There is a serious heat wave in southern California. While taking Nalani, our two year old black pug; for a walk I bring cold water so when she looks thirsty I can offer it to her. I'm wondering if it is best to just skip her daily exercise when it is above 80 or if keeping her cool with water is good enough. I am a new pug mom and I don't want to do anything that may hurt her. I was thinking I could even bring a mist-er bottle to spray her down. Our average walk is about 4 blocks each way. Thats 8 total (to the beach and back). It takes about 30 minutes to walk her to the beach and back.

If you have any suggestions I'd appreciate it. We can't walk her at dusk because my husband and I both work. I really enjoy our walks before I have to go to work, but maybe I should stop them when we are having a heat wave. I'm just not sure how sensitive they are to heat. Any seasoned Pug owners help would be great!

Beckah and Nalani

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Hi Beckah & Nalani,

I have three pugs and I really think it depends on the individual pug. While the pug breed is unable to tolerate extreme hot & cold some pugs seems better than others when the temperature gets too warm. My pug Mushu starts to pant when the temperature reaches 70 degrees but my other two don't pant when she is panting. As a general rule for my pugs, I do start to curtail or eliminate their activities all together (depending on the temperature). I had a bad experience last summer with Mushu where I almost lost her due to the heat here in Portland. I was in the process of moving so I think stress was a factor also but she got so lethargic due to how warm it was here and I seriously thought she was going to die. I ended up putting her in the bathtub with some cool water and eventually she came back around. I don't want to ever go through that again so I am pretty careful.

I would say just watch her & keep doing what you are doing (bringing the water). If she seems too hot cut the walk short.

I to had issues with the heat with Tifa however I just got one of her T Shirts wet and put it on her to keep cool. And I would hose both of my dogs down when they dried off. Also i just threw ice cubes out for them. They both love ice cubes. And if it was to hot they would stay inside with the air conditioner going. Hope that helps. But for the walks maybe take a shorter one during the hot days.
I have never had Ziggy suffer from heat exhaustion and we used to live in Las Vegas, NV. Summer temperatures in Vegas usually reach 115-110F. I would normally take Ziggy out for a walk either in the morning or after I got home from work, when the temperatures have gone down a bit (about 100 F.) Our walks were about 40 minutes. I guess it also depends what your puggie is accustomed to.

Also, I have learned that pugs always look thirsty, which they aren't at all times. Yes, they do consume a lot of water but most of the time they are just breathing through their mouth, since they tend to have problems breathing through their nose. Hopefully this helps.

Ziggy’s Mommy
TAZ, PETRUS and Bjorn here.....HELLO!!

I would suggest either skipping the walk once the temps have gone above 80; make it a SHORT walk; OR....probably the ideal.....take NALANI on the walk once it has become dusk and the temps have gone down.

You should always take a container of water with you when you are walking in a hot environment. If there is any question as to the little one's condition, STOP THE WALK, provide some water and carry NALANI back home.

I know how hot it can get in OC and the South Bay, having lived there for over 25 years and still owning property. I did not realize you guys were having a heat wave now. Always weird weather in Southern California.

Exercise is important for any dog, but since the pug does not need it on a daily basis, if you see that the weather is HOT outside, either skip the walk for that day or do something near your home (shorter walk or some sort of play outside with NALANI's toys). It is always better to be SAFE than SORRY as the pug simply cannot cool itself like other dogs can.

There must be a previous post on here from a vet about the signs of HEAT STROKE in the Pug. We can probably find that on a search.

Just my two cents worth. We have serious heat and humidity problems in the Washington, DC area during the summer and early Fall which means that one needs to plan the walk in advance. We have alot of tree covered walking paths in my parents home area which is where I have walked TAZ and PETRUS right after I first adopted TAZ.

Just be careful not to let the little one's excitement over going on a walk make you forget that you always need to be villigent on any walk in weather > 70 to 75 degrees along with high humidity.

"Beckah": Bjorn is right.....TAZ HERE! Our "excitement" is bigger than our "cooling system" and you need to always watch out for possible overheating!! Remember to always bring a wather supply for us, even when it is not one of those HOT HOT days!!

Say hello to NALANI for us back East. NALANI, Ruff, Ruff, Snort, Snort, Arhh. Snort!"
Thanks! I do always carry water with me... Ya never know if you can rely on water being available if ya need it. Our weather has gotten much cooler. So that works for us. I will take your advise and keep the walks super short when it gets over 80.

I appreciate all the advise and being able to have people who care to talk to and bounce pug related ideas and questions. It is very nice that you take the time out of your life to help us.

Hugs for all the Pups!
We walk our girl blaze lots and we live in Florida and it gets might hot here...we got her a stroller so she can take longer walks with us and she just loves it....we let her walk some then when she gets tired she jumps in and rides the rest of the way its awesome really.....


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