This is a serious question. Both my sister and I have owned female Pugs that seem a little slow, mentally. Is it possible for animals to be a little retarded, or is that just limited to humans? The Pugs that I am talking about were also over-affectionate, which I sure didn't mind at all. They are on this planet to be loved no matter whether they are perfect or not. She is perfect in my eyes. If anybody has an answer to this question, please let me know. Thank you.

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Any canine can be retarded, have OCD's, be autistic and basically have anything neurologically negative that a human can have. As in humans, mental retardation and autism have levels of severity. It is difficult to make a firm diagnosis on mental retardation and autism in canines and to what level the canine may be affected due to lack of fim diagnostic tools in the veterinary health arena. I have one mildly mentally challanged chichihua and have one autistic greyhound. The greyhound is the more challenged of the two.
I would agree that Pugs come in as many shades of intelligence as humans. One of mine was as we say here "nice but stupid" the other one was as bright as a button. Hektor is really intelligent, worrying so, he is really nice but sometimes I think he is stringing me along.
Hi, I have a pug called Ziggy. He is pretty retarded, but still a nice dog. Helena, you mentioned that one of your dogs was 'nice but stupid', well let me tell you - Ziggy would make your specimen look like Einstein. Oh well - at least Ziggy doesn't have trouble breathing...

Despite being a mental head, Ziggy still enjoys a full life. He especially likes sniffing bums and trying to mount my cat (male)...yeah we think he could also be a homosexual. Is this possible?

If anyone has a pug with similar traits...I would love to hear from you. Maybe we could organise a play date? Although I will disclose that ziggy suffers from worms and smells like salami.

Ciao for now
Tristan, We have Murphy the rottie who lives round the corner from us and it is sort of reckoned by his owner that he is homosexual but his professional dog walker reckons he is bi-sexual as when he finally met the girls he was very interested.


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