Hi there my 11 wk old baby won't eat from her dish.....she wants me to tip it on the tiles? She is on dry food and can be fussy... X

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I seem to remember my pug puppies both being fussy eaters.  They love treats and human food, but proper puppy food they try and hold out on a hunger strike sometimes! :)  My new guy is also trying to hold out and steal his big sister's food.  And she wants his puppy food! :)

Maybe put the food on a plate, maybe she doesn't like putting her face all the way into a bowl?  I feed my dogs off of a paper plate each time, I'm too lazy to wash dishes. :)  The adults get home made food I make in a big batch and then freeze into individual zip lock bags.

That's great....I'm guna try paper plates tmrw :)

Also all of my dogs have at one time or the other decided that moving their food off the plate first and onto the flood is a good idea.  I hate it when they do this when eating on my bed! :)  But that's my fault for letting them eat on the bed. :)

For some reason dogs like to eat off the floor?

Could be she is afraid of the plate or bowl that you are using, you might want to try another kind.

I've tried several di......I think she is spoiled as I tried human food in it and she soon ate it then??!!! Xx

Ahh now that's different.  All my puppies have always been picky eaters.  What I do now for my newest little guy is put a little of Kloe's food into his dish and he eats his puppy food all up.  I make Kloe's food by hand, beef, rice, veggies, supplements. so its basically people food.  With Kloe and my first pug Zoe when it got really hard to make them eat their puppy food I would cook an egg up or some meat and put it in with the puppy food.

Aww those puggies and being spoiled, they all are in many ways  LOL

I was going to suggest a really big bowl, all my Pugs have had super sized ones. Pugs have to push food around a bit with their short noses and I know mine always preferred it.


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