It is with heavy heart that our home has suffered another loss,our sweet Andy has crossed rainbows bridge as it has left us in shock it just happened so fast one minute he was fine then he was gone.Andy had gone blind as he was 14 and the vet said he could be going senile as well so i had a playpen which he slept in.Saturday night around 1:00 am or so a noise woke me and it was Bear pawing at the playpen as i jumped up and reached down for andy just as i got my arms around him he took his last breath.The whole thing is such a nightmare it makes no sense it's just crazy.Dealing with my pain and keeping a watchful eye on Bear which for those here who are my family know me and right now although i'm devastated i need to do all i can for bear so i've been keeping him busy and we gave him a couple of his christmas presents early which he is enjoying and we took him into town which is something that he loves.As i've been trying to be there for a few friends who have lost their furbabes now,it has happened to me you know in ways i believe that there are things that happen that you would never think would it's life and i know some things can't be explained.Right now this is a home that yet again has suffered a great loss but,i have to deal and cope as i need Bear to be okay and no matter how much this hurts i'll do all that i can to keep bear busy as my son and i are taking him and sassy over into vermont and do some more christmas shopping for them as bear has a shop or two that just love him and he does get spoiled.Our little Andy will forever live on in our hearts we were so blessed to have him in our lives.

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Dearest Julie, our hearts mourn your loss. Sending love to you, Sassy, and Bear. ❤

Si sorry for your loss. I'm sure he had a good life with you!

Oh Julie, I am so sorry.  I haven't been visiting here much and then when I do I find out about your loss.  You as always gave another great dog an awesome home.  Keep your spirits up and give everyone else in your life some extra hugs!

Thank you everyone,it has been rough but,i need to keep myself strong for Bear and Sassy as it has been cold here with snow which Bear just loves so he's been out alot romping in it which i'm so thankful even little sassy will run and romp with him in it.For many here who are family know that i keep myself for my furbabes as i can't let them get depressed or sad even though i cry when i'm alone but,i know i need to get myself together for them,and with christmas coming i've done a bit more shopping for them and  i have the trees light and the village's as they enjoy the lights.I need to make this a very happy christmas for these two they are what's important now,so as i cope i will make sure their every moment is the happiest i can make it.I love you all as you are my gifts each and every day.

Just wanted to add my story of loss well,how i cope actually i try to cope as we just had a very dear friend lose her pug and it all hit in that way it's hard to say but,through the years of being involved in rescue some are wonderful stories and some are very sad.As you go through the years your never really prepared for that time,that time when you say goodbye which is harder when it's not expected as many of us know too well it is so heartbreaking as i for one know very well and no it doesn't get easier.Over time i've learned to keep myself together and cope as i need to keep my other babies safe and okay i can't let them see me fall apart i do all i can to keep them happy as you have to be so careful they don't get depressed so i force a smile and i make their day as good as i can.Believe me,i've had my moments when i've screamed punched a wall but,seeing how this effects my other babies i've some how learned to keep it together and go on oh i cry a bit as i hold them in my arms and i whisper "Mommy loves you forever"oh there are still times i want to scream but,i look into the eyes of my babes and i can't do that to them.Life can go either way nothing is forever no matter how much we want it to be as for me yes,i still hurt and yes i have my days when i feel those tears starting to fall but,i look in the eyes of my sweet babies and i muster that strength and i smile and we start playing.It's never goodbye it's till we meet again my precious furbaby".RIP Sweet Izzy-till we meet again.

Hi Julie, long time no talk.

Its the toughest thing I've had to deal with besides the loss of my mom of course. :(  I went through life with lots of pets, but my parents were always the ones that had to do the final deed when they got sick.  Then in the last ten years I've had to deal with four dogs myself.  Two in the same month.  That was just awful.  When my first pug passed away I found pugslife and it really helped!

It is very hard and it hurts more than you could ever say but,i've learned to get myself together and that wasn't easy as each one that has passed they have passed in my arms many don't know how i do it or why i put myself through it all i can say is i need to be there,they need someone and if i'm that one then it's all that matters.Each one out there deserves to be loved,they deserve a home and as long as i'm alive they will have,most here know that they are my world and i will give them the best world i can i tell everyone it's not my home it's theirs,all that i do is for them they are my everything.As the years have gone by and that family bond we have formed here is cemented in the love and strength of family it guides us,helps us and continues to grow with us.One thing is so very true and the one thing we all need to believe "It's not goodbye,it's till we meet again".


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