How many of you have had to get nose work done on your puggies? Giz's vet siad his nostrils were too close together, and surgery would make it easier to breathe. Just wantin some input, Thanks!

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I've heard of the corrective surgery for pugs with pinched nostrils but have never encountered such experience. When I first got Ziggy, I did so much research to make sure he was completely healthy and that's when I ran across an article of pinched nostril surgery. I’ll look for the magazine, scan it and post it for your review.

Ziggy's Mommy :-)
I had nose surgery done on my baby girl about a month after I got her. She really looked like all she had was little tiny slits for nostrils. She always snorted, I really thought that they just did that. But, the vet said that her having to work so hard to breath would put strain on her heart and shorten her lifespan. SO - I had the surgery done. She still snorts some when she sleeps. But not nearly as much as she did before.
How much did the surgery cost?
The surgery only cost about 60 i believe. and is really isnt a "surgery" so to speak. They put her to sleep and then "cut" part of the nose out. Im not going to lie - she is my baby so it was a pretty tramatic experience for me. Here are a few things that I would advise you to make sure of.

Find out when they are going to do the surgery (morning/evening). If they do it later in the afternoon, they should keep them overnight. I took my girl in EARLY in the morning, they were supposed to do it that morning and I would pick her up after 3 pm. It ended up they didnt do it until later and I picked her up and she was still coming out from under. She wasnt herself and her nose kept bleeding cause it hadnt had time to clot good. I was up with her ALL night, because the swelling in her nose was so bad that she couldnt breathe through her nose. It was just a scary ordeal for me (probably because she is like my daughter to me, lol)

Had I known exactly what the surgery consisted of, I think I would have had them keep her overnight. I dont mean to scare you - but I think that the puppy docs are better equipped to deal with them after surgery.

But, on the brighter side of it all - she breathes so much better now and I dont have to worry about losing her before her time.
Hi Nikki! My bosses and I each got a pair of pugs from the same litter. Their pugs (stella and tucker) both needed the nose job, whereas mine don't seem to have a problem breathing. Here's what my boss told me about it...

"One thing that our vet discussed with us during the puppy-check was about their nostrils – apparently some percentage of pugs (10% maybe?) have extra tiny nostril openings, which is called steno-something-or-other. This can make breathing more difficult than it should be, and both of our pugs have this issue. One solution which is very easy is to use a scalpel to make a tiny slit in each nostril during the spay/neuter surgery, which opens up the airway a little more. This can also help them with their cooling off process in the summer, which is apparently one of the big problems pugs have in the summer heat. "

When I asked my vet about the procedure she gave me quotes (for adding it when I had my Buddha and Juju fixed), but said she didn't think my dogs really needed it. It would probably cost extra if you had to put them under anesthesia, but the procedure for the stenotic nares laser reduction (widening of the nose openings) was $180.25.

I did see my bosses pugs a week or so after the surgery -- they had little stitches of blue thread in their noses, but otherwise seemed fine. My bosses say they've heard a lot less general breathing noises from both dogs since they had the procedure -- but they still do make regular puggie snorts and snurfs even after the surgery.

Feel free to email me if you have questions and I can always ask my bosses. :) Good luck!
Hello Nikki,
I just got my pug puppy two weeks ago and my breeder said that my puppy was a mouth breather, because she had smaller nostrils. He said that some Vets may want to do surgery, but he told me a little secret to help prevent any un-necessary procedures.
He told me to us a q-tip dipped in mineral oil to slip just into the opening of her nostrils. Not too far. This will help to widen the nostrils. I have yet to be able to do it because she squirms so much, but that was his suggestion. We asked the Vet about it and she said that it couldn't hurt. Our Vet also didn't think that she needed any surgery at this point.
We will keep trying to do the q-tip thing and see if that helps. We may take her back over to the breeder to see if he can do it for us.
Good luck!
My vet recommended the laser to make the nose holes a bit larger. I havent heard of the scapel.
Hi there - My guy Hamish had to have his nose done at six months (he's a year 1/2 now). It was so worth it---after he had it done it was like a whole new sniffable world opened up to him. His snoring was much reduced and he didn't get winded nearly as fast. After the surgery, he seemed fine other than having stitches in his nose, but overall it was fine. I was really scared to have him go thru it but it was really worth it. :)
Hi.. I have a guy Gus who is 4 years old and the last two years we have seen some serious problems with his nose..they detected a mass behind his nose,(inoperable) and has had antibiotics and antihistamines I just keep him on daily benadryl which seems to help..Is he too old for nose surgery to enlarge the nostrils? The mass will always be there and may enlarge,,,so this is his main problem. but his breathing is labored and has to lift his head alot when sleeping to get air.. I feel so bad for him..what do you think?
Hello! Is this thread still going?

Leopold just had nose surgery, it's been a day. His nostrils are red with what looks to be scar tissue (?)
Is this normal? Can anyone recall the stages of healing their pug went though after having this procedure...?

Any info would be gratly appreciated! Thanks!
Hi there -
Hope Leopold is doing well!! We discuss the nose surgery extensively on this discussion:


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