We have a sick pug. Started yesterday evening. He looks congested, and swollen around the head. Had the runs for a day. Thought he was doing good today, but regressed towards the evening tonight. He is kind of arching his back my wife says. He looks pathetic. Help!

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Take him to the vet a.s.a.p. I'm so sorry to hear that your pug is sick but I don't know any member here who would also be a vet and the case you are sharing with us needs professional help.

I''m keeping fingers crossed for your pup. Good luck!!
Yes, take your pug to the vet ASAP - do not wait. I'll be thinking about the you and your pug and praying.
thanks for the replies folks. Yoda is at the vet as i type. still waiting on the verdict.
I concur - with something like that - RUSH TO THE VET - you could be dealing with a blockage in the digestive tract or some kind of internal injury...Please don't wait....
got the word back from the vet after mucho $. basically he has a bad back and is overweight. he has a couple of bad vertebrate and needs to be on meds for a little bit until they heal. he thinks he's younger and lighter than he is and leaps from the furniture, which probably helped tweak it. he needs to lose about 5 lbs. sorry Yoda. my wife and daughter slept with him in the living room last night. thanks for all the nice comments and wishes.
Oh - so sorry to hear this....My old guy Benee has back issues. He was up to almost 26 lbs (bad mommy) but I have gotten his weight down to 20 lbs. (by feeding ground turkey, veggies, brown rice and fruit diet). For treats I give him lo fat cookies or blueberries)
I have been taking him for acupuncture and chiro. I have had amazing results with this. He runs around like a crazy boy even though he does get a little drag foot now and again. I carry him up and down our stairs (to help ease any unneeded stress on his little bod). In addition I have him on electrolytes (health food store bought capsules that I put in his food or water) and a homepathic anti-inflamatory called Yucca Intensive as well as vitamin supplements geared towards joint health. Hope this helps :-)
Hi Ri:
I have it down to a science and make a huge batch on Sunday's and freeze what I won't use during the week.

First I take a bag of frozen veggies (I like to use broccoli, califlower, and carrots). I read that califlower has a lot of antioxidant powers.

Put a little water in a large pot and heat the veggies in it until they are soft and can be mushed up (or i throw the frozen ones in the food processor but it makes a lot of noice and a huge mess but it's easier than mushing up all those veggies in water! hahaha)

I then take frozen ground turkey (sold in the grocery store that comes in a roll) and add it to the veggies - cover and cook on low.

I stir and let cook until the turkey is a light pink. (It will cook more after you turn the heat off so I try to turn off the heat before it's done so it doesn't get overdone and dry).

In a separate pot I make 1/2 cup of brown rice and 1/2 cup of barley or millet.

Once done I throw the rice mixture in the pot with the turkey and veggies and mix well.
(NOTE: I use more protein {turkey} and less starches because of the weight of my old guy and my younger one has had a bladder stone and my vet said higher protein - lower carbs...poor guy - mommy sure loves her carbs! LOL!)
I store it in airtight containers - one in the fridge for the week and whatever is left in the freezer. (If you use 3 or 4 rolls of turkey and two bags of veggies you will get two weeks worth of food for 3 dogs that are fed 1/2 cup twice a day). NOTE: When getting low - defrost on the counter for 1/2 day - it won't for some reason defrost well in the fridge - although you can it just takes a couple of days.

The cost isn't bad - it's just time consuming but I always cook on sunday anyway - so what's a few more pots? I have found that a home cooked meal is so much better for these guys. I have a rescue mutt at home and he can eat whatever...my puggers - nope! I had acquiesced to my boyfriend and had my guys on high end dry food - Benee was lathargic and Frankie ended up with a bladder stone - and after the food recalls I said - enough! I'm going to cook for them again! Since then - Benee is perkier and Frankie knock on wood has NOT had any more bladder stones.
The turkey rolls are around 1.50 ea./ the veggies around 2.50 and the rice is like a 1/bag - so for the month I look at about 30 or so dollars of good quality food.

I supplement with Salmon Oil or Fish oil. - Electrolytes - doggies vitamins. And fruit! My guys go nuts when I start cutting up an apple or open a blueberry container!

I also addd something called "healthy powder" the recipe is from Dr. Pitcairn's complete guide to natural health for dogs and cats. It's a mix of Yeast/Bonemeal/kelp. I can send you the recipe if you like. I do suggest buying the book if you can I've referenced it often and they have great recipes for treats and food.

Hope this helps.

Cool! and I agree with you 100%!!! Our minds are at ease - we know they are getting good food and they have less health problems. I considered the raw diet but I'm still of the old school that it should be cooked somewhat....I know I know - it's better - I just can't get past it...
Sometimes people look at me strange when i say I cook for them! LOL! You go that extra mile - grinding it all up bones and all (i'm not that adventerous! LOL!)
My guys love fruit too! Yogurt is my staple for the upset tummy days - eggs I've stayed away from cause my old man is gassy! LOL! ROMAINE LETTUCE???? Benee would only eat that if it came from my salad bowl where it was slathered in ranch dressing! LOL! Good for you!!! My vet always says that the leafy greens are the best - but I can't get my guys to eat it raw....have to add it to the mush I make (I sometimes add Spinach and green beans to spice it up a bit). I also sprinkle parsley in hopes of helping some of that pug breath from the fish oil! LOL!
I wish Benee's breeder did the raw diet - Benee's teeth were a mess poor thing - had 5 pulled when he was younger. I just had them done non-aesthetically-which was awesome and they look great now - healthy gums...thank GOD!
Happy Holidays!
I surely hope things are much better for you and I hope your pug is feeling better. But, yes by all means get your pug medical attention a.s.a.p. I thought my Ruff'N'Tuff was not feeling well back in September and I got him to his vet a.s.a.p and we had to do an emergency surgery, it was touch and go for a while but, he is doing great, back to himself.
As long as he stays on his special food, has carrots, apples, for him treats, he should be just fine. So I know what a terrible feeling it was knowing he was sick and not knowing what could be wrong at the same time. I had many friends and family praying for Ruff at the time and that is what comforted me, so I will pray for you and your baby.
yoda is feeling much better and looking better. the meds are doing their thing, though he is sure drinking and p'ing a lot because of the side effects. other than that, things are merry! thanks for the nice comments.
kelly and tracy
I'm so glad to hear Yoda is doing much better. Hears a laugh for you , the Wild Child (Rudy Tootie) got into a friend of mine work bag while we were out for Christmas Breakfast and helped himself to a Butterfinger Candy Bar, couple of Debbie Snack Cakes, and a half a bag of Toredo's Chips, papers everywhere and looked at us just as innocent as could be and he was just fine, and I'm sure Ruff 'N'Tuff had a little of the goodies too. After we all stopped laughing our butts off and cleaning up the mess we did watch them very carefully to make sure they were ok health wise , other than Rudy Tootie having a loose stool one time. things were ok. Trust me they got very little to eat at the rest of the day since they already had had their Christmas treats while we were out. I'm very watchful to make sure these things don't happen but, my friend did not realize they would get into this bag she left sitting on the floor. And oh yes the best part was they turned on the flashlight so they could find what they were looking for.....Who said Pugs aren't smart, try again, smarter than you think....HA HA HA HA I hope my little story gave you a good laugh. Joyce, Leonard,Ruff'N'Tuff and Rudy Tootie.
Wow! 26 lbs. I didn't know that pugs can get that big!

I'm a new owner and was told that pugs will eat anything and can get overweight very quickly...Being that Winston is growing and still a pup (3 months old), I do feed him the required intake of puppy food per day, plus a couple of dog treats when he deserves them, but I'm a firm believer that prevention is the best medicine...Like us humans know, trying to lose weight is impossible and I don't want my puggy to have to go thru that...I feed him a little on the "lean" side without preventing him from "growing up" properly...he gained 1.1 lbs. in the month that we have had him.....he is 9.25 lbs now...hopefully I'm doing the right thing....


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