Bracken, Hazel, Gypsy , Samson you name it ...

How did your Pug get the name he/she has?

And a reference site for dog names: For those who have no idea how to name their pug, the site may prove helpful

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So you have a rock'n'roll king, an actor and a "godfather" - all under one roof. Quite a piece of a pug, I must say!
We decided on the name Duchess Buttercup because we really thought it suited her. She has only been a member of the family for a few weeks...but she sure lives up to her name!!!!
Our first pug was Uno (pronounced you-know) because my husband wanted someone to ask what is name is and be able to respond +oh you know! I always wanted a dog named "Mooch the Pooch" and so when we got 2 puppies, the first one became Mooch. We wanted another "M" name so my son suggested "Muggles" from Harry Potter. Our 3rd one came in from rescue as "orson" but we wanted another "M" so he became Maverick. After that all my dogs were Rescues so I just kept their names. With our brand new puppy (who's supposed to be crazy, but isn't yet) we wanted a crazy name and my husband chose "Screwy Louie".
My wonder pug's name is Bella. I liked the name and told my husband that if we ever had a daughter, I would like to name her that. He wasn't in love with it like me. So we agreed that we could name our dog that. He was in charge of her middle name and he picked Bertha ;-)
Our Hektor was going to be Mac (as in Highlander, there can be only one) I had promised that I would only have one Pug this time. Then he was going to be Beau, and so on until my Husband suggested we call him Hector. We both have names with Greek origins so we thought we would give him one too. His Kennel Club name is Butch Cassidy and he nearly got stuck with Butch but thankfully my breeder preferred Hektor, we gave him the Greek spelling just to be different. Oh and yes he really suits his name, when he was little he would go for the Achilles Tendon and now he hectors everyone.
Our little girl is called Suki .... before she came home with my husband were thinking about an appropriate name .... after discarding a very large list decided by Suki, for 2 reasons: first in a Shitzu memory of a friend of mine that I loved (it no longer exists), the second reason is that we think of his Eastern origins. Suki is a name of a Japanese anime, and its meaning is loved .... and although the Pug originated in China we thought was appropriate: a short name, easy to remember and obviously she is "loved" by us since the day we saw for the first time .. ..
I had originally planned on getting a fawn pug and naming her Bumble, and getting a blue nose pit and naming him Hyde, after Bumble Bee and Ironhyde from transformers. But I absolutely fell in love with the only male black pug that was there... go figure. lol. So we named him Hyde and whether or not we get a second dog is now in question since we no longer have plans of moving into a house with a yard, which rules out either a pit or a boxer sadly.

His name fits him because he has the soul of a much larger dog, and I don't think he believes me that he is not going to grow to be the size of his boxer cousins.
Tucker got his name from the former Toronto Maple Leaf D'Arcy Tucker (My favourite) but it's his nicknames which set him apart.

Rufus - He barked one day and I swear he said "Rufus" so that's nickname #1

Booger(s) - All those puggy sneezes, need I say more?
Lucy was named after Lucile Ball, she has the personality and is Always in trouble. Georgie came with her name, we adopted her. But I call her Miss George, she is a very well mannered proper gal, like the old south.
Well Samson was just an off the top of my head name....but my two new boys..we named the bigger brother Diesel because he is stacked like a diesel truck...and tyson(the smaller one) is a name I have been fond of and when you put them together it really sounds like a big dog you dont wanna mess with..Tyson Diesel!!
My pug was named when we picked her up from her previous owner. Her name is Harley after Harley Davidson, her previous family owned a motorcycle shop. I heard somewhere that Harley means "hare meadow" or something like that. I always thought of what I would name my pug, but then when we adopted her we chose not to change her name. I love love love Harley Quinn from Batman so I just say her name is Harley, as in Harley Quinn. She has the personality, often going from fun loving and fancy free, to a crazy little ball of energy (a bit of a maniac).


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