NEED HELP : Realiable clicnic for pug skin problem

Hi there , my name is Tannie Tam from Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

Do u guys and gals have any good clinic to recommend. Actually i am staying in Seri Petaling and hoping to get a really good and reliable clinic for my pug.

My pug is having skin problem , she seems to b very itchy. As i notice , she also starting to have fungal at areas near her mouth and also her legs. I've try the Seri Petaling clinic as alot of dogs owners recommend me. I did find out that the doctor is good but he is not really good at pug. The doctor only can cure my pug for a short time onli , and then the problem start to come back. I WANT TO CURE MY PUG FOR GOOD.

The bad thing is , there is a pet shop selling all the accessories just few shops away from the clinic told me that this doctor will not cure pets for good. "boink" then when i think about it, i understand what this all mean.

I also did change alot of biscuits for her but it seems like is not helping her much. Now i fed her with those special skin sensitive biscuits.

Is there any good pet clinic is good at pug , lets say like nearby to Kuchai Lama , Cheras or Tmn Desa ?


Tannie Tam

012-3355 352

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The wee woman :
I usually bath her once a week coz she is most in the house all the time


Not to bathe your pug in salt water, as salt can induces vomitting. But can use cotton wool to rub on affected areas or used saline water is good. never let them lick after rubbing pls remember to put them on collar.


As per yr advice feed him brown rice and will switch to lamb and also used Malaseb shampoo to bath him. (rub him with salt during bath also).....after dry spray ACV mixed with water on infected area....less scratch but still lick on the paw side....nvr try pricly heat powder...will try...
His body look mark with less furr (small portion)...leg -some of the pink ball change to black colour but the dark skin colour so far no improvement yet...i hope he recover soon.
Feed him yogurt and ACV sure the result yet....
tks for the advice again...

Jen , ur pug seems more serious than mine. 

Mine is recovering de , not too bad. i just wan her to recover more and live healthy. 

u can try to give ur pug some fish oil , it really helps. 

keep in touch 

tks Tannie....noted will feed with fish oil today....i pay him less attention recently due to just adopted another boy (Pug) back home about 3 mth ago.....

i hope my Toto get well soon...tks 4 d advice....

  Yes Tannie as for the pugs i adopted were very bad skin, i guessed thats the reason they were abandoned by their previous owners. Anyway i had tried fish oil too but not all of them can eat fish too.  Now their skin are under controlled and having new furs growned, i'm delighted with these. 


  JT Liew, dont rub salt alone must mix with warm water, unless if saline water then you don't need to mix water. 

For my pug , she loves fish oil. She will do anything i ask her just for me to treat her the fish oil. But is just twice a day n it works for my pug.

Give more attention to ur pets , they will fell ur love

Dear All,


My boy Toto..recovered from the yeast infection oledy....tks for the usefull info......

Well here is my cure.

Skin Yeast Infection

What may seem like an allergy causing your dog to scratch excessively may be a yeast infection of the skin. Chlorhexidine shampoos, shampoos containing benzoyl peroxide and sulphur, or shampoos containing ketoconazole may be used to treat yeast infected skin. For localised skin problems, a miconazole cream applied twice a day for a few weeks may do the trick. An oral medication called itraconazole can be obtained from a veterinarian for dogs who are resistant to topical treatment.

I have found an Athletes Foot cream which contains Miconazole which is working well on mine. If you have a serious fungal infection you need to get them off anything which contains cereal, anything which is sweet and feeds the yeast. My Vet has proved not to be my salvation and I have had to look for my own solutions.

Look on the internet and search for Yeast Infections in Dogs. You will be amazed by the amount of information you will find, Not all work for all dogs, but if you go down this road, one item at a time and not too many changes at once,

One other thing by all means rinse with something like a dilute mixture of either white vinegar, rice would do very nicely, or lemon or bicarbonate after bathing.


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