting ready to go for a walk with her and Ginger.  Normally when we get the harness's and leash's she goes crazy but she act very calm.  We still didn't know anything was really wrong and took them for a walk.  She did fine on the walk but when we got home she started wobbling and flopped down on her hiney.  She started acting real lethargic and seemed to have lost her coordination.  She didn't want you to touch her head.  James as I have mentioned is the more excitable of the two of us with these things and her took her immediately to the emergency vet as it was after normal vet hours.  Normally in the car she is all hyper and barking but she just layed there and did nothing.  Once at the emergency vet the did blood work and gave her an exam.  They said she could have had a seizure.  For some reason her nose was busted and we have no idea how that might have happened.  They really are not sure what is going on with her.  They are keeping her over night for observation.  She was still acting lethargic when James left.  We are gonna call and ck on her before we go to bed.  Hopefully when we pick her up in the morning they will know more.  Does any of this sound familiar to any of you?  Does this sound like a seizure?  We never saw her do anything out of the ordinary.  She just became like dizzy acting and lethargic.  Any info is much appreciated.


Pug Chick

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Also meant to tell everyone that while James was at the vet hospital a man came in with a puppy he had found on the side of the road.  It was extremely emaciated.  He wanted to leave it at the vet but they told him he could not.  They checked it over and said it was somewhere around 4 months old and probably a pit/lab mix or pit/greyhound mix.  Seemed to be ok other than starved.  Any how the guy said he had eight dogs at home and could not take it with him.  So what does James do but tell the guy to bring it to OUR HOUSE!!  So the little girl was brought here but I called our neighbor that is a dog lover and ask if they could keep her over night. She was so skinny that she slipped right thru our fenced in area.  Plus with all that was going on with Pixie I was just not in any shape to deal with her.  I have a call in to our humane society that I volunteer with and am waiting on them to call me back.  I'm sure they will take her.  My neighbor just lost one of their dogs so who knows maybe they will bond with this little one.

Ahhhh I'm so sorry to hear that I can't imagine how you must feel I hate not knowing! This happened once to Sasha when she was a puppy but she had a concussion I came home from work and she was sooo excited she ran around the corner and into a wall! Can u believe the vet was assuming we hit her!!!!! Kept her overnight iwas awake all night of course amd next morning she was fine! Maybe she bunked her nose??

Pug hugs and prayers,

Christine Sasha and Sophie!

Oh Terri..(im praying for it to be nothing bad with Pixie.How strange about her nose?Maybe she fell off of something and has a coccusion and thats why her nose was injured?I know you probably did a bunch of googleing tonight to shed some light on what it might be.I cant beleive all our pugs around here lately,Bellas glaucoma,Mooshes bee sting,Jades yeast and now she has an infected toe.:(Another trip to the vet after Bellas $225.00 monday visit.I will be here early tom. to check on her update..sending healing thoughts for her as you know i love the black pug girls..Hope you and hubby can get a little sleep tonight too.

Oh boy all this bad news with our loved ones is starting to get to be too much.  I hope your little pixie is alright!  I'll be thinking of her.

oh my i'm sorry please keep us updated poor baby you take care of yourself many prayers being sent.

Oh Terri I am really sorry to hear this about Pixie. This is a difficult one to call. When Angus had his seizure it was a great big one. He slipped off the sofa and was writhing about, he also lost control of his bowels etc. It could be a small seizure which can happen almost unnoticed except by people who know the animal, but did this maybe happen out of sight of you specially when her nose was busted. Could she have ran into something outside?

Please keep us informed as to how she is doing, she is so precious to all of us.

Thank you everyone for all your good thought and prayers. Pixie is now home and recovering.  She stayed at the ER all night getting IV fluids and being observed.  To the best the ER vet can deduce they think she must have eaten something toxic outside.  James said when he took them all out yesterday afternoon they all ran to a certain spot in the woods and Pixie was eating something.  It wasn't long after that that she started acting funny.  They said the fluids would help flush whatever it was out and by this morning she was acting more like herself.  They said she would be very tired today and sleep most of the time which she is attempting to do but there is WAAAAY to much excitement going on around here.  Remember I mentioned the puppy James brought home or had sent home from the ER.  Well I got my neighbor to take it for the night.  It actually slept in the bed with him...LOL  He is so tender hearted.  Anyhow he has three other dogs and they were NOT pleased to say the least.  Since he and his wife both work he brought it back over here this morning.  It is now in our garage as it can slip thru our fence it's so skinny.  So the Pugsonians are FREAKING OUT!!!!!!  They know she is out there and it is pure pandemonium here.  I got in touch with the lady who runs our local humane society and she said that they cannot take anything that has any pit in it.  She is going to come by today and look at her.  She did say that she knew other groups that would take her and she will call around.  But I just got an update from James and the neighbor that had her last night called and he knows someone that may want her.  They are coming by this afternoon to look at her.  YEA!!!  This is just way to much activity for me this early in the morning...LOL  I will update more on both situations later.  Thank ya'll for all the prayers and concern.  So glad I have a place to talk about all this.

Hope everything turns out ok for your Pixie. I would take the pup for a while till it could get a new home.

Not sure where you live. Love, Hugs and prayer for Pixie.

Wow, lots of crazy stuff!  Glad to hear Pixie is doing better and I hope all works out well with the puppy!

So glad to hear all is well so great you guys took that dog home to pugomonium how fun!!! Get better pixie and hope you can find doggy a home:-)

OMG Terri I'm SO SO sorry to hear what hpnd.!!!  I can't even imagine the panic and scare you had and so glad she is home and well.  I'm sorry I'm not seeing this until now.  Glad to hear it doesn't sound like anything serious.  All they do is make us worry and get into mischief, huh?  Poor girl!  I'll continue to keep her in my prayers and please keep us posted on her progress.  About the puppy - how sad.  You are right though - maybe you were at the vet at the right time and he will be a perfect match for your neighbor. 

Best wishes to Pixie for a fast recovery & try not to fret too much PC. Give her space and let her heal, give lots of hugs and kisses when she'll accept them.


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