I got my little fur baby on Wednesday and ever since he's been glued to my side won't let anyone else hold him cries if I go to another room he isn't sleeping properly as if I move he follows immediately is this normal behaviour or should I do something to help him he's 5 months old not been crate trained was thinking of trying this soon

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I'd do some research on the internet, there must be some trainers that talk about separation anxiety and how to help with it?  I think its a common problem, but your little guy might be a little more obsessed.  I remember my first pug was like this, but luckily when I went to work she had my mom to be with so it seemed to work out.  Your little guy is very new so its going to take him some time to get used to others.  I would imagine trainers would say get others to give him treats, not just yourself.  Get them to help walk him, etc.  And don't forget its very important for dogs to meet other dogs so they learn to behave properly, although if he hasn't had all his shots yet I think you are supposed to be careful so he doesn't catch something from other dogs.  Get him to play with children also and to learn bite inhibition.  Thats what he would be doing if he was still with his littermates.  I've never crate trained, but it is supposed to be a good thing for dogs so they have a place they can go that they feel is safe.  I like having my dogs in bed with me too much so I never bothered with create training. :)  I've even got a set of stairs next to the bed for when my dogs were getting older and they couldn't jump up or down.  Now my new young dogs use the stairs all the time, works great!

Hopefully someone here will have some better answers for you.

Don't forget to post lots of pics here!  We love pug pictures.

Okay as someone with a do with separation anxiety I will tell you what  and what not to do, because I did it all wrong. First get yourself a crate, it isn't cruel and will give him and you peace. It gives a dog a safe haven. I am not suggesting you shove him into it and forget him, but break him in gently. It should be his place of safety, his playground, the place he goes to sleep and the place you can leave him when you cannot have him with you.  You need to pop his dinner into the crate and encourage him first to eat there, the next step is to put his sleeping stuff in there with a toy or two. Once he seems quite happy, this is when you shut the gate and pop next door for five or ten minutes. Do not make a fuss over going, just  quietly go. When you come back and you must stop running in and taking him out and making a fuss, it should be a matter of fact return even if he is crying. Continue with this for longer and longer periods, they do not have a watch.

My latest dog was crate trained and I have to say he is a different dog for it. I remember having had him over a week and by the Saturday he was the fiend from hell, he was biting for no reason and not so much barking but the biting was about all we could take. I put him and his box, I had a nylon zip up which was not too big for him, well I put him into the dining room in the dark and when I popped my head round later the wee soul was fast asleep, that is what he needed. He was after that always put into a dark room to sleep until he got old enough to sleep anywhere.

We always put him into his box if we were going out and now Hektor is a big boy of seven and he knows if I say I am off to the shops and he cannot come, he jumps onto HIS sofa and is generally sound asleep when we get home.

Now I will tell you all the wrong things I did with Angus my youngest of the previous two, I babied him, when I was in he was cuddled and made a fuss of, I had to leave him and I made a rod for my back by my behaviour. I tolerated over ten years of two dogs peeing in the house, I needed help and I did not seek it. You have to give Frankie the confidence to live separately from you, he will always be a loving Pug, mine is, cuddled right up beside me as I type. HE has to see you in charge of him and now is the time to start.

I would also say you have to let others in the house hold him and feed him, he will be glued to you forever and you too need time off.

If you need any other information please do not hesitate to ask. I hope some of this helps. So many people are anti crate and think it is cruel, what is cruel is having a dog so unhappy that as one gentleman said his thirteen year old mongrel eats the walls.

Thank you for the help I shall try anything I enjoy the cuddles and he sleeps with me I don't mind that just a pee break without cries would be nice lol xx

Mine is almost 5 months now and what really helped with was putting his nice soft bed inside the crate along with his favorite stuffed animal (an english bulldog, ha!). At first he would still whine to sleep on the bed with me (my husband doesn't like hair on the bed... sob) but now his bed in the crate is where he will always go. He knows that when I'm sweeping or moping the floor, he will be put in the crate as well and he deals with it quite well.

While husband and I are at work we let him roam our appartment as he only has access to the living room and kitchen and he seems to be doing ok. Of course when I'm home he will follow me EVERYWHERE! He'll sit on my feet while I'm preparing dinner, doing the dishes, eating, using the toilet etc. He'll sit on the bathroom rug while I'm taking a shower but when husband comes in for his shower he knows he'd better exit the bathroom as daddy doesn't like to be watched in the bathroom, ha!


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