My pug Tyson loves to run along side my bike when I go riding. I worry that he will overheat if he is at it too long and I eventually pick him up, tuck him under my arm and continue my ride.

Tyson weighs about 21 lbs and eventually he gets really heavy. I have been looking for a few weeks for a bike basket that is big enough and sturdy enough to hold him. The only ones I can find only hold dogs up to 13 lbs. (Tyson fits into the basket, but I worry that it will break.)

Does anyone out there have a bike basket for their pug? Where did you get it?

I have also been looking for a cute pet carrier for him. Again, most of the ones I can find only hold up to 15 lbs. (I did find a Coleman one but he ripped right through the mesh. I was very cheaply made.) Anyone know where I can find something like that?

Is there a retailer out there that caters especially to pugs?

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Try here.

They have travel carriers for heavier dogs, too. I'm not sure about bicycle carriers, though. When I find something else, I'll get back to you with better options.
I just found a basketmaker from the Netherlands that has a basket for dogs; Basil is the brand. They are spendy. I think I am going to use this long milk crate and just U-bolt it on the rack on the back. I will also get one of the larger Wald baskets for the front, and who knows, she may fit in that one too. And may like it better up front, now that I think on it.
And I just came across this rather well thought out bike seat:
I saw that one but it looks like it would insulate heat. I need one that would cool him off after running.

I found the Basil baskets on Amazon. Those are perfect! 60 bux ain't too bad. The smaller ones I have seen are that price or more.

You also have some great ideas!

However, since I posted this message someone stole my bike. Locked up in my garage and everything...

Now I am thinking about getting some LandRoller (www.landroller.com) Roller blades since I can bring those into my apartment and then a backpack for my pug when he tuckers out.
If you find a good pug-pack, post it please!

ive been hauling my pugs around for years.
here is the latest pug hauler bike

PUg Hauler 6000

Belle and I have done a few 50 mile and more rides
I made the basket on this one but on the new bike

But the previous bike I had a Wald Basket

wald basket

if you want make one yourself I would Highly recomend the Wald 157  it is strong and could easily handle the task ( a lot of the other baskets are junk and cant handle the weight)
Ive had my boys ride in it no problem and even had both the girls at the same time.

you will want to put in a piece of wood or fold up a towel for the bottom but at the very least it will provide a solid platform so that is safe.

here is the old bike with the wald basket

and the new bike


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