My pug is almost 5 months now and we're heading into full swing hot season. I've begun to notice that the hair on his head has been thinning considerably. When I take him out for his daily walks the skin under starts to get a little pinkish. Is this just because of the heat or should I be worried? The temperature can go up to 46C during the day and will get even hotter in the middle of summer. Help

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Hi Sharon, gosh you must be fed up with me. I reckon heat, Pugs cannot take it, only take him out late in the evening and only for short walks. Soak a t-shirt for him and keep him out of the sun, he will be shedding his coat for the heat.

My Hektor could never survive those temps, he has an Arctic coat most of the time, Husband says how can he keep losing hair at the rate he does without going bald, well when you have a double coat it is easy. We can only see his skin from the belly, round his back not a chance.

Angus was my Sun Baby and he gave himself sunstroke on a holiday to Ireland and I had to put him in the shower to get his temperature down.

Lol, not at all. Please keep posting :)

I take him out at 6:30am and then again at 6:30pm for short 10-15min walks. There is hardly any sun during those times but it's still hot so I carry water with me for him to drink when he wants to. His neck (and back) is still bushy as ever but his head has lost a lot and his leg hairs are thinning as well. Is it normal for their under arms and belly to be bald?

Hektor has a great coat but it doesn't extend to his belly and that is where I can see if things are okay and a bald spot under the legs as well so don't be bothered with him not having any fur or much round there. I would have the Vet check that everything on his head is fine, no parasites for instance. Hektor has a a smooth velvet head but a good lot of fur round his neck, a wee lion is my guy. I am posting some pics my Husband took of Hektor you might see what I mean. Hektor has got hot spots which are on his shoulders and he has a bit of a problem with his neck, for years we thought he had worn a bald patch with his harness, it had a hard chest plate, but it turned into an area badly affected by his allergies. I got it clear once and then he got it shaved for the Entropion operation and that gave him access to scratching again.

I would say that the heat must be affecting his coat we always thought if we took Hektor out of Scotland his coat would have to thin, other wise he would never survive. Gets to 15C here and he is too hot.

Hope some of the rambling helps.

Oh my! Hector would have to go bald if he ever moved to these parts ;)

I'm giving Tank some medicine perscribed to me by the vet for the skin infection on his head, I'll have to wait till I get home to let you know what it's called as you may have had experience with it. It seems to be working (I've given it to him for 4 days now) but there are still 2 patches on his little forehead that are quite bald and very pink. If the pink doesn't disappear by the 26th then I may change his food as it could be allergies.

Go very carefully with his food, it has to be introduced very slowly or little Tank could become sick. All changes have to be managed even when they are grown and can start on Adult Food. Puppy food has more protein than Adult and different other things, not completely sure what but I do know that you do not want to have him upset stomachs at his age.

With Hektor I use something called Micanozole which is found in certain types of Athletes foot ointment. I thought I was the only one to use it but I met a woman with a West Highland Terrier Pup who was recommended by her breeder if her dog turned out to be like so many with skin problems. It certainly works for Hektor but then it kills off the yeast cells.  You would recognise yeast infection, little Tank would smell like a warm cookie. We were thinking at one time of calling him McVitie which is a famous biscuit baker here he smelled so much. Not so bad now but we have to watch him.

Tank sure doesn't smell that good! I would love it if he smelt like a warm cookie, ha! I haven't changed his food yet, as we're still waiting to see what will happen after a week of his current medicine.

Good luck Sharon and Tank that all works out for you, I am sure it will he is a gorgeous wee boy and I would say looking at him Sharon he is quite well bred, it may be the cause of his problems. I do not know where he came from but Pugs in the West come from fifty original dogs which is a very small gene pool.

He's origionally from Hungary. That's where most of the pets sold here are from. We did some research after taking Tank in and although we are not sure what the 'home' conditions are, we found out that the pups are taken from their mom at a very young age.

Been off the radar for a few days but thought I would update you on Tanks condition. It had gotten so much worse and he developed 2 round spots on his head that began to bubble and get puss/bleed when he would scratch it. Our vet put him on 2 rounds of medication (the second round being steroids) but his condition only worsened :'(

We decided to change vet's and go straight to the head Vet who suggested a skin scrape & full blood work check. Now we finally know that poor Tank has dermatitis mange. Apparently it is passed on by their mums who cannot contract it (being adults) but can be carriers. If the pup has contracted it from their mom at birth and they have a low immune system then it will begin to show on their skin as an infection which is what has happened. I am besides myself with pain for my poor baby. He scratches his face so bad that I've had to put a cone on him until he gets better.  

Gosh Sharon I should have recognised that, our Angus had that, needs shampoo from the Vet, and my memory is not that bad, not cheap, 6 weeks of bathing, once a week worked for Angus, with luck that may be what Tan needs. You need to invest in a baby bath as you cannot bathe him in your bath as the stuff is poisonous. Now unless they have changed the treatment and this was way back in the early nineties, you put it on and let him stand in it for a bit and then you dry him off. Good Luck, as I said Angus was lucky it worked with the six weeks, sometimes it takes more. It is called Demodectic mange, caused by a mite called Demondex, you can look it up on the internet yourself.

My heart is breaking for my poor boy. I cant stand to see him in so much anguish... I'm such a softie :(

We're on a new medication that is apparently illegal in the UK but used for this type of mange in the US. Would you remember what the name of the shampoo you used was? I'll ask the doctor to see if we have it available here. Attaching a pic (not for sensative stomachs) of how he woke me up this morning... sob...


That looks pretty sore Sharon, will have a look on line here and see what the present theories are


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