I was just curious as to how all of us Pug lovers came around deciding and getting a little Pug. For me, I had always adored the breed and desperately wanted a pet. So one night what gets carried through my door, fast asleep and innocent- A little cute Pug puppy! He had travelled- asleep as usual through the entire 2 hour journey at 11o'clock at night from the coastal country farm we bought him off to see me. I instantly fell in love and Alfie has hardly left my side since. Any interesting stories?

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No interesting story from me im afraid, i was just browsing Youtube 'cus i was bored and sad how i didnt really celebrate my 16th birthday. Came accross a video of a Pug and thought they were quite cute so watched some more..wanted one..showed my mum them. Went on a hunt for some for sell and they were £1000. Mum was like no way at first because of the price. Found a 'cheap' one on an ad and it was a nigerian scammer..we didnt pay them but we rang them and they were nigerian, also my dad knows a thing or too about such scammers and traced their IP to nigeria. ha. Anyway, had a look at the Kennel club find a puppy list. The breeder we rang had only a black litter but had friends with a fawn litter..went to visit, had the choice between an energetic Pup and a slow lazy pup.. Was a tough decision, believe it or not. But i chose Milo for being so playful and because he was licking me and chewing my hair which was quite cute. He was also chewing on a little dummy. ha. That was when he was 9 weeks. A few weeks before we were going to collect him at 15 weeks my mum rang up and asked how the other one was doing and if he had found a home,. he hadnt so she went ahead and decided to buy milos brother, but a week before we were told he got ill and could no longer be sold..They had to have the rest of the litter tested aswell so we had to wait a bit longer. Then my mum wanted her own pug so we found peawee on the kennel club puppy listings.
Well, it started with our adopted daughter wanted her own dog (we had a little poodle and shih tzu at the time). She wanted a Yorkie but she needed a sturdier dog so she asked about pugs. I read up on them and then found one 3 hours away at a rescue group for her for Christmas 2008. That was Disco (our 27 lb pug) who was 1 at the time and now is 2. Well last summer the two old dogs died and they wanted another pug so I got Bugsy off of Craigslist as a 5 month old puppy. Disco needed a playmate also.

Then 2 months ago I saw on Craigslist an ad for a female pug needing an immediate home. I called the lady and she had to get rid of her that night. Thinking I would find her a home with my pug play group - I went and got her for $60. That is Tia our silver pug. On the way home she sat in my lap and snuggled, the kids saw her and screamed with delight that we now had 3 pugs. So, what could I do but keep her? She is 1, a tiny pug and ornery! I can't get over the personality of pugs and am sold forever. I could never have another breed again.
Why did I choose to have a Pug. Well I was sort of having to move house, back into the City and back into a flat. I had always had dogs but had been without one for a very long time, nearly 20 years. I had persuaded my Husband to think about one and set out to find what would be the perfect dog to live in a flat and to only require the exercise that we could give. We did not want a terrier, which is one of the must popular dogs here, we had bad experiences of one, my Mother's. So we bought books and read up and I found the Pug in one. I had never seen one in my life, but before I got mine my Father-in-law died and my Mother in Law wanted a dog and guess what I got her, yes a Pug. So Freddie arrived in our lives and we were hooked. So when we moved I had arranged to have Henry, he was such a perfect dog that a year later we got his nephew Angus. Probably not the best idea but we had Angus for over 10 years and Henry for nearly 15 years. When we lost Henry we decided that as I would shortly retire, I had about 3 years to go, we would wait and I would get another Pug.
Three years ago this August I set out to find the perfect puppy, and breeder and I found both. Hektor was born on 13th October 2007 one of 9, though they lost one a birth. He was the most dominant of the litter and was as cute as a button. I was better equipped to get a good dog by then, I knew a lot more about the breed and after having Freddie with hip dysplasia and Angus with his odd shaped eyes I set out to find a breeder who understood my concerns. I have to say that with more luck and a good bit of judgement I got a good one.
I adore Pugs, there is no other dog for me. I too travelled the length of the country twice, once to pick him, the second to pick him up, poor Hektor came from County Durham to Scotland on a cold Sunday and was woken up from his sleep by the window coming down to pay our last toll fee on the Forth Bridge. He has been over it a few times since but at least he has been able to sleep through it now.
I have always wanted a pug. My husband was really against having an indoor dog. I was at a party at a friends house one night and in came this lady with her pug Wilbur and two of his puppies. They were adorable!! She was willing to sell me one on the spot, so I called my husband and he said no. I was heartbroken. She had told me not to worry to work on my husband because Wilbur was going to be bred again in a few months with a family friend who had a pug. They ended up having 6 puppies. When Chico was 3 weeks old I went and picked him out. I went and bought all the things he would need, my friends even threw me a puppy shower (since I have no two legged children). My husband didn't say anything. Then 3 weeks later Chico came home. Jeff was so mad he didn't even look at him. Jeff left for an out of the country trip the next morning (perfect timing I know). I think while he was down there he realized how stupid he was being. When he got home Chico instantly wrapped him around his little paw. They have been best buds ever since!!! Chico is very spoiled and doesn't often not get what he wants. His favorite times though are going on nature hikes with his daddy. It's been two years now and I couldn't imagine not having this little guy in my life!!!
I've always wanted a pug. When I was home in the Philippines, I almost bought a pug puppy who was 4mos. old at the time. My mom was already here in Japan then. Before buying him though, I got my visa and had to leave. I couldn't travel with him at that age 'cause it would be stressful and he might not survive, so I had to say goodbye. Here in Japan I first stayed in an apartment. Only luxury condos here allow pets, and I moved in a regular apartment so I couldn't get a pug for two years. Finally, we got a house, waited for it to get built, moved in, settled down and went to the pet store to get Alexander! When his pedigree papers arrived from the breeder I found out he came from the southern part of Japan. So I guess we both had to travel far to get to each other. :D
We wanted to get a dog because we were buying a house and it was a good time because they would have a yard. We started thinking and I said well if we get one I want a breed that we can travel anywhere with so something smaller. My husband of course was wanting a big dog he thought small dogs were rat like and girly. So we both some how thought pug even though we had never actually even seen one in real life. So we found the closest kennel club registered breeder and headed out. We had picked out our ONE boy puppy when the runt of the little a litttle fawn girl made her way to my husbands lap and struggled to climb up on to his lap and curled up and fell asleep. That's when my husband said I think a boy and girl might be more fun not as lonely. Haha we were sold and now we r just waiting for them to get a bit older to rescue another probably from Texas rescue.
The Lady who bred our Henry and Angus used to always let her girls out to convince the male of the species what wonderful dogs Pugs were, it worked every time as the girls would get onto the men's laps just like yours. When we went to collect Henry his Mum arrived first and jumped onto my Husbands lap and he, never checking if it was a girl or boys, asked if it was ours, fortunately a fat little boy arrived just behind his Mum.
I first saw a pug when I was somewhere around 10 years old, I think. It was my aunt's. She called him "Mo", short for Mao Tse Tung. He was probably about 6 - 8 months old when I saw him and was quite the little vacuum cleaner. lol He was so affectionate and such a clown that I immediately fell in love with him. On top of that, he was small, which was ideal since I was quite petite for my age. I fell in love right then and there with they squnchy little faces. Little did I know it would be another 40-some years before I would have my very own little puggy.

My husband had always been set against getting a dog for the family because we both work full time and had lots of activities with church and our kids that kept us out of the house. He was right, of course, that it wouldn't have been fair to the animal to keep them cooped up all the time and not spend enough time with it. Then a few years ago we began entertaining the idea of maybe getting a dog. Our boys are grown and our daughter, who is now 8, would enjoy the companionship. Our lives had slowed down, and one of our sons was able to be home while we were at work so the dog could get out for exercise and toilet duties.

One Saturday the local animal shelter was having an adoption awareness clinic in the parking lot of our church. I stopped by to donate food. My daughter started petting one of the mixed breed dogs they had there, a lab mix, fairly large. A friend saw us and said, "You should adopt him." I said, "If I was to get a dog, it would be a pug." One of the ladies from the shelter said, "We have a pug up for adoption on our website right now." I went home and looked. Sure enough, there was a 1 1/2 year old male named Bugsy. I begged my husband to let me apply to adopt. Reluctently he agreed. However, I was too late. The same day I applied, Bugsy's profile came of the site. He had found a new home. I was devastated and surprizingly enough, my husband was deeply disappointed too. (He had been dreaming about what it would be like to walk our little man down the street, sporting a jaunty bandana round his neck, and rolling over in his mind what name to change Bugsy to once we got him home.) Anyway, I started checking the local papers again for pug puppies. I'd done a lot of research upfront on what to look for in a pup and how to weed out potential puppy mills, etc. We were blessed to find a private breeder on the north side of town. Mr. Foo was the last of the litter for purchase and we almost didn't buy him. Why? Because the one thing I didn't learn in my research of the breed is that when they are little pups their tails don't necessarily curl. At 12 weeks of age, Mr. Foo's tail was straight. I'm so glad we went ahead and got him anyway, deciding the tail thing just didn't matter. Mr. Foo is the love of my life, right after my hubby and kids. : )


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