Someone broke into my mother's home in Duncanville and stole Harley!! My heart is broken... the tears keep on coming.... we looked around the neighborhood. Please pray for my baby, I can't do this, it hurts so much.  Harley come home, please come back home to me. 


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I am so happy you gave a home to Bella...she needs you...still praying that things will work out for Harley..

You are a dear soul..God Bless You...

I might have found your pug. I had a beautiful, friendly female pug come up to me in Oak Cliff. She goes nuts when I call her Harley or Puggy. I've been googling, craigslisting and facebooking my heart out trying to find her family. I've called the 215 number I found and even texted the number changing the 215 to a local area code. This dog has a unique identifying marker. I hope this is your dog because my heart has been breaking trying to get in contact with you. PM me so we can see if this is Harley.

Hi, what is the unique identifying marker? Is it a tiny clip on her ear? Or a lump on her eye? I'm so sorry about the mix up with the numbers.

Hey Pugslife friends, the pug Summer found was not Harley, even so I am grateful for her compassion. An update of sorts, we're considering adopting another pug. But first, let me say that the past two days have been weighing on my mind in the decision. 

Yesterday, I checked my voicemail messages. The signs are still up for Harley at the grocery store. Thank goodness! Well someone called me, they said they saw a pug running around an area of Duncanville near Davis and Main Street with a pink collar. My mother said that she'll go look around for me, but I don't really know what good that will do considering she doesn't really know what to look for and the pug running around was probably picked up by now. Also, the person said the dog "looked like the dog in the poster", so I'm not really sure if it is a reliable source considering there can be mix ups with regards to appearance. 


Then today Summer kind-heartedly contacted me in an effort to find out if the pug she found was Harley. I don't know if this is just me thinking too much into it, but two months pass and then in two days two people report a pug (or dog resembling a pug in the case of the man who left the message on my phone)? (Actually, it was two days after 2 months exactly, wow that is something.)


I am living life with the gifts Harley helped me find in myself, the realization that if I put my mind to it I can do so much and the new found determination to accomplish and acquire what I truly desire. All the hard work and energy it took to look for Harley, I didn't know I had it in me. The cold days spent scanning the neighborhood, shaking off exhaustion and apprehension going up to total strangers,  putting up all the signs only to face the devastation of seeing them taken down so soon, the scouring of the internet to find a pug matching my Harley's description and posting for her, and all the emotional and mental determination it took to not give up. I know I can do what I set my mind to, even though this endeavor to find my dog is seeming like a losing battle. I've also learned to be move on, and pursue a life I want with Bella. Harley's memory did not allow me to give into hate and anger, even though the temptation was there, and it didn't allow me to give into fear of lost when it came to adopting Bella. I did say goodbye,  but I didn't give up. These past two days have made me realize that I'm not giving up. I might not be out there looking everyday, or spending my time in mourning over a lost little friend, but I have yet to give up. I am realistic, yeah she probably isn't coming back, we are most likely never going to find her, I have to live with that. Bella is my pug now, her happiness can't be compromised because of my loss. But truth be told, I will always have faith that there is that chance, even if it is minuscule, I will hold onto hope, because right when I thought all was lost, or faded away, life says to hold on because there is still reason to. I will always hold Harley in my heart, even if I never hold her in my arms.

You are an amazing and brave young lady Desiree.
Unfortunately, this pug wasn't Harley as Desiree said. I took her to a vet and had her scanned, she isn't chipped. :( I feel blessed that she found me because in my neighborhood she would be bred out and I won't let that happen. I'm keeping my craigslist ad up and posted to a pug rescue local to me. As of right now, I'm heartbroken because I had 2 people that I thought she may have belonged to and I feel like I got their hopes up. The brightside of this is, my kids have a pug (and she's housetrained!!) and I have a pug to love. We are naming her Puggy :) 

Puggy is a cute name and I bet your kids are just loving her.  Everything happens for a reason ... right?  :)

Well, congratulations are in order - yippeee.

Growing up we have found a black pug whom we named Puggy that had been running down the street after a moving van - apparently abandoned.  She was such a sweet little puggy girl - I still have a picture of her up on my bulletin board with our Miniature Schnauzer and my brothers dog we had.


Dennis in San Diego

That's so sad :( pugs have so much love
I agree with you Summer, no offense to people who live in Oak Cliff, I lived there most of my life and went to Molina High school, and also live there when I go home for vacation, but I have to admit that one of the things that comforted me when Harley went missing was that she was spayed and couldn't make someone money by making puppies.Thank you for being a guardian angel to the little pug. You got our hopes up, but you also made us realize that people are there who care :)


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