Hello everyone!
I am looking for someone that knows about pugs and give me some help on what this could be. I can't seem to get any help from my veterinarian as they can't seem to diagnose Freddie. His eye and the left side of his face is very swollen. I rescued Freddie from New Castle animal control in September of last year. It looked like his eye was smaller than the other so I took him to the vet. He seemed to think Freddie was born that way. But guess what? I don't believe that he was born that way because look at the difference from April 1st till now. his face has doubled in size and you can view a photo from 4/1/2016 and then a picture taken 5/5/2016.please take a look and let me know
I am a true pug lover and I want to help this fellow!

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I wish I could help, but I really can't see why the vets can't figure this out.  Looks like there is obviously something wrong.  First thing would be infection, but maybe some kind of cancerous growth?  I sure hope you get your little guy the help he needs!  They should be able to do some kind of a scan or exploratory surgery to find it out.  Will be expensive though. :(  You probably already did, but give google a search for this?

Thank you for replying back. We are having a really ruff time here at home. I took Freddie back to the vet and it is cancer. Medications were no longer working. And the cancer had moved into his mouth also and he no longer could eat. It is so sad. Things aren't the same here without him. The veterinarian said he was in pain so I hated it worse than anything that we had to put him to sleep. I wish that there was something I could've done. They misdiagnosed Freddie in September 2015 and if they wouldn't have i think he would still be here with me.
Thank u again!
Our hearts are broken
I haven't been able to get on Facebook at all to tell all my pug friends

I am so sorry for your loss.  I do have a bit of recent experience with what you are going through.  One of my larger dogs came down with cancer on her jaw.  I kept her going for a year until she stopped eating and I had to send her on her way.  I've also had the guilt or second guessing of wondering if the vet misdiagnosed and if my first pug could have still been alive now.  But you have to let that kind of feeling go.  You did all you could for the little guy and he knew it.  Now if you can you need to find it in your heart to give another little guy/gal a home.  The easier thing to do is to just not have pets anymore.  I've seen many friends go this route when their animals pass on.  No more heart break, easier day to day life, vacations are easy, etc.  But I say there are just so many little beings out there that need us so I keep on adopting.  I've got three little dogs and if I could I'd get more, but that's the max I can handle. :)

When my first pug passed on suddenly I was very sad, but came here to pugslife and met many other pug lovers.  It was more active back then, but the usual suspects are still around.

Please post your little guys story in one of the groups for dogs that have passed on.  I felt it was very good thing for me to write my Zoe's story down, it helped a lot.  And then Kloe came into my life.

Once again I am so sorry for your loss and its happened so quickly.

Thank u so much! We loved Freddie dearly and I just hope he is sitting on Jesus lap. I have a special place in my heart for pugs and have 2 left. One I have had since he was 6 weeks old and he just turned 10 years old his name is Waylon and I have another I rescued and he is about 3 years old. I want to help them as much as I can!
I will always love my pugs. I will get on the special stories about Freddie
Thank u so much

Post pictures here please of all your pugs (and non pugs).  I'd love to see more.  I've got a bunch I need to get posted as well.  Give your two pugs a good hug.  I'm taking my little guys out to the dog park today to have some fun!

Tia I am so sorry, I know that there is nothing worse than misdiagnoses as we are suffering from the result of a much less but for the dog distressing problem. I will say you gace your little fellow a good home for the remainder of his life, surgery might have helped but euqally may not.  Be content that he will be at rainbow bridge with all of ours waiting for you when you pass over. I like to think mine are playing with all of those dogs who belonged to people here.

My Hektor had entropion which is the eyelashes turning in, he had this until he was five. He also has an allergy situation which the Vets decided were causing his eye problem. If it had not been for the Locum at the practise the entropion would never have been sorted and he has pigmentation on his eyes caused by the entropion. He had to have a cataract removed last spring, he had sudden onset but thankfully he is attending a specialist Eye Vet. I sometimes wonder at the quality of Veterinarian care, I was spoiled in my old one where all of them were first time qualifiers, it is amazing how many fail first time.


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