We've been strongly considering bringing another pug into our home. We got Winnie as a puppy from a breeder and we are thinking about rescue this time around. Winnie has been our little girl for two years now, so we have some worries about jealousy. In addition, we aren't sure if the two dogs can be left alone without being put in the crate. Winnie has not needed to be crated while we are out for over a year. She is very well behaved when we aren't home, so we would hate to have to start crating her. We think a second dog might be shocking enough, even though one of the main reasons we want to get another dog is to give her a companion. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated :)


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I have 2 and I wouldnt have it any other way! I woek so when I am gone they keep each other company which makes me feel better about being at work. They really do love each other but bicker just like brothers every now and then. I got Toby first and had to have another one. I got Tucker when Toby was about 7 months old. No regrets at all! Rescue is a great place to go for a pug since you would be giving a pug a forever home! Keep us posted on what you do!
Lyn and the boys
We recently brought home a second pug. These puppies are 4 months apart in age. And they are getting along just fine. It's great having two pugs!
One thing I would say, and I know I am biased because of my experiences, is do not get another dog as a companion to your little girl because you think she needs one, because after imposing our Henry with his nephew for over 10 years I discovered he was much happier on his own.
My other problem is that when you are working it is impossible to supervise their time and you will not know how well they are getting along.
If you really want to have another Pug? I would definitely go down the road of rescue, get a male either younger or quite a bit older and make sure they like one and other.
It will all depend on what the rescue say about the other dog's behaviour, because you may get one who has no problems and then you will not need to crate them or you may get some initial naughtiness as they settle. It just needs to take the risk, and I am afraid life is like that.
As i agree with helen and i do like the idea of going through a rescue as we have many special ones needing a loving home as you can search rescues and learn about the pugs as when you get either a rescue or adopt from a shelter it's a good idea to be able to spend the time with them and to make sure they also get along with your little one.As i say do your homework and make sure you can be there if there is an issue,as helen has said and i know brent has great advice as well just take the time and think it all through.Good luck!

I encourage you to do it. I had the same concerns when I first started thinking about gettig a 2nd pug. My first one, Pema, I got from a breeder when she was 11 weeks old, almost 1 year ago now. The other pug in our family, 2 years old at the time, Sangmu, helped mentor and socialize Pema.
So in June I went online, saw a notice from a local rescue group about a 4 year old momma pug that had been rescued from a puppy mill in another state - saw her in person and decided on the spot that she ahd to come home with me and not go through one more move ever. She was definitely a special needs dog, malnourished and in heat and with foot problems, all now being resolved. And she wasn't trained. I named her Karma.
Pema has been wonderful, although she's 3 years younger, she has mentored and comforted Karma. Since Karma had been caged for such a long time I decided against crating her - they both have been fine and potty training went faster and better than I expected. I did have to have a expert trainer came to the house early on to help get a collar on her since she liked other dogs alot but didn't trust humans one bit.
Winnie might do better than you think. Our problems have been minimal and seemed to disappear when Pema and Karma figured out they can gang up together in naughty tricks. And I'm single so Pema had me exclusively hers. I think she's happy to have a playmate at home and when they're together with Sangmu it's a joyful exuberant riot of 3 happy pugs.
I purchased two pugs that were littermates. Both were males and neutered. They were best buddies for six years. When one of the littermates died from a liver shunt, his brother was depressed. They had such a close bond. About a month after Bailey died, I could no longer watch Jasper suffer from the loss of his brother. I started looking for another pug puppy. I couldn't find any litters. I even looked in neighboring states. I found a 7 month old puppy named Sidney. I brought him home. He is still intact not neutered. He cheered Jasper up and help him to transition with the loss of Bailey. Neither pug has a dominate personality. Both pugs have an easy going personality. I took Jasper to meet Sidney at the breeder's house. They both met on neutral territory and got along well. When I brought Sidney home, Jasper met him out on the front lawn which was neutral territory. Both of them were on leashes. Then I brought them into the house together. Sidney uses Jasper for a pillow when he sleeps. Jasper always looks out for his little brother and washes his face. Jasper is 9 years old so there is a 7 year difference between them. It would be a good idea for your pug to meet the rescue pug before you bring him home to see if they get along. Bailey and Jasper were left home alone in the family/kitchen area that is baby gated off from the rest of the house. When I first brought Sidney home, if I left the house I put him in a crate since he was still a puppy while my older pug, Jasper, stayed loose. After a month, Sidney was old enough and able to hold his urine while I was gone for a short time so I no longer needed to crate him.
Thank you, everyone. Your input was very helpful. Unfortunately we've decided to hold off until next summer, but if all goes well, we will be adopting. Summer is coming to a close, so I'll be returning to work, plus the added expense of another pug might be a strain right now (I feel like we're at the vet every other week with Winnie as it is...). Winnie is excited to know that she will, one day, have a pug sibling ;)
We had one pug and added another, and oh my gosh a third one appeared! I wouldn't have it any other way. I crate one of them when I am gone cause she is a bit ornery and the other two do better. Our pug rescue in Ohio tries to match personalities with your pug. I think that since yours in the alpha in the house trying to look for a laid back pug who is content with being #2. Our Disco is alpha and Bugsy the second one is a happy go lucky one who fits right in and has no dominant traits. Tia has alpha tendencies so she will try to vie for the number one spot and it doesn't work. Hope that helps! I love how they play and lick each other. Disco was more lively when Bugsy came along with someone to play with.
We are considering getting a friend for Humphrey next year, probably a girl, but would two males get along if we did chose boy?. Humph is 1 yr old now, he's really laid back and loves other dogs. He's really friendly and confident but can be a bit too much for some dogs. We do have a pug rescue in the UK, i phoned them before we had Humph, but they said they rarely have rescues, the few they do have are usually v old pugs with lot's of health issues. Should we go back to the same breeder as Humphrey is very Healthy? He has been neutered so breeding is not an issue.
Personally Anita I would get a girl, boys can get along but you have to get the balance right, the dominance is often the problem. My previous two were a nightmare because of this and I certainly wish I had gotten a girl. The problem is if the first one is laid back and the second one is the dominant one you can end up with fights. We funnily enough were discussing this last night because we were saying how the dynamics change with every dog. When my Mother-in-laws Pug came to stay we had problems because my two never knew where he fitted in the pack. We were saying that if we had brought Hektor into the house with the other two, they would have been very firmly put in their place by him because he does not take any nonsense. So as you know how Humphrey reacts to things you will know how which is the right sex to bring in. Ladies will not compete with the Lads, she will be either his equal or subordinate, the latter being unlikely. Hope that is not to rambling. Helena
Thanks for the advice, i think we will probably go with a girl. Humphrey is pretty laid back and we wouldn't want to change that. It probably won't be untill next year now, but we are getting excited already. x


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