Does anyone else have problems with pug flatulence? I feel like I'm living with cows sometimes instead of dogs... Any solution available?

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Well, I didn't mean to imply that they never are gassy. They are pugs, after all. LOL!
I think it's normal for pugs to pass the salt...errr.... gas. All pugs that i know they all fart-a-lot. Alert to pet shop, give a gas-mask as a freebie when u sell a pug!!
Elvis farts quite often. It's funny because if it is loud enough to hear he usually looks behind him like he is trying to figure out where that noise came from!
Our pug is 12 weeks old on Sunday. We were giving him JWB dry mixed with better by nature pouches and his farts were regular and stinky!

We have changed him to JWB dry with JWB pouches and he is much better. He still drops them in his sleep though!

Try changing the food you use see if that helps.
When I gave my pug little pieces of chicken as a treat, I noticed it was much worse. With giving her a little plain yogurt and some canned pumpkin every other day, it has improved a lot......but it was so bad at first, she would fart in the back yard and I would run away from her holding my nose, and couldn't run fast enough to get away from the smell......LOL

I told my husband about it over the phone (he is doing contact work out of the country) and he said "oh it cant be that bad"........I cant wait until he smells it for the first makes your hair curl. :)

She is always so Lovable and only drops the occasional stink bomb, so I think I'll keep her..... :P
my puppy has the worst gas....we are changing her food and it is seeming to help but i guess just like people they have gas lol!! good luck
Our 4 month old pug seems to get more gas than normal when we mix his dry food with wet(lamb) flavor food. We're thinking that the lamb flavor is the cause of his smelly gasses..

Check if your puppies are sensitive to some sort of flavoring or type of food. We think that the lamb cause him to fart more than usual and they're silent + deadly ones.

Don't feel bad, our pug is one stinky farter at times also.
We switched Penny's food (9 months now) from Nutro to Orijen, which has all natural, organic ingredients. Since the switch, her gas has been horrible. She's a stinky lil girl, but we lover her!
We thought our Pug Duncan was bad then we added another flat face breed,a Boston Terrier, and she is even worse!! Diet plays a small part, but just think of all the snorting, all that air they suck in has to come out, right??? They are so darn cute though, stinky, but we love um!!


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