any idea anyone? for a start, a common sweet poison for dogs: Pure Chocolate. Anything else we should know as a dog owner?

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grapes/raisins and onions (according to my vet)

Yes, grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure.  We have two pugs in our hospice care at our resuce who were given grapes as a treat.  So sad.  :0(

Yaiks, i gave my babies grapes daily as dessert. Thank God their kidneys still okay up till now. Guess they can take it, but i won't take chances.

Good to hear they are OK, but take them off of grapes.  :0(

Sugar-free gum. It has a fake sugar in it that can shut down their liver. They just found out that's what killed my Oliver. I don't think anyone would give their dogs gum... but it's good to know, since we all know what scavengers pugs are! Some sugar-free foods have this fake sugar in there too- best to keep all sugar-free and sugars in general away.

cherry pits
mushroom plants
peach pits
tea (caffeine)
tomato leaves and stems
apple seeds
macadamia nuts
mustard seeds
rhubarb leaves
apricot pits
moldy foods
onion powder
yeast dough

Those are all "potentially" poisonous. I'm sure some are worse than others. Just good to avoid them!

hi, thanks for this list, ive heard lots of different things that shouldnt be given to dogs, of course the usual (chocolate, salt, grapes, onion) but ive also heard anything from the onion family (ie. garlic) yet most vets and sources say to add garlic to dogs food to keep fleas at bay???

My pup LOVES coffee...she's had a fascination with it since we got it (trying to shove her head into our cups to drink it) so we made her a de-caf coffee with puppy milk and she LOVED LOVED LOVED it. we have only given it to her once though to see what she'd do....

is it only the caffeine in the coffee that is bad for them, or the bean itself also? we used de-caf cos i know caffeine isnt good for them and puppy milk, cos theyre not supposed to have lactose (same as me really)

I'm curious to know about the coffee also.

OMG....potatoes and avocados, too?  I'm learning so much with this discussion.  Thank you so much pugslife friends.  :0(

The bad stuff in sugarless gum is also used in many other products of candy, cake, cookies etc..  My Tia got into some gum but thankfully only her liver enzymes elevated slightly after I rushed her to the vet and they made her throw up. 

Also many houseplants are poisonous as well.

I am wondering about the potatoes? some pet foods contain potatoes (actually alot do)

I didn't realize that coffee was bad for the dogs--not that we give it to Frank, but he loves to get into the garbage can (when it's full) & usually coffee grounds are on the top!

What about blueberries & cucumber slices?  Are those on the "safe"list.  And just to clarify:  these are the things he gets off the floor, not what I purposely toss to him!  Try as I might, I can be a messy cook!


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