Hi Everybody,

Does any one have advice on what to do if your pug has swallowed something and it gets stuck in his throat? Mr.T is coughing and trying to hack something up. We are constantly trying to keep him from eating things when he's outside, but he alway's seems to find some piece of wood or sticks or twigs. I am assuming this is what has happened and it's lodged in his throat. I will take him to the vet tomorrow, but in the meantime does any one know of something I can give him to stop the choking or cushion the foreign object so it does'nt harm him? I know it's SuperBowl Sunday, but if you're out there and have a suggestion please reply!!! Gina & Mr.T

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I doubt if there is something lodged in his throat. I think he would have trouble breathing if that were the case. A lot of trouble breathing like someone would need to do a Heimlich procedure on him. He probably has a sore or scratched throat from eating something he shouldn't have or maybe a sinus infection?
Poor baby. Let us know when you take him to the vet so we will know what to do if we should ever be in the same circumstance. Gracie eats EVERYTHING!
Oh, this sounds waaay too familiar (unfortunately)

Dec 25, we came home from my inlaws to check on puggy only to find out that he had torn off and eaten some our old wallpaper....

When we walked in the door, he was kacking and spraying up blood! What a horrible sight! I could see that he could breathe, but something was in there....We rushed him to the only vet in the city open on Xmas night and they took his vitals (they were ok) and seeing that he could breathe, but still needed his throat thoroughly checked out, put him under anesthetic and explored the whole throat and crevices etc...

It seemed that nothing was lodged (thank god!), but severely irritated, the wallpaper had scraped his throat causing the blood...He was put on antibiotics for a week for the inflammation and he was to drink lots of water and I was to moisten his dry kibble with water so it wouldn't be so rough for him....

The next day puggy was better! But what a scare! and a $260.00 vet bill! We only had him a week at this time and we learned a valuable lesson....puggies will eat everything! Now when we go out, he goes in his kennel (and he doesn't seem to mind)....

My advice....I would take him to the vet, he probably needs an anti-inflammatory for his irritated throat....

Hope this helps....and keep us posted. I'd hate to think someone else is going thru this horrible ordeal....
Well, we took Mr.T to the vet and he's going to be fine. Turns out there's nothing stuck in or scratching his throat, just good old allergies. There seems to be alot of that in Florida, our vet say's he see's an increase in pet allergies here every year. Anyway, he gave him a shot and antibiotics at 5;45 P.M., it's now 8:30 and lo and behold no more cough!!! We gotta get out of this state!!! Except property values have dropped so much no one can even afford to get out. I just want to move somewhere and have my own little puggie farm, maybe I'll win the lottery....sure I will. Until then, thank god for my vet. Thanks for the replies Patty and Barbara, you're the reason I love this site!!!
I am so glad that it is something you can have taken care of and also that you let us know the outcome. I have wondered every day how he was doing.
Let us know, too, when you get that lottery money and can build your own puggie farm. Good luck Gina and Mr T!
I wanted to suggest allergies, as pugs are so, so into them. It's a good thing you took him to the vet.

I'm keeping my paws crossed for you to win the lottery!


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