My 5 month old pug is starting to be mean toward my son

I need help.  My 5 moth old Dexter is starting to act grouchy and snappy toward my 7 yr old son, when he tries to play with him.  Not all the time, but it really makes me mad, because the main reason i bought a pug is because I read they are great with children.  Any tips would be appreciated:)

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Oh and let me mention, my son is very gentle and loving toward the puppy, so fear can't be the issue.
I think fixing them is supposed to mellow them out. He also might be getting to the point where he's becoming possessive of you. Good luck!!
I got him fixed about a month ago and he hasn't mellowed out yet...LOL!!!!!!! I think you may be right about him being possesive, if i pay any attention to our pekingnese, he has a fit. I think I'm going to attend some free training @ our local Petco. Thanks for your advice=0
He is adorable, what a cute little face. Try the obedience training its pretty important, and make sure you keep him socialized, I think with the obedience training the whole family should participate, the dogs will learn their order within the family. Pugs are very sweet dogs but very stubborn too and with the training they learn what their correct behavior is supposed to be. Just as a suggestion you might want to make sure the dog is not snapping because its in some sort of pain. I am only saying it because our Pug Lucy had a luxating patela and was in alot of pain and we had no idea. She didn't snap but she had no appetite and she slept all the time as a puppy so she went for quite awhile without us even realizing it till she started limping really bad. We just thought she didn't like her food, so sometimes there is an underlying problem that you don't see at first.
Lucy still challenges me everyday, and I am not kidding, my co workers laugh at the stuff she does to me, but she will push the envelope everyday to see what she can get away with and she is 9 years old. This weekend she already chewed the cover of my new book I got for mothers day.
All dogs have the potential to tolerate children, its not necessarily breed specific. It all depends on the upbringing and socialisation it has.. Also the dogs temperament plays a part.

Remember, Pugs are small, from their point of view you are massive, you tower over them. Say, if your child was standing infront of your Pug, he leaned over..smiling...looking in her eyes with his hand slowly reaching over her head it WILL make her nervous or snappy.

Think about it, if a dog was to stare and show its teeth at another dog that would be aggression and a threat, and to your dog thats just what it is. You'll see what i mean about the hand if you were to lie on the floor and have someone tower over you with their hand reaching over to your head. It would be a bit creepy, no?

Dogs have a space bubble just like we do. Sometimes dogs just want to be left alone. What type of growl is it? A Playful one? is the snapping just playbiting or actual "Im warning you, back off" kind of snap?

ETA: Remember, Pugs should be treated like any other dog - Obedience is very important, Boundaries need to be set, no pulling on walks. I try not to let Milo walk through doors or up/down stairs or cross the road before me, I treat him fairly but make sure he understands hes not in charge, he respects my space and never jumps onto me whilst im eating or just sitting etc. Hell sit and watch me until i invite him onto my lap, still then hell never go crazy or playbite (he will with my family though). Boundaries can include things like making the dog sit and wait outside the kitchen while you prepare food or eat dinner in the dining room etc. Its important to have some kind of rules in your pack :p It's best to start laying down the rules now, you dont need to use force or abuse to make a dog understand whos in charge, so its easy. Its best to do it now before this dog becomes a 'teenage' dog. They will start testing you and their boundaries then so you have to be more firm and consistent. So, if there are no rules anyway things can get out of hand..
Sophie, young have gained some very good and useful knowledge, you have impressed me!
Ehh, i learnt from experience. My mum bought a Shih tzu when i was 8 years old. She had no idea about dogs. It was always quite aggressive from a young age.. like..11 weeks old. Would bite our faces if we got near it and it split my brothers lip. But of course she didnt understand dogs and to be fair neither did we and it took over the house, she couldnt even sit on the sofa or get in her own bed without getting attacked. So, last year i took what little knowledge i had at the time and made progress with him.. He was quite relaxed and happy and wasnt pulling his fur out. But then he just turnt one day when i was training him and milo and he tried to attack milo then attacked my hand (that was in january 2010) i still have the scar..Anyways, hes gone now. He didnt deserve to go, the vet kept telling my mum it was the best thing to do because it couldnt be corrected, which i know wasnt true.. Now ive been trying to get as much knowledge as i can to prevent anything like that happening again..For the first time ever i actually made progress with him he sat on my lap and licked me, that was the first time in 8 years that we owned him. Oh well... Nothing i said could change my mums mind. He could have been a good dog, i think.
Unfortunately there are times that useful knowledge is gained by difficult means. The salient point is; you have learned, understood the learning and are practicing that learning, so good has come of it.
Wow..thanks everyone for the input...You all have made very valid points and I will work on this. another ?? obidience training expensive?? I have some $$ i can spend on training, but not too much...any suggestions?
The class i went to was £54 for a 6 week course per dog. Try to look out for good trainers if you do go to a class. A 'trainer' in my area believes in hitting dogs and had a go at Milo saying that he would turn nasty because he was playbowing. Idiot. She hit someone elses dog on the back and they never went back, neither did we. We found a good trainer. I already knew all of the stuff she used in classes, however i just went for the socialisation so Milo and peawee could play with children and puppies. Have a good look around for classes.
Hitting a dog is not an option and especially one I would not tolerate. It solves nothing but causes fear and that is the result you will get. If you do not find any classes near you or cannot afford them, look for a book. Most people have heard of the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan. He is pretty famous in the U.S.A. He has quiet a few books out about training and dog behavior. I think his book could be really helpful for you. I just checked on and his book Cesar's Way , there are 109 used copies starting at about $4. It's a really good investment. I think you would probably learn more by reading the book than from the Trainer that hits the dogs. It's horrible to say but it would be hard for me not to hit back. :)
Maybe it is why so many people hit their dogs and pull them around by the scruff around my area since she is the only so called trainer close to home, hey, somebody even picked up their adult dog by the scruff and carried it and it yelped like crazy. Such a shame shes even allowed to have her own classes.. dogs dont need to be hurt like that.


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