Ive read the dog will have a staggered walk or seizures etc.

But then i thought it wouldnt take long to kill?

Obviously Milo has had seizures 6 (Or something similar, suspected seizures anyway)times now since Nov 09 but just now we were in the kitchen, i was on the floor with him and he got a bit wobbly and started staggering around so i thought he was probably about to collapse so i held him still for a bit and he looked a bit weak and he soon went back to normal.

Head pressing is also something associated with PDE? I know Milo will rub his head against peoples arms or clothes if he has an eyebooger but i guess thats to remove the gunk...

I just wish the Vet could find out whats happening with Milo :(

Was just on Google reading about cuases of seizures or staggering. I hate the internet. It makes me worried.

"Difficulty breathing - This is an important sign
if it happens while your dog is sleeping. Breathing may stop and
start or seem labored. Breathing problems occur when the tumor
puts pressure on the mid-brain, affecting involuntary breathing
- (He stops breathing sometimes, a little nudge can start him again or hell hack then start breathing again) But then again he is a Pug..

"Seizures - May range from partial (focal) to grand
mal. Seizures generally become worse as the tumor gets larger.
Cluster seizures (several seizures one after another over a short
period of time) may develop. If the tumor is not treated, seizures
become more and more difficult to control as the disease progresses."

- Whatever hes having has been getting more frequent..

"Personality - The dog may show unexplained aggression,
or may become docile or puppy like. He may become less affectionate,
or develop obsessive behaviors, like vocalizing, pacing, licking,
"fly-biting" or a compulsion to eat."
- He always has had some kind of licking obsession, maybe not toallyobsessed but it used to be when he was alot younger, like he would lick sofa, frabric, walls..even licked the paint off of my bedroom wall then started licking off the plaster...
Gait - Unsteadiness, stumbling or staggering. Difficulty on uneven ground or difficulty with
- Not always, but he was staggering earlier, head to one side and sort of wobbly.

Appetite - You dog may lose his desire to eat. On the other
hand, he may become ravenous. He may also forget what is edible
and what is not."
- He hasnt been eating his kibble. He probably doesnt like it, who knows.

Pain - The dog may whine, whimper or even yipe without
apparent reason. He may shake or scratch his head or rub it against
objects. The dog may choose to sleep on the floor, rather than
a bed, so that it can rest its head on the solid floor."
- Thats funny because hes been shaking his head occasionly and scratching it on the right side lately, which i thought might be an inner ear thing, guess it would explain the stumbling like slight loss of balance?

Isnt he too young for any kind of Tumour? I should probably stop googling but then i am worried about Milo. But then again, his brother did have a brain problem as a puppy and was seen by two vets for a different opinion, but he had to be euthanized?

Ahh, i hate you Google.

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Okay Sophie, if you really must, go onto Pug Dog Club of America, they have a good page on PDE. Now I doubt very much if this is what maybe wrong with Milo as I have not heard of one case of it in the UK, but I am not infallible, but it is more likely to have happened to my Hektor than to Milo as he is a first line descendant of an American Dog and that is where PDE is very active.
We always used to say if you wanted something wrong with you, here in Scotland you used to read the Sunday Post as it had a page of medical advice. Now I would blame the internet.
You really have got to get professional advice for Milo, sometimes it is nothing, sometimes it is, but at least you would know how to deal with it.
I know you live in Somerset, is there s Veterinary School in Bristol, because if there is you can ask if your Vet would refer you. Otherwise bite the bullet and ask for a referral to one in London and get him seen to. Then you can deal with whatever it is that is perhaps wrong. You are merely torturing yourself and both you and Milo deserve so much more.
Oh Sophie, I know how you must be feeling, but I think Helena is right. While the internet is useful, you'll also get information that will end up needlessly worrying you. Try searching for veterinarians near you instead. And I also agree about veterinary schools. I think it's a great idea to take him to one. They'll probably be a lot cheaper too. I used to live near a university and everyone took their pets to the university veterinary hospital. They're really good and since vets are being paid by the university to teach and run the hospital, they don't charge the patients very much.
Never thought of that, will have to search for one.
going through this with my Milo was very hard so i know how you feel ,my Milo had the typical seizures and also was acting a bit strange 6 months b4 he had to be euthanized, he would bark at complete strangers when walking he never did this b4. I suggest you find a neurologist they are the experts on neuro disease and mine did a spinal tap on my pug and it was posative for menengites the only way to tell for sure if it is PDE is to do a necropsy but I knew my Milo had it from the telltale signs of head pressing and circling mine stated out with seizures in Dec 09 then no seizures untill April 2010 I also knew he had it becus I went to take him for walk and he screamed in pain I thought he hurt his neck but this is also a sign with PDE,my vet also thought Milo had epilepsy untill the clasic signs came about I really hope you figure out if it is epilepsy or PDE or just something else but I know the waiting and reading all the info is so confusing
Been reading about it, it says "generally affect Pugs between 6 months and 7 years; however, the majority of Pugs affected are between 9 and 19 months of age"

This has been happening since Milo was 3 months & 3 weeks old. The day i got him.

How old was your Milo when he showed signs of being unwell? I dont know how you coped with losing him, i dont know what id do without my Milo, but i know i wouldnt get another Pug despite loving the breed.
my Milo was 1 1/2 years old when he had his first seizure and you say that has been happeing since your Milo was 3 months old? my Milo had some fainting spells where he would just fall over and go stiff and then get back up again this happened 2 times when he was 10-12 weeks old and we had him at the emerg the 1st time it happened but they didn't know what happened then he was fine up untill 1 1/2 years old it was the hardest thing to ever go through BUT don't let this stop you from never owning the breed again PDE has a very low risk my mistake I think was getting Milo from a backyard breeder PDE is hereditory I didn;t think I would own the breed again either but then I got Bentley (from a reputable breeder) and I just know he will be ok my Milo was never really a puppy so we hink he was sick all along Bentley is so much diffrent and I have had no problems with him let me know what happens ok?


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