Last night while I was cleaning the house with my boyfriend (the house was empty because we're moving out) Booger was sitting in the corner and acting funny. She kept shaking. I said she didn't seem to feel very good, and we gave her some water and I snuggled her for a bit and didn't notice anything else so I put her back down on a blanket. When we were leaving, she started to limp when she was walking. When we got home (new home) we checked her out - her knees were bending fine, hip was rotating fine, nothing (visible to the naked eye) in her paws. However, she's one of those puppies that doesn't make a peep when she's hurt - you know you've all accidentally stepped on a paw! She won't even I don't know if her leg isn't hurt or if she just isn't saying so.

This afternoon, when I got home from school I brought her outside to go to the bathroom. She hobbled to the dog walk area on 3 feet and wouldn't put her gimp leg on the ground at all (last night she was putting it down but only on her tip toes). After about 5 minutes she sat down with her leg sticking out and started to cry, and I had to carry her inside.

I have an appointment with the vet tomorrow (the vet said to wait through tonight and then see how she is in the morning) but should I bring her to the emergency place tonight????

I'm so worried about her!! I don't know what to do - she won't move - she won't even get up to see where I'm going when I go to the kitchen (and believe me that is weird, especially since the Kibbles are in there!!!)

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I didn't even know how to answre you, but I hope you let us all know what happened.
so we brought her to the doctora nd he said it looked like a sprain. she could have twisted it jumping off the couch or gotten caught in her leash, either of which wouldn't look too obvious to a pug owner since her life is spent jumping around and geting twisted in other dogs leashes on walks! anyway, she's doing better. she's alternating between walking on it and doing the tripod....better than before when she just wouldn't move. she's taking some aspirin and taking it easy so thanks for being worried about puggie!!

now i'm worried she won't act like she's feeling better, because she's getting carried and coddled a whole lot more ;)
Poor baby. I am glad she is feeling better, though. Please keep us informed as to her progress as a sprain is so painful. I wish we could help you coddle her a little.
Dear Madeline, take her to the vet! Although you have checked her knees and hips, you may have not felt something there. It's obvious she is hurt. Patellar luxation has similar symptoms to what you have described.

Let me know what the doctor says and good luck!

She is finally 100% better.....she was a little sore, and after I kept her off of her feet for a few days and gave her some anti-inflammatories, she is better. The vet was right - she probably did something like jumping off the couch or getting stuck in her boyfriend's leash - and it took her a few days but she's back to normal puggie capacity!

Thank you, pug people!!
I'm happy that everything turned out all right for your little puggy. My pug is also doing the tri pod these days. His vet figures he has a partially torn ligament - caused by jumping off of something he shouldn't have. Right now he is on anti inflammitories and we're trying to keep him from putting a lot of strain on it. I hope it turns out good like it did for your pug!


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