Hey guys,
I was wondering if anyone has something to share about reverse sneezing. Lola Belle has a cold. Yesterday I took her to the vet and they mentioned she is also doing the reverse sneezing. It sounds horrible like she is gasping for air.
The vet said her lungs are clear, but we came home with some antibiotics.
It's beem horrible to see her with watery eyes and a running nose!
I've been reading around and it seems like the reverse sneezing is not really part of the cold?

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Yes reverse sneezing, it is horrible and I have no idea why it happens, it is not always part of the cold but the one thing I have found that I have to watch the weight that our Pug puts on in the area round his neck as this seems to have a bearing on his attacks. I hope that gives you a bit of an idea. I hope Lola Belle gets over her cold and though I really know that it does not help much when Hektor has a reverse sneeze I rub his throat, it seems to comfort him.
My two have reverse sneezes all the time. I usually pet them and try to calm them down, or let them ride it out by themselves. It usually lasts for less than 20 secs and they are fine afterwards. From what I've read it comes from an elongated soft palate in their mouth.

Hope Lola Bella feels better :)
Reverse sneezing is a part of the flat face breeds. It occurs more often then you think. the trick is just to break their attention and calm them down. It usually happens during stress or something is going on to over excite them.
Hope that helps
Thanks everyone that replied!
Lola Belle is doing better from her little cold.
I'm getting used to the whole reverse sneezing thing - it does not happen all the time, but it's quite scary for a first timer mom of a pug - lol
I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving ;)
Does it sound like Lola is snorting? Does she extend her neck when she does it? I have a Chug that does that. The Vet said to quickly and gently rub their throat. Peabo, the Chug, will quit within a few seconds of me helping him. Then he licks my face as if to say, "Thank you, Dahdee!"
Here is some helpful information from PetPlace.com.

Causes of Reverse Sneezing

The exact reason for these reverse sneezing episodes is unknown but may be related to allergies, nasal irritants, or nasal inflammation. Any age, breed or sex can be affected.
A reverse sneeze may look disturbing – many people fear that their dog is not breathing during these episodes – but it is not a harmful condition and there are no ill effects. Reverse sneezing attacks are generally quite brief and not life threatening. Between episodes, the dog acts normal.

In some situation when reverse sneezing is frequent, a more serious condition may be the underlying cause. In those situations, testing for nasal mites, nasal cancer should be done.

How to Stop a Reverse Sneezing Episode

An episode can be stopped if the dog is stimulated to swallow by either massaging the throat or briefly pinching off the nasal openings. Sometimes opening the dogs mouth and gently pulling on the dogs tongue or giving the dog something to eat and drink can also stop the reverse sneezing episode. Some dogs have reverse sneezing episodes so frequently that various medications may be needed to reduce their frequency.

What to Watch For

If the revere sneezing occurs frequently (daily or several times a day) and is associated with other clinical signs, then further evaluation should be completed by your veterinarian.
Watch for other abnormal signs that may suggest a more serious problem including nasal discharge, epistaxis (bloody nose), sneezing, difficulty breathing
, abnormal facial deformity over the nose area, decreased appetite and/or lethargy.

I hope this helps anyone who still has questions.
Awesome response, thanks for the info. Much appreciated, i will be sharing it with my people too.
Thank you! I am a research machine with a hard-drive the size of a wildebeest. I hope to assist all Puggie (and all K9 breed) lovers as much as I can.
Thank you so much for all the info.
I've had dogs my whole life, but this is the first time I had this experience.
It's nice to find help here ;)
I don't know everything, though I would certainly like to; I just do what I can.
what we do with our dogs is hold our fingers over their nose so they cannot inhale thru the nasal opening. After a few seconds they will open thier mouth and inhale that way. You may have to do this a few times to stop it however, it has always worked for us and it stops it quickly
You're absolutely right. It's nothing to get scared about and easy to fix. I have a Pug and a Boston, both of whom occasionally have reverse-sneezing episodes. All I have to do for either of them is hold my finger horizontally in front of both nostrils for just a moment. It encourages them to breathe through their mouths and the 'resneezing' stops immediately. I'm disappointed that vets don't know to recommend this to their worried clients!


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