Thank you for the warm welcome I have received from members of Pugslife. It is the first group I have joined that has actually sent me personal welcomes.  I am so glad I found this group.  I have 19 dogs total, 13 of them are Pugs.  I confess I am a Pugaholic.  I can't resist a pug.  I live in Louisiana and have been fortunate to be able to purchase a 10 acre farm.  My pugs love it!!  I have all of my doggies spayed/neutered except Pugsy and Dude.  They are scheduled for that this summer.  Louisiana summers can be hot, so I have two wading pools under shade trees for them to cool off in. There is a doggy door for them to go in and out as they need into a large, safe, fenced in yard  which  I will be enlarging this summer and adding an air conditioned building for them.  I decided to do this since I show my French Bulldog, Mr. Gibbs and my Boston Terrier, Tucker, which sometimes mean a night away from home.  I don't like locking them up inside the house while I am gone.  Here is the list of puggies and other breeds I have at the moment:  PUGS:                 FRENCH BULLDOG

Beryl  14                               James Tiberius Gibbs

Dimi    14

Sage    10                          BOSTON TERRIERS

Quinn   8                           O So Charming Tucker Harley

Maggie  9                            Sophie

GracieMae  2                         CHIHUAHUA

Good Golly Miss Molly  2         Jabber Jaw

DixieLeigh  2

Dude   2                              CATAHOULA CUR  (FOSTER)

PugsyMugsy  2                       Dallas

Ferbi        4

Sadie  4                               BLACK AND TAN COONHOUND

OscarGeorge 4                      (foster)   Luci

I hope I haven't bored you guys too much.  Please say some prayers that I can find good homes for Dallas and Luci.  Dallas was beaten almost to death and left for dead.  She managed to crawl onto the school ground where I teach and the children told me about her.  I could not let her lay there and die.  She has since recovered, with just a limp in her left rear leg.  Luci was a dumpster dog that had been shot.  Her left front paw had to be amputated.  I have a big heart for dogs.  I will stop here for now. I look forward to being a member.   Vicki


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Vicki you are more than welcome, you have a big heart and to look after all of those dogs needs that. I know that the rewards are great and many here will recognise that fact. We have many people here involved in rescue or are rescues societies themselves. We regard every dog and owner here as our Family. I was not joking when I said that in my welcome. Every dog rescued we are happy, every puppy born, we cannot wait to see the photo's, every loss, we weep over. I hope you become one of our visible members, we have some who come and go and we have those who I am sure some would be happy to see less of, me included.

I have a friend on one of my other sites who like you has many Pugs plus other dogs, she can never refuse to rescue and her last Pug was thrown from a car.

I have no rescues, I am a member of one of the UK's rescue associations known for never putting a healthy dog down, and I sponsor two dogs. We do have Pug Rescue, but there was a long list of people putting their names forward to rescue.

Welcome again.

I LOVE this group.  To finally find a group of people that shares my love for pugs and share my joys and sorrows with is unbelieveable.  I won't fade away.  I love talking about my puggies and my other doggies.  As long as I can I will give a home to a homeless dog, and will always take in a pug.  When I read that one was thrown from a car I cried, I can't imagine anyone doing that to any dog, much less a little pug.  I sometimes get myself into trouble defending dogs.  I think I have found a forever group of pug people.  Hope you and the others don't get tired of me.

No that will never happen Vicki, we are all totally Mad, have you met Pugman yet. That will seal your fate.


Well now, this got a big chuckle out of me Helena, thank you for the very nice compliment!

Hi Vicki oh yes you have most definately found the right group for you.  I ditto everything Wee Woman aka  said about this group and your big heart for pugs and dogs in general.  You are one of those rare and wonderful people we love to get to know.  Many on this site work with rescues and or foster pugs.  I foster for SEPRA  Southeastern Pug Rescue and Adoption.  We may include Louisiana.  You would probably know.  I adopted my last foster which brought me to 5 dogs.  I think I'm at my  I mentioned on your page I have 3 pugs...Puga 3yrs...Fawn....Pixie 2 yrs..Black...Louie..6 yrs..Fawn...Bonnie and Clyde are my Boston Terrior rescues and are 6, they are brother and sister.  I would love to see pictures of your Boston, Tucker I believe was his name.  Also your frenchie, I love them all too.  One can never post to many pictures or videos, we never tire of them here and love to make and get comments.  Look so forward to getting to know you and all your doggie family.

Terri & the Chilrens...aka Pugchick


We all revere the PUG!

I think wee woman said it well as well as pug chick i'm glad you joined and i am looking forward to sharing those wonderful stories on that precious crew of yours as i just love my seniors and i enjoy those puppy stories as well as we have shared with pugman and many others.We are happy to make you a part of this wonderful and precious family hugs to those sweet babes of yours.


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