Hi I have a sweet female pug (Roxie).  She has the worst allergies.  I have tried all A rated dog food Blue Buffalo, Pro Plan ect.  The Veterinarian has prescribed steroids orally which I give her ½ a pill every three days but they are not healthy for her.  She does get better as far as healing when I rinse her off with cool water and use lots of bacitracin ointment.  I bath her in Paul Mitchell Oatmeal Shampoo for dogs weekly.  I feel so sorry for her.  We love her so much and hate to see her always scratching and itchy.

We have her Sister (Maddie) they are not from same litter but have same parents.  Maddie has no problems at all she can roll in the grass all day long and be fine.

                So I’m asking ANY help anyone can give would be so greatly appreciated. We so love our Roxie and want her to be able to enjoy her life and not be so miserable all the time.


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Hi I'm so sorry about Roxie, I have had my fair share of skin issues such a bummer. Least expensive thing to check is see if there is fleas that was one of our issues even though I was using frontline it just wasn't working I had to switch to comfortis and dismally the itchy stopped. Another thing I did was switched to raw food, which isn't for everyone. Depends also what flavor of grain free you are feeding I'd stay away from lamb and chicken amd make sure all treats are grain free and free of lamb and chicken and not made in China!

Good luck keep us posted and hope Roxie gets better !

Im finding a lot of itchy dogs are diagnosed with alergies,but sometimes what they really have is too much yeast in there body.Exspecialy if they are taking any kinds of medications,the meds cure the infection or stop the itchys,but just like people or more like women dogs can get yeast infections too.Its a viscous cycle..the meds work while on them then it all comes back again when treatments done.I have 3 pugs only one has a big problem with this.Ive done so much reading on systemic yeast infections for dogs..what kind of foods they can have,how to treat there skin,probiotics.etc.The light bulb went on for me after reading about this.Mine also just got done with a treatment of antibiotics and prednisone for 3 weeks,shes been off for 3-4 weeks now and it came right back..i will not ever give pred. again as it is just awfull!Totally changed my girls personality while on it.she became a sad looking lathargic old pug at the age of 2 and a half.Please google yeast infections in dogs there are so many sites with good info.No grains,no starches, no sugars.no carrotts either as they have too much sugar.I just started giving Organic yogurt and accidopholis in her food 2 days ago,oh and a probiotic enzyme.I bathe her with the Maliseb shampoo,rince with organic apple cider vineger and when she is dry i rub coconut oil on her belly where she always gets the rash,ive used neem oil mixed with the coconut also.Ive been giving my girls coconut oil for years,they love itTher  are so many things you can try.Its a long process though,The hard part for me is no treats ever,unless its meat,yogurt or no salt added grean beans,so i have to act all excited when they get those green bean treats,lol.Please let me know if you google and find something interesting or that works,and good luck its been a 2 year struggle with my Jade.

Great advice Pugnacious, I too have had to come to these conclusions. I have now,through your advice got further changes to make. My Hektor changed from being an amiable soul who was so confident in his self to a snarling beast. I was at the end of my tether last week when the Veterinarian advice was to put him onto a food which contained one of his triggers. This weekend whilst not perfect, he is so much quieter, not barking and lunging at anyone. I would suggest to anyone to try the Yeast Reducing/Starvation Diet if you are having skin problems. It just may work.

Mine is in love with cucumber and adores Asparagus (who doesn't) so treats are easy as they feature in the diet.

Julie, I have just been round the web continuing my search for solutions to the yeast infection problems for my boy. I think My Hektor has been suffering from this for around three years which was when he nature changed. We put it down to him becoming mature but a year later he was not doing very well.

From what I can glean please stop using oatmeal shampoo, this is feeding the problem as it works with the yeast. Preferably get a herbal or tea tree one. Get her onto a grain free and I mean grain, any grain, no rice no potato and no sweet potato. I understand there is one called Brother's which is sold as an anti yeast food and is casava based, the maker swears to me it works but as I am in the UK I could not get it. I have posted a Yeast Starvation Diet which comes from the US and has supplements which keeps them away from vegetables. It is in a discussion called Dog Food. I hope what Pugnacious and I have said is any help. I doubt it will do any harm. We are on this journey together, so do come back and tell us if it does help.

Thank you all on the great info - Your the best :)

My sweet baby has had her fair share of allergies, also. We have changed to Vital dog food rolls (they're at PetSmart or other pet stores in the refrigerator). I also like to give her yogurt for 'treats'. She LOVES it! Another trick is to not bathe them as often as you would think. I use baby wipes for quick clean-ups, but only give her baths about every 2-3 weeks.

There are two schools of thought, with dogs who do not itch, and it depends on what is causing the itch, do not wash too often. When Hektor was normal he got washed twice a year whether he needed it or not. He now gets washed once or twice a week to remove the things which are causing him to itch. We have a mild shampoo and conditioner to prevent his skin drying out.

With dogs with yeast infections it is imperative to remove the yeast from the skin as this is what makes them itch, and if it is contact allergies like pollen or anything else you should remove this from the coat as well. Do you know what is in the Vita Dog Rolls, if you do Six, could you post this here because if we know what is in them people may be interested in having them. I have just had a spat with my Vet for giving me food which contains corn starch which is one of his triggers. We would  be most grateful.

Thanks for that Six, one thing I would have to say that for the dog with Yeast problems this would be a no no, as it contains fruit, all the other things are good. For a dog with no health problems this would be a very good food,

Here is a good site for info about yeast for Yeasty dogs.
http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2011/05/03...  I love Dr Becker , join her site as there is always great info about natural health . I lost a great lab dog from using drugs to stop his itching , he used to scratch so bad he would rub on the driveway until he had pebbles embedded into his skin , his old owner was a pharmacist and she would give me pills for him that she always used , they worked great , until he died from kidney failure . I didn't know any better at the time but it sure made me wake up and start my own researching . My Sweetpea who is 15 1/2 had been bothered all her life with allergies , and she would scratch til she was bleeding , I changed foods looking for something that didnt bother her but back then you didnt hear about grain or raw food , At first I finally took her off dog food then just fed her what we ate , she did improve but not as much as I had hoped , I worked at a pet shop when I bought her someone had brought her in to be sold at 6 weeks of age and she had Parvo  , the pet shop owner was going to put her to sleep , so I bought her , he still charged me 300 dollars and I ended up working it off as I couldnt see not giving her a chance , it was a hard job of pulling her through , my sister was a bit of a health nut and she told me about little pills from the health food store which had pro biotics in them ( acidophilus) so I started her on those and with a lot of prayers she pulled through. I didnt have a computer back then and struggled through with what I could figure out on my own as my vet just wanted her on their food and more drugs , when I started on the computer there was a wealth of info about natural food so after researching I started her on the raw diet , and she improved so much when I got my other three they were put on it right away , Willow hasn't had dog food since she was 9 weeks old when I got her , she also has allergies and suffers from yeast , I had my mom living with me for a while and she has Alzheimer's and it was really hard to stop her feeding her everything under the sun , so we had some bad allergy moments that I have been working on fixing . But what a difference when she doesn't receive any grains or yeasty foods . It is heartbreaking when they love eating so much but just cant handle so many diff foods . If anyone is interested I have a few recipes for treats that are healthy and have no grain or wheat in them . I am still working on making more so if their is interest I will share when I get them done . Sorry about this post being so long , I tend to ramble when I talk about my Baby's :) 


Id love the recipes

For hot day's  Yogurt treats 

32 oz container of plain , natural yogurt , no preservatives ,( Astro is a good brand ) 1/2 can of tuna and if you want tsp of garlic powder ) mix together and freeze in ice cube trays , Prissy ( our cat ) loves these lol  also you can use different fruits , blueberries , strawberries , raspberries , bananas. just add about a cup of fruit mix with 32oz container of plain yogurt , mix pour into cube trays and you are good to go .

Easy Protein Dog Snacks and Training Treats

-Boil beef liver for ten minutes, and then bake in the oven at 250 degrees for 10 minutes on each side. Cool and cut in small cubes, and keep refrigerated.

-Hard boiled eggs make great treats. Serve whole to large dogs, or cut into smaller pieces for small to medium dogs.

-Cheese cubes are great for dog treats. You can use regular cheese or low fat or mozzarella for reduced calorie treats.

-Freeze plain yogurt in an ice cube tray, and pop out individual cubes as treats.

-Boil Turkey hearts for 15 minutes, and then bake in the oven at 250 degrees for 20-30 minutes. Keep refrigerated. Turkey hearts also make great receptacles for hiding pills!

-Slice chicken breasts in strips, boil lightly for a few minutes, and then bake in the oven at 250 degrees for 15 minutes. Keep refrigerated between uses.


This recipe has no flour or sugars added.
You could change the meat and vegetable for different variety's

1 pound Ground meat (beef, chicken) I like to use beef heart
1 large sweet potato (cooked and mashed) or pumkin
1 large egg
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder (not salt)
5 Tablespoons large flake rolled oats

Preheat oven to 350
(I use two eggs instead of the oat flakes as my Willow doesn't seem to do good on any grains at all ). Combine all ingredients in a bowl, mixing up very well.
Lightly grease a cookie sheet.
Dump ingredients onto cookie sheet and spread evenly and flatly to the sides of the pan, about 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick.
Bake for one hour at 350 My oven goes hot so I am not sure really what temperature I used but I did lower it from 350
Remove pan from oven and cut into whatever shapes you want or just score into squares.
Reduce oven temp. to 250 and bake approximately another hour, do not let them burn, so check early on them. This will help dry them out.
Let cool and store in refrigerator or freezer.
All my dogs LOVE these and the cats will eat them also :) Let me know if you try any and how they like them , These ones are a bit of prep but they are so healthy for them .


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