HELP MY RUBY, She's suffering from itching and the vets don't know what it is!

Hi puglovers, I have a 2 and half year old female pug, who has been itching and itching and itching! I can't find any solution for her.  She is allergic to bees, (we found that out the hard way when i almost lost her from a bee sting she had in her mouth), and fleas.  I have tried Advantage, Advantix, Comfortis, and now Frontline with no relief from fleas. I even use Frontline with a flea collar and still find fleas on her :( I have bombed the house, vacume frequently, wash her beds every few weeks, spray a Hertz flea spray on the carpeted area around her crate, bath her just about every week now.  I have tried flea shampoos, oatmeal, aloe vera shampoos.  She's on Science diet d/d food for skin allergies.....and still no relief.  The vet, 2 different vets now, have put her on a series of steroids and prednisone bousts that work great, for a short while...once the pills end, the itching starts up again :( She can't be on medications forever, I just want her to feel good in her own skin again!

Have any of you experienced this with any of your pugs? What would you recomend? It's so hard to hear her scratching and biting herself and whimpering because she can't reach her butt or she's itching to hard, it just breaks my heart, please someone help! I can't stand that the vets say "well they are itchy dogs" that's just not good enough for me!  She is my first pug and just can't imagine that all pugs cry when they itch :(

 Looking for a solution or any suggestions for this sweet girl who is snorring on my legs as I type this.

Thank you,

Jenae and Ruby

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oh my i'm sorry just a shot in the dark here but have you tried some of the home remedies as there are a few of us here who do these i've always done home remedies as my grandmother did and my mom now i do as many of them do work better than the meds they have out there.You can type in Home remedies for dogs"as that will give a selection to chose from or home remedies for dogs itchy skin"my sheba had a skin issue and the vet tried but,nothing worked well so i did my own and it worked well she was so soft and her hair grew in as she was a rescue but,it stayed in control and she was well again.Hope this helped and good luck to you both.

Any particular spot on her body she itches?  My boy gets terrible allergies and bites and licks his paws raw sometimes.  The vet had him on meds for awhile and human benadryl works as well, you just have to check with your vet for the correct dosage for her weight. 

Also, I'd get a second opinion and go see a different vet.

Sounds like poor little Ruby has been through the wringer on itching!  She sure must be yummy to those pesky fleas.  I've not had experience with them, but if she doesn't have fleas when she's itching, it might be dry skin.  That could be what your vet means when he says, "itchy dogs".  Pugs are notorious for dry skin.  A shampoo with tea tree oil, or one with an oatmeal base are good.  I know you've probably herd all this before, but I'd be tempted to try some of the home remedies that Julie suggested.  Now, this is going to sound judgemental, but I think I'd get rid of that "itchy dog" vet!  Check offices and find out who takes care of at least 8-10 pugs; they are the vets that know pugs!  Keep us posted, on Pugslife we care!  :0)

Hi, so sorry for this poor thing it is so difficult. I had my fair share of skin issues with the Pugs, once I switched to a "grain free" food it all stopped. It was an instant difference. Any of the fish formula such as EVO Salmon & Herring or Canidae Sea. I did notice they both got a little chubby so now I buy RAW fish and produce and their skin is great and they have lost a few LB's. Also if puggy will let you can put her in the tub and make a mixture or 50/50 Apple Cider Vinegar and poor over her and let it sit ONLY IF THERE ARE NO OPEN LESIONS OR SORES it will burn. I really am 99% sure it is the food.

Good luck and keep me posted and try for the grain free.

Pug hugs


I agree with Christine on this. Pugs are very susceptible to skin problems. Grain Free, or Raw is the way to go in regards to feeding for sure. The Allergy food from science diet still has corn and filler.

Wow, I'm learning so much with your question, Jenae.  I'm going to look into my food.  I use Solid Gold for the girls.  Hmmmm....  :0/

Examine the composition of her toys. Is she playing with toys made especially for dogs, or stuffed toys in general? Sometimes the synthetic fibers in toys that aren't made especially for animals can cause irritation and reactions. My pug was playing with a stuffed novelty toy that I purchased and I started noticing these raised areas of irritation, looked similar to bee stings or acne, on her muzzle.  I took the toy away and they were gone in less than a week. Might want to examine the contents of her bedding too. Maybe helpful to keep a daily log, noting when the problem seems worse or better. Hope your little puggy finds some relief. I know it can be stressful for an owner too. Keep us updated and good luck

All my sympathy as I also have a very itchy dog who has done himself many an injury scratching.

Firstly get her off dry food. secondly explore some of the things that I have had to. Hektor is on Ant histamine all year round and my Vet says it is at least healthier than steroid injections. I feed him on raw meat and vegetables with added oil, Now I am in UK and I have not checked where you are but if you are in Britain, you can get an oil called Yumega which contains among other things salmon oil. If you are in the States you can get a capsule out of Walmart which is the same. I would doubt that this is anything to do with fleas, as long as you are keeping down the dust, I doubt that it is this either. I have a friend who has a chihuahua/Pug with very similar problems to mine who has benefited from the addition of oil to his food. I also looked and found a topical gel which i apply to his itchy parts and i also use his ear drops topically(with agreement with the Vet).

I have a dermatological  Shampoo as well for him, speak to your Vet they can advise you. His one is supplied by a lady I know which I use as often as necessary, sometimes as much as twice a week. It is one which you rub on and leave on the dog for five minutes and then rinse off.

  My first advice to you is to put her on grain free food, no science diet apparently it is rubbish. Hektor was dreadfully allergic to salmon and potato as well, but it is a matter of trial and error.

Jenae, my Frida suffers from itchy skin also. I cannot say that we've been able to clear her from everything, but I started her on an grain free diet and it helped her (although, some times she still scratches, but not as often as before). I have no experience with Science diet, but I have used Acana and Orijen. There are also other kinds of doggy foods that you could try. You should also check the treats you're giving her.

I found this page, it may help you.

I know the frustration, it breaks my heart every time Frida has an episode. I hope you can find a remedy for gorgeous Ruby. 


My chimaera is an allergy disaster. First grain free food! benadryl daily, and comfortis monthly. Hydrocortisone shampoo which you can get at walmart every 2-3 weeks. Buy tshirts or dresses! My baby has food allergies and seasonal allergies and clothes seem to prevent the itching from being so bad and keeps her from causing sores. The winter isn't bad for us at all but with the first pollen sprinkles this week we are starting our routine. You can also wipe her down with a warm rag after going outside to remove any allergens. The are our first line of defense just be sure to let her skin breathe sometimes.

also it may seem like over kill but hypoallergenic laundry soap and products maybe a good idea. We automatically buy hypoallergenic. Does she sleep on a dog bed? She could be allergic to it.

I have 3 pugs, a boston, a doxie, and 2 cats. Only my black pug is like this and my doxie has some issues too. My others could roll in fleas and I wouldn't know it until one crawled on me.

Thank you all for your comments and tips! I really do appreciate it! I will definately change a few things up! I knew about the food, but I figured the 2dn vet put her on the science diet and by the price of it, it must be better for her then the other stuff I was buying before.  Any brands in paticular any of you could recommend to be grain free? I definately want to find a new vet as well, onto vet number 3???  And how many times do you all bathe your pug? I've heard it's not good to do it too often, then I hear it's safe to do it weekly?


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