Hi Again everyone!

I was just hoping to get your story on your pugs eyes! I know pugs are susceptible to eye problems, and I really wanna find ways to prevent this other than of course buying a really well bred pug (which Im doing!)

I am more intereted in hearing about eye injuries, how common, common causes and what not.


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Their eyes are so sensitive you have to check them daily. Probably 4 out of 5 pugs who come into the vet have eye problems that the owner didnt even notice. I apply artificial tears to my pugs eyes atleast 2x weekly. You can buy artificial tears at your vet or even publix. This cleans/ protects the eye from debris. As far as serious injuries so far 1 of my 4 pugs had a corneal ulcer- it took 3 months to heal and he has a permanent scar. Good luck!
Thanks for that! I shall make sure to be careful and add the artificial tears a few times a week, its a good idea! The breeder Im getting my pug from has had them for 40+ years and she says that as long as Im careful, nothing too serious should happen, she has had a few mishaps and what not but nothing too bad!
I was hoping someone would have a discussion about this very serious pug issue. My little girl Vegas is 6.5 yrs/o & has a history of eye problems...injury & irritation. I noticed a brown film growing over her eyes about 2-3yrs. ago & the vet had no idea what it was. I had met other pug owners w/ the same problem & was told there was no hope, Vegas would eventually loose her eye site. Well, about 5 days ago we visited an opthamologist for dogs & learned that Vegas has Pigmintary Keriatitis (not sure on the spelling). The bown film is a callus that is growing due to all the irritation she has had w/ her eyes since birth. There is nothing they can do about the callus that is already there but with eye drops for the rest of her life we can maintaine what vision she has left. I don't want any other pugs or pug parents to have to deal w/ this so my mission is to let everyone know about this serious issue. Take care of your pug's eyes & if you notice a brown film on your pugs eye/eyes make an appointment w/ your vet! Your pug doesn't have to suffer w/ blindness from Pigmintary Keriatitis.

I have a 12 1/2 year old male pug , Duke, with PK, he has had since he was  3 months old.  It started with a tiny little ulcer on his right eye, which the Vet missed on his first visit after he arrived from the breeder. And the vet sent us to a specialist for eyes. The eye was stained so the optalomologist could see the ulcer and he treated with Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfates three times a day.  The PK continued to grow and he has it in both eyes and is totally blind in his right eye and can see a little light in the left eye. But now he gets three kinds of meds three times a day and all this does is keep the eye mucus down and his eyes moist. We have gone as far as taking him to Tufts in MA and really other than an experimental surgery to remove the brown film of PK which there is no guarentee of success more so  there is a 50 % chance or more of infection or that the pk would return or he could have glaucoma, which is not good.  So we decided after watching him adjust to his blindness that we didn't want to put him through any unnecessary surgeries.  He is happy, he eats wells and gets around well, just don't rearrange the furniture. He gets a free ride down the stairs to go out, but he can climb the stairs on his own, we climb the stairs right next to him.  It makes him feel more confident.  In the summer when the puggies spend more time outside he is like a puppy with the others, he loves to play and chase the baby, Boston around.  He has learned his boundaries in the back yard.  We keep it twig free and a lot of the areas are fenced off so he doesn't get into trouble.   I wish you a lot of luck with Vegas.

Hi, I am glad to hear that you are buying a "Good" Pug, but even this might not protect you from problems with the eyes. Our previous two had eye problems, Henry unfortunately must have impaled one of his on a branch or something and this caused his eye to swell, this was my first experience. Fortunately he was just a baby at the time and both my Husband and I always kept a close eye (sorry) on him. We were very fortunate in our Vet who spent about an hour getting a pill down him and we saved his eye. Angus our other Pug seemed to get ulcers quite easily and had his eye sewed shut twice and I must reiterate what Crystal said about artificial tears, we used to use the sort that they sell for Humans, they were cheaper and worked very well. I am pleased to say (with my fingers crossed) that Hektor, who is a very well bred Pug, has at yet no problems, and I hope that this will continue. He does not have protuberant eyes and they are not a funny shape, like Angus had.
Helena and Hektor
Hi Toemy.... My Piper had congenital dry eye which I didn't know until her left cornea ulcerated when she was just 8 1/2 weeks old. Please have your puppies tear production tested at the vet. It is an easy painless test that could save you lots of money and blindness in your new baby.
I heard about pugs eyes having problems and that you have to watch other dogs around them but I have never had any problems whatsoever with my pugs. I am interested to see what other pug owners have to offer on this topic thanks for asking!
If you are fortunate enough to have a veterinary eye specialist within 100 miles, take advantage of it. My regular vet had no clue what caused my dog's eye ulcer and thought he had been scratched by a cat. Turned out he had follicular inversion where his eyelashes were growing inward and irritating his eye to the point of ulceration. On my own I took him to the eye specialist and saved his eye and vision. No scars, no permanent damage. It was well worth the cost and time.

I watch him very closely for rubbing his eyes on the wall, couch or floor or pawing on his face. If he does I don't hesitate to take him back to the eye doctor.

Hi all,


Ned advice. The vet told that my baby had a ulcer at his right eye....is happen so sudden...applied eye drop for abt 2 weeks oledy but still not ok.......notice tears and white film covered up his eye ball...and some time he can't even open the injury eye...

Have you been back to the Vet, if not get back asap. I would have his eyes checked for tear production as well once this has been cleared up.

Some pugs have weird shaped eyes, My Angus had triangular. by which I mean they stuck out of the eye socket and he never closed them even when he slept. There can be many reasons for ulcers, injury or dry eye being the usual. Back to the Vet immediately there should have been a noticeable improvement by now.

noted and tks will do that right away. My another boy having skin problem lately...something like pink ball/pimples at his leg and paw side.. vry irritation and he always bite until bleeding.... vet told is skin problem but the cream is not helping.......oh god what happen to my 2 boys...

I used to feeded him home cook food with steam chicken, carot, pumpkin so far so good. This happen after I adopted another seniour pug - Mike abt 2 mths ago.....

attached photo .....ned advice...



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