Bracken, Hazel, Gypsy , Samson you name it ...

How did your Pug get the name he/she has?

And a reference site for dog names: For those who have no idea how to name their pug, the site may prove helpful

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My dog Hank was named after Hank Hill from tv's King of the Hill. He's my idea of a real man......traditional, strong, honest, loyal, patriotic and hardworking. Okay, so I need to get a life. : )

Anyway, Hank's first owner named him Mac. I figured the transition to Hank wouldn't be too hard since they have the same vowel sound. He's answered to it from day one!
Bruce was named after Bruce Wayne (batman). We were having a hard time thinking of the right name and I was flipping through channels and Batman was on. It just fit perfectly.
When we bought our fawn pug we just looked through puppy names and baby names and we both made lists of names we liked. Gracie just seemed to fit her so that's who she is! We thought it was a pretty unique name until I learned that Oprah has a dog named "Gracie" so I guess it wasn't as unique as I thought.
Gigi, our black pug, is a rescue and was already named so we didn't change it. Anyway, she looks like a "Gigi".
We have a third dog named "Jody" who is a miniature dachshund. When we bought her many years ago, we also bought her litter mate. We named them after my bosses, Jackie and Jody.
Here's another reference for Pug dog names -- the "top 100 list" assembled from several sites online! See if your Pug's name is on the list!
Funny, none of mine are on that list and poor Henry was named Pug Henry and was also called after a French king Henry who kept Pugs.
Daisy already knew her name by the time we adopted her, so we kept it. We don't think she really looks like a Daisy, but we didn't want to confuse her by trying to change it. Bailey's name was just randomly chosen (his full name is Bailey Bug).
I took Latin my junior year in high school and I thought the name Brutus would be a good name for a dog. And I really wanted a pug. So as soon as I found a male puppy, I named him Brutus. My sister suggested that I add on Maximus to his name to be Brutus Maximus, which came from the movie Gladiator. The XIV was added on by AKC. So my pug's full name is Brutus Maximus XIV for such a small (but big-hearted) dog.
Mushu's name came from the little dragon in Disney's Mulan. I wanted a Chinese name for her and found on the internet that Mushu means small but mighty which I thought was perfect since the pug is multum in parvo. I don't really know where I got Brie's first name but her full AKC name is Brie LulaBelle Black Star after her mom. Bella's name is Bella Jasmine. Again, I don't know where I got Bella except for it seems to be a very popular pug name lately but Jasmine is the name of my pug/chihuahua that passed away this summer so that is where her middle name comes from, her late sister. Also, Bella's mom's name is Jasmine so it works on both levels for her AKC name.
I was going to get a male and name him Mr. Puggles (this is before the Puggle trend really took off). I went to see the pugs and the little boy was gone. :( Lucky for me, there was a lovely little lady pug. I picked her up under her little pug arms and I said, "Well, pug, I surely can't name you Mr. Puggles. Any suggestions?"

Her response? She blew boogers all over me, in true pug fashion.

And now, we have, Booger the pug.
That is truly, truly the best story yet! Great pug name.
We were going to name our 1st male pug Booger, but when we got him it just didn't seem to fit and he ended up with Orion. But we were so stuck on Booger that we thought we'd use it as a nickname. Then one day in a fit of silliness, we began discussing the "voices" our pugs would have. We decided that Orion would always refer to himself in the 3rd person (The Booger) and that he would have a weird accent/speech impediment thing and so would call himself, "Da Buuja". So this and variations of it have become his nickname. Thanks for reading my loopy story.
I got my pug a week after returning from a vacation in Mexico. Since he immediately became my best buddy, I named him Paco - which is sort of Spanish slang for friend. My other dog - a tri-color collie - is named Bentley because one of his ears doesn't stand up straight. Some people often mistake the name Paco for Taco and one of my brothers insists on calling my dogs "Snortly" (guess who) and "Straightly|!"


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